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  1. Best place to buy is from Andrew at Trusty Time! Once you get to his website...he will tell you which one is best to buy!
  2. ellias

    Relumed MBW 1680 dial

    That looks GREAT!! The older dials with these markers (not applied) have got to be a PITA to lume correctly! Hats off to The Zigmeister for his super work!
  3. In my experience the non date sub in the rep world has always been a disappointment and inaccurate. Im hoping that they will do great things with a rep of the new ceramic ND sub from Basel this year. Id go for one of TCs or BK's date subs with gen insert, and wait for a new ND sub super rep. (fingers crossed theres one in the pipework)
  4. I believe the 1530 is correct....
  5. Looking forward to seeing it Frank, just get a bracelet in the mean time, or put it on a nato
  6. This is the whole reason I saved up and bought a gen SD.
  7. The rehaut is separate but not doing anything structural I'm afraid. Pointless really.
  8. Fascinating. The new SD super lumed version josh is selling has the same detachable rehaut doesn't it? I wonder if that could be used for this project?
  9. You`re right. I couldn`t find the bezel ring. I have only a gen insert and dial. Excellent~~!! It can be of help!!!! Thanks!
  10. For luming, the best paint I've used so far is NightColor by Revell, and as 'the tool', I took one of the nylon threads which are used to attach labels to clothes, and fixed it to the blunt end of a triangular paintbrush I found a spare rep dial this evening and stripped the paint from it, so will be putting my plan into action tomorrow if the weather's okay The issues I'm having, are not only is my pc not working, but my iPhone is now experiencing the camera/insufficient memory glitch which I've read is quite common, so even if I was to use my regular camera, I don't have access to a pc to load the photos up
  11. ellias


    small world eh?!! Yorkhill I'm at. Would be very nice to see what I'm getting before I order! What you got exactly? Cheers mucka!
  12. Well, I got first dibs... Lol! I don't know why it's taken this long already, so I'll push a bit a see if I can speed this up any.
  13. http://i357.photobuc...on/P1060887.jpg http://i357.photobuc...on/P1060890.jpg This is the pics of the opened watch rotor i think is not original
  14. Nice shot!!! So which lens did you get?
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