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  1. samwatch

    Crystal Height

    I wanted the "superdome" look for my Tudor Snowflake, whose case is reasonably identical to the 1680. The T19 I had wasn't domed enough... it was the service replacement dome. I had a fist full of gen Superdome T39s so I test fit it to my case. Like the man says, the bezel is much thinner than a SD so the crystal stuck up halfway to the moon. Out came a 2x4 and some glued-on sandpaper, and I went to work. After 1/2 hour of trial and error and skinned knuckles, I had cut the side walls down maybe 2mm and it looks great. I'd like to cut it down another 1/3mm if I could but that's about all I can go before the dome of the crystal begins to sit on the rehaut and give a weird "lens" effect. Now it sits slightly higher above the insert than my 1665, and I'm happy as a clam at high tide. Just back from 10 days diving in Hawaii, the dome is beat to hell from bashing it on the coral, and it never leaked a drop. T19 service dome[/b] T39 Superdome cut down[/b] T39 Superdome from the front, pre-coralizing[/b]
  2. Same for me, I have no reply of my 2 contacts. First 1 week ago, and second the 20th. Well... I think I will change my projects if she does not answer at all... Thanks guys for the confirmation I'm not the only one to do not have answers
  3. Many thanks Woof - that's interesting. I have a Phong flat T39 plexi that is supposedly built to Gen spec and has the same profile as yours. I honestly do not know what this is so am as interested as anyone to establish what it is. The pics are not great, but it has fantastic clarity and is certainly 'different' in appearance to anything I have handled as a Rep or aftermarket part. YOu can tell in some pics that the plexi almost is invisible, like it has AR But of course that is silly. I researched the subject and found reference to a GS Supplies(?), aftermarket T39 medium dome that seems to be a possibility? Anyhow, I like the look and the clarity a lot more than the Phong flat T39, or Clark T39 Superdome that I tried.
  4. Its a T39 service dome plexi (fantastic clarity in real life - pics are distorting the angles/size a little due to macro lens?) and a modded MBK DRSD 5.7 million series case set and a whole lot more.......... Any guesses on the crown, insert and pearl?
  5. Nice. Never heard of the Steinhart before the sales thread. Fine looking watch.
  6. Woof, Any experience in the midsize? I have heard that the mensize is the best buy"less flaws"
  7. Looks great! Where's the leather nato from?
  8. thanks ! its an MBW case with yuki tube - gen crown, crystal, dial, hands, insert and movement the bracelet is not so easy to find i have one from yuki and puretime on the way ... cheers, Frank
  9. Most Datejust II's are great accurate reps right out of the box depending on the manufacturer, apart from the DWO. Is there anywhere one can find an overlay that is the right size and font. I've also noticed some dials have smaller date window dimensions than others. Any info would be much appreciated.
  10. samwatch

    93150 screws

    cousinsuk do plenty gen size screws quite cheap
  11. Hi, Is the clasp code matching the year...? Often claspcode is from 2008-09, which is not so good since he model started in 2011 Also, have some pics on the inside of the clasp gen vs rep so we can see how the Rolex inscription is?
  12. The markers on the black one are totally rubbish in colour. I'm re luming mine with watchlume special blue mix for Rolex from Singapore. I would love a gen crystal as I think it may fit.
  13. Perhaps give BK a go. He has some very nice looking overlays
  14. I do like this new explorer II . Think i have to order one and try out how it looks compared to the older version. Anyone has experience with the 42mm explorer compared to this new beauty. Carpe Diem Cats
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