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  1. Does anyone know if more Alarm wacthes are in the works? we have not seen new ones recently and I think we are due for some new ones. Does anyone know if the factories are working on any new ones... love those alarm watches and I was just wondering :shock:
  2. how long was the watch left in the car.... you may have loosened dried up oil and it is working again. The question is will it still work come winter time when it is really cold out there... Only time will tell ... Glad it is working for you though!
  3. Nice selection.... time for a second box
  4. why would you want to rep IPODs?? I do not understand.. is it cost? is it worth it????
  5. Sam

    Cell Phone

    actually they do exist. I cant believe my eyes. why would you want to do that.. NO WIFI :x
  6. be careful when removing crown and stem.. you need to also be careful when you push it back in or your can damage the gears.. I would have a watchsmith look at it
  7. Camris It is really hard to diagnose a problem without having the watch in your hand.... that said, all problems including the one you mentioned are still possible. Let's just hope that it is not the mainspring otherwise it is a costly repair.
  8. It sounds like a broken mainspring or a loose mainspring when wound tightly. the watch will keep good time.. the question is how good is your power reserve? try this: soon after you hear the first click, put the watch down (and don't wear it) and measure the power reserve.. it will more likely be less than 20 hours.....give that a shot
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