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  1. Not that I`m going to say I told you so ! Just read the other post and to be honest I never noticed at all, even when comparing the two on Friday choosing what one to wear to a dinner invitation. You told me so... Anyway, it's still a very nice rep!
  2. @scoobs1971 Looks like it is a genuine difference in size rather than a flaw my mistake Seems there is a small flaw after all. The white subrings touch the 6 & 12 minute marker on the rep. On the gen there is a small gap. http://www.rwg.cc/members/index.php?showtopic=33063
  3. Very nice pics and comparison. Thnx! Did a small AD window comparison today, because I was curious if the
  4. Hi Scoobs If I'm not mistaken the latest (and best to date) version is from H-factory: http://www.rwg.cc/to...m-177-m-series/ Needs to be confirmed, though. Val. Thnx, Val! Looks beautiful, but makes me even more curious to a possible Noob 177
  5. Excellent comparison, thnx!!! Haven't been in active rep duty for some time now. Can somebody tell me if Noob already released a 177?
  6. Excellent work! Though I miss the PAM177 Ti.
  7. Great writeup, Lani! Thnx I also love the IWC groupshot.
  8. Just to be clear: - never ever shake a watch 'like a mad cow' - if you handwind an 7750 (especially an unserviced one) do it very slow and gentle until the movement starts running. - If you feel the slightest resistance immediately stop handwinding. The gears are probably dried out and your movement needs some servicing.
  9. That looks sweet . Can't seem to get acces to Watchmark's site. Could you please PM me the details?
  10. Thnx for the great review! I'm wondering if the black version also have been repped. For the money it's an awesome dresswatch. The gen Senator 60s chrono is on my dream wishlist
  11. @Brian D: if my eyes are not deceiving me the subdial spacing of the 7753 seems slightly wider than the gen and 7750. Can you confirm this? So how is the AR of the gen compared to both reps?
  12. Thnx for the great writeup! I recently bought the Asian version and it's good to see the flaws are not really bad - provided you don't know the gen. One thing that does bother me is the mis-allignment of the '60' on the tachymeter-scale. It's alligned above the '2' instead of between '1' and '2'. So how is the AR of the gen compared to both reps? I have the feeling the Asian doesn't have any at all. Does the gen have single AR and what color?
  13. Wow, another excellent review. How did I miss this?! We must consider ourselves very lucky with members writing these inspiring reviews!
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