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    Milsub 5517

    Excellent work. For improvements, I would consider some 'enhanced patination' & try to get a closer match for the color of the hand lume & dial lume.
  2. Not with a decal, it would show. I would find an artist.
  3. Hmm I wonder if this is Athaya http://www.ebay.com/itm/171220184494
  4. leolove

    5508 dial

    hey there, what are your opinions of this 5508 dial.. The face seems like an accurate service dial, but the feet positions are for a 1030 movement which makes no sense to me.. any insight would be greatly appreciated! Attached Files 5508-1.JPG 170.58KB 23 downloads 5508-2.JPG 136.87KB 14 downloads
  5. Yes, I have one sitting here in my office and it has a reference on the bottom. It is from a 16623 from 1988. 035.JPG 322.16KB 32 downloads 036.JPG 173.42KB 30 downloads
  6. So I'm considering purchasing a Tudor "Snowflake" from Phong. There are plenty of threads on this site regarding the accuracy of other watches, but I haven't really seen any regarding the accuracy of the Tudor 9411 that Phong produces?
  7. Last time I introduced the ceramic bezels used on Rolex GMT replicas, today I would like to talk another type of bezel, the alloy, it is usually used by those cheaper replicas, although ceramic bezel almost accounted for more than 40% of the replica market, the alloy bezel has their biggest advantage - the price. The details, strengths and weaknesses of alloy bezel are described below, hope it could help those watch guys who like Rolex Sub or are going to buy Sub reps. Red alloy bezel Because of cost and price restrictions, some replica watches can not use ceramic bezel, they turn to ch
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