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  1. neonbonne

    yuki 16800

    Allways a pleasure, Andy
  2. It uses a 29mm dial. I have a 21J one that I never used. It has the sword hands and the dial and bezel you want will work on it. It has a decent cryatal, but a gen will work. I have 2 others that I played with, and never did any thing to this one but take the bezel off to put a correct one on. If you are gentle, you can take the Rolex printing off the current dial. use testor's flat black paint to touch up where it was then spray the whole thing with matt clear paint..
  3. Not right now, I only have the 1570 cal. without hack right now I'm talking with Phong about the case (special order), it is difficult cause of PP case back & thin case
  4. In the market for a Spinmaster 6263-5 V72 Cased Daytona with the converted 7750 non hacking movement. Black or silver dial preferred. Would ideally want one with the Gen crystal,crown and tube. Paypal at the ready Cheers DH
  5. so very helpful tom cheers
  6. €808 for a handwind rolex in that condition missing the seconds hand??????????????????????
  7. You can purchase a separate movement as long as the seller has a lengthy track record (of selling vintage Rolex) with near perfect buyer ratings. 98.7% does not install confidence, especially when accompanied by fuzzy pics.
  8. Even though it comes without a date disc, this seems like a pretty great deal. I would imagine this movement could drop right in for a non date vintage model. Just thought I would share Check it
  9. If the movement holder is tight enough it should work (if the dial is properly attached to the movement and the movement to the case).
  10. Awesome! You have to get a gen bracelet...
  11. Jmb could be a good option. I'm trying to get you some more info. I have a gen crystal but it has a little chip on the edge that fits to the gasket. It may not form a waterproof seal.
  12. And also a NOS bezel only running at $99 right now!
  13. Thanks for the continued feedback and fantastic examples, amigos I may indeed have to go gilt on gilt with my idea (when I can get it off the drawing board and onto my wrist )
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