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  1. rossyben

    yuki 16800

    where can i find a good matte dial for my 16800 sub?
  2. Have you tried Ndt's site? Or their eBay store? I can't remember the eBay seller name, but they always replied pretty fast there.
  3. rossyben

    34mm Reps

    Thanks for the comments. I found an Airking here: http://v.yupoo.com/p...atch/139243244/ but I'm not sure if that's a silver dial or slate gray
  4. rossyben

    34mm Reps

    I don't have a picture of it available, but I have a Tudor prince date with a gen dial that member Jmb built me. I'd contact him and see what he can do for you. He does awesome work! I also have a gen 6694
  5. rossyben

    Is this 9411 legit?

    Nick, I'm pretty certain all Tudor Subs came with either a 9315 with 380 endlinks or in the US during the 70's you could get a C & I rivet bracelet instead of a 9315 if you wanted for a cheaper price. Prior to the 70's it would have come on a 7206 rivet. The difference between the 9315 and the 7836 is the clasp. One is for divers, the other is not.
  6. rossyben

    Is this 9411 legit?

    Disagree Red. Hands and pearl look original. Not uncommon to have a dial with darker lume then the hands. Especially on the snowflakes. A 9315 or 9315T if you can find them in good shape will be around $500-$700. Save yourself some grief in that regards and just get yourself a good 93150. Many do this anyway as the 9315's wear out. You could sell the 7836 for around $300 or so. A nice 93150 will run you around $500 with some stretch.
  7. Definitely the wrong bracelet. Endlinks look to be correct 380 links. Looks like it got new hands and perhaps a new pearl as well? Bracelet should be a 9315T with a folding clasp with diver extension. Could be a good buy though if the price is right. I would either try getting it for less without the bracelet, or if the price is good, you could always sell the 7836 bracelet and use that money towards a 9315 (which will, unfortunately, be more expensive) Is that the sellers photobucket page? That name slashd0t sounds very, very familiar
  8. Another option is the MBW 5513 or 5512. They could use some mods, but when they're done, they're excellent.
  9. rossyben

    What to Build Next?

    Yeah 1675 all the way mate!!!
  10. Hey, I had this 1680 case laying around from a narikaa special I broke and I decided to take the dremel to it. what are some criticisms/what is wrong with it? I think the lugholes are too big as I didn't measure the drill bit. CG I am not sure about. when my polishing bits arrive though it should begin to look respectable. cheers, -U
  11. Adrian, Welcome to rwg There are three sizes, men's, midsize, and ladies. I assume you mean the midsize and that's 33.5mm almost 34mm? The ladies is 26mm and the men's is 40mm. This is Josh's site, Perfect Clones. Many have ordered from him, he's a good dealer. You will need to open a page twice to get to them. http://www.1-pc8838....c-55_65_67.html
  12. there was/is a DJ for 850 Euro on VRF - if you sell of the case its a good deal - but i would use this movement for something with a date
  13. Ok. It looks really nice and it fits the case perfectly. Does it have 93250 stamped on the bracelet and clasp?
  14. Nice build! It's my favorite Rolex model, BTW. Would only need some finetuning for my taste... Some pics of the movement possible? Thx Wear it in good health, Frank...
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