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  1. Now we only need Pugs to finish the IWC Guide... and someone to make a Panerai buyer's guide. Well, you've seen a sneak preview, so you know it's back on the word processor ... but it has shown me one thing and that's the sheer amount of effort required to produce one of these guides.
  2. Excellent update of a living document.
  3. In case it's interesting. This old seconds-at-six IWC Portochrono died, as all old seconds at six watches do, and I tried to revive it with graphite powder under the seconds wheel (there's got to be a tutorial on how to do this here somewhere) and it sort of almost worked … until it just died again. A year or three later, after it's been sitting in the back of my watch drawer, I got it out and put it (and the blue-handed one I have that was in the same condition) on my new watch winder and after a day, it was within a few seconds of bang on time. Both dead watches are running fine now apparently, and this one has been on my wrist for over a day. I don't know if leaving them alone for a stretch allowed the graphite to settle or something, but I have got two watches I thought were dead back in rotation. Reposted from http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/169361-thursday-24042014-wristies/
  4. I know Pugwash had a IWC guide under construction... perhaps you guys could merge your efforts in the future? Yeah, I was just waiting for the Aquatimer to be released before posting it. Oh well, you snooze you lose, I suppose. Great article, though.
  5. Dammit, now I want a fish! Are they still as good as they were when they came out years ago or are there dodgy ones?
  6. Like I said next door ... The master at work. Another great review, and one that will become a new standard, as have your past reviews. Is it me or is your photographic lighting getting even better? The brushed metal surfaces are coming out perfectly now. You've been harping on about this watch since I've known you. I suspect it'll take some effort to get it off your wrist.
  7. Pretty much any of the respected dealers here will stock this model. Where are you based?
  8. How unusual. I was at school with John Paul Jones's daughter. :shock:
  9. I forgot to mention this is a great article, but that's cos I said it over in Are Double-Ewe Gee Twoooo.
  10. The grey-faced version of this is the first modern TAG I've liked. And I like it a lot. The 7750@28 is, according to Ziggy, virtually ETA-quality. In this 12-9-6 configuration, if it runs well at the beginning, it should run well for years. I'll be going into this in a lot more detail in a week or so when the GST returns from Canada, obviously.
  11. Not seen them, I know what you mean (used in Men In Black) and are they not cheap enough in Gen?
  12. Not seen them, I know what you mean (used in Men In Black) and are they not cheap enough in Gen?
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