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  1. Again, I repeat, the replica watch that you are looking for is really the low end stuff. You can get it at ca. 60USD inclusive shipping. Check silixwatch. If you need open caseback, I will recommend this model:
  2. That watch you pictured is a really cheap replica with Asian 21 jewel, non chronograph movement. Unfortunately, there isn't any open caseback model for good Tag Heuer Link chronograph rep. I would suggest you try to email Ruby (can be found on the dealer's list on this site). Using chronograph doesn't really affect the performance of a watch. It's not as simple as stripped it out and lube it out. It requires watchmaking expertise to work on a mechanical chronograph movement such as Asian7750 or ETA7750. Please read more on this forum, hopefully you will benefit out of it.
  3. No need to ask AD. They probably won't know the answer too. There are many variations of this model so if you could supply us with pictures, will be greatly appreciated. If you can, check the lume. None of rep Tag has Superluminova on it.
  4. If I am not mistaken, there exists quartz rep of the watch that you included in the link. However, in my opinion, the best Tag Link rep is the one with ETA2824-2 movement (automatic non chronograph) or the chronograph version with A7750 movement.
  5. Yes, you can cut it of course. This applies to several models with rubber strap too. From what I can recall: Sinn rubber, Porsche Design Flat 6, Baume Mercier Riviera, Paul Picot Plongeur and so on. The trick is: do not cut too short.
  6. You can always get the blue colour or mushroom colour dial. They are to me really accurate.
  7. The one replicated is based on past models which does not have see through caseback. The replica is really accurate. Anyway, the one with see through caseback comes with double sided AR coated crystal. The one with solid caseback all comes without AR (same as the rep).
  8. Movement is 2824-2 ETA, chronometer. Anyway, He valve is overrated. Look at some watches. They don't even have this feature but can withstand pressure up to 2000m (Sinn and IWC just to name 2 examples).
  9. It's just superluminova and the lumeshot looks fake
  10. the gold combo is pretty nice.
  11. i coated it double side. The rep comes with no coatings at all.
  12. Seriously, this is as good as it can get. The black dial is the best replicated out of 3 colours. For the price, it gives the gen runs for its money (well some may disagree but to me, this is certainly the case). The gen only has single sided AR coatings FYI.
  13. This rep has been out of production. I am getting trouble of getting hold of another one too. I heard the price has increased too.
  14. Just went to AD and did comparisons. The gen picture on Tag official website is totally inaccurate (i.e: computer generated). The difference are minimal: AR on rep is too bluish Inner chapter ring comes with slightly bolder font Sunken datewheel on rep. The rest is spot on down to bracelet.
  15. You are most welcome Shundi. Here are the pictures:
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