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  1. There were about three of them for sale about a month ago on RG. Like MBW's, they come on rash's
  2. " I have to wonder about canon size and seconds hand though..." If the case is made for a no date movement and you convert a 1575 date movement to nd, you will need a center wheel, CP, and hour wheel...the ss pinion is the same and the tube in the ss hand comes in different lengths to accomodate nd, date, and GMT.
  3. If your talking about a modern 14060 sapphire no date, as mentioned.....there are no good ones at the dealers. But you can build a pretty nice and wearable no date. This was a 16610 swiss noob. One of the first reps I bought. Talented member Jmb has some no date dials and he came up with my watch. He drilled lugholes, installed 14060 dial, gen crown and insert. The 14060 is actually a different size than the 16610, but most people wouldn't notice it.
  4. June

    What to Build Next?

    Here's another nod for the 1675....
  5. June

    What to Build Next?

    going +1 on the day-date but should be yellow gold
  6. Does anyone know a better way then NDT's web site to contact them? I have a 16800 and i want an aftermarket dial. NDT does not respond to emails sent via its web site. Im looking for a comex dial for a 16800 and a engraved case back that fits my watch.
  7. Have you read the tutorial on Yuki's site? http://www.yukiwatch...0084/160035.htm
  8. you maybe right with your story just saw this watch on vrf - the painted markers survived - but not all of the Tritium cheers, Frank
  9. Great watch, congratulations! Did you have to modify the case to fit the gen 1520?
  10. WOW!!! One beautiful watch. Congratulations on an awesome build.
  11. Very true. If its a grail watch, I guess you best. My grail seems to change every other week!
  12. I admire you for starting this project, but unfortunately, when you get through, you are going to have a "genuine" SD, but i would bet that you will probably have more in your project watch than what you would spend on a used genuine 16660, after you factor in a movement,crown, dial, hands, Bezel insert,bezel crystal and retaining ring. possibly you can cut the costs down by using an ETA movement and hands. that may create alignment problems with the date wheel/window on a genuine dial. i'm not trying to discourage you, sort of playing devil's advocate. Good luck with your project.
  13. June


    i think hes also away on hols untill the 12th of may then im getting my DSSD
  14. The ICHS actually is more prevelant because it is more reliable. Seek out Zigmeister and By-Tors posts regarding the CHS time bomb. While I am sure there are 'some' fans here of the 42mm ExpII, I ~think~ the majority feel it is an abomination within the Rolex current line up. Maxi and unbalanced. The lovers love, and the haters hate it. Good luck,
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