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  1. I am officially ruling out a "date" movement with downgrade. I am intrigued by the 1520. It has the same type of regulator as an ETA, making for easier regulating and my own servicing. (Although I should probably just buy a microstella tool) Thanks for the compliments on the dial. Still on the look-out for hands! Anyone.
  2. that dial makes me droooooooooooooooooooooooool
  3. Hi jkay,I posted a mini review of the watch about a few weeks back, hers the link my friend http://www.rwg.cc/to...20#entry1100184 But truth be told jkay I'm really really disappointed with the insert, my Trevor time sub c has deeper engravings on the insert
  4. Hi, I need a watch to wear with a suit and the Explorer I 39mm seems to fit the bill. Im not after the latest version, just something well built that looks decent. At Joshuas site there are 3 different versions, ranging from 128$ to 318$. I think all of them are v2 (no blue lume). Anyone know if they are of the same construction and just movement is different? I ask you experts what version/deal that gives the most bang for the buck right now. Thnx for your time.
  5. i left it in bleach for an hour or so - rubbed the sticky brown material off - let it dry slowly and used some mink oil to get is softer again.
  6. you guys are easy to please i think the watch in Ingenieur's sales thread look horrible - the bezel is totally off - the Date-font fills the complete date window - which looks shitty - and i can not see any AR - effect on the cyclo ... cheers, Frank
  7. There is a gen bezel on rolexforum I think. I think I may have a gen crystal and gasket in my watch box. I will check.
  8. Nice find. The only way is gen for that project. There's a French shop called chrono shop that often sell gen Rolex parts.
  9. Hey guys, I have a 7835 folded link bracelet incoming today for my 6263 and I've heard its tough to size. Are there any tips on how to size the bracelet and which links to take out? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi vlydog, Here is a picture I lifted off the net sometime ago just for reference that says that the bezels are the same for the 5513 and 1680. Don't remember where I got it, so credit to the original source must be given. Hope it helps!!!!
  11. gambo

    Gen GMT hands help needed

    Yeah if I wanted to pay that much for a pathetic little teeny piece of painted metal, I'd ask someone to smack me upside the head. I mean..... it's insanity to pay $130 for that little bitty eentsy weentsy piece. But for some odd reason, it's perfectly sane for me to pay $300 for a gen Superdome T-39. Let me rethink my position for a minute.........
  12. I have read a few threads with various issues regarding incompatible parts between the gen and asian 3135. Has anyone tried installing a gen date wheel on a rep 3135 yet?
  13. BK offered the Noob Exp.II and GMT II in the past. The Exp.II's were offered in both engraved and non-engraved rehaut versions. engraved version serial number M448188 non-engraved version serial # F520117 Both are capable of using the gen crystal (and alot more but this is regarding the crystal) The GMT II was offered in non-engraved rehaut only (to the best of my knowledge) While they are considered by many to have been the best ever made, the downside was they weren't able to accept the gen crystal. But I'm seeing in BK's original offering the Noob GMT II used the case numbered F520117. Was the Noob GMT II built on the same case the Exp.II was built on....? or did they simply just keep using the same serial number ??? OR...is F520117 not the serial number on the GMT II cases ?? Also..am I correct in that the Noob GMT II's will not accept a gen crystal and did not have a gen like bezel construction ??
  14. V72 is correct for non-screw down models, V726 for screw down versions. V726 has the exact same beat rate as Rolex's V727 at 21600 vph, V72 is 18000 Vph if I'm not mistaken.
  15. Very cool, nothing like a reunion with an old toy you've been missing for a long time
  16. gambo

    Rolex 1570 hands

    I've got a set of 1570 hands if you need them
  17. gambo

    Rolex 1570 hands

    I found a watchmaker who has some NOS 1570 tritium hands for the Submariner models. But he needs the measures from the hour wheel, cannon pinion and seconds hand to sort them (there are also hands for 3035 and 3135). Maybe someone of you has a exploded diagram on the hard disc. Thanks in advance!
  18. gambo

    DW 7032: 589 Blues

    interesting reading this has stopped me ordering a dw case is the phong case the best around il need to put it on hold if so as other builds drain my cash stash lol
  19. Really cool! Are you going to get gen or gen style bars and drill out the TC bracelet..since you have the lughole case?
  20. I agree with the above. If it is the watch you really want, maybe the gen is worth it. Also I dont think I would enjoy a plated watch as I would always be worried that I would scratch through the plating.
  21. This is why it is so hard sometimes to find a matching bracelet that actually fits.
  22. Is it possible to replace the crystal on the new Superlumed SD? I like it better than the old SSD, I couldn't stand the rehaut on mine Thanks for sharing
  23. gambo

    Cleaning a dial

    I had an issue with rodico on a very hot day in germany about 35 deg C, it seamed to break down with the heat an leave a residue, luckily it is not oftern that hot an i now have a rule to get out on the bike on days like that rather than sit in doors working on watches
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