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  1. So many ideas; so few implemented. Do you find yourself with a lot of ideas, then toss them out, forget to write them down, get lost in “decision collision”, tell yourself “some day”, or wait too long to communicate them & find that someone else “stole them”? With this program you take away a process that helps you to: Capture & clarify your “money idea” on which to focus your time and energy Organize your thoughts & resources to get clarity for your strategy Develop your implementation strategy Communicate
  2. Scar LIghtening and Nourishing Experience the goodness of Ayurveda with the skin-lightening properties of Kumkumadi Oil, which is an integral part of our soap. The goodness of Kumkumadi has great medicinal value. It nourishes the skin, relieves blemishes, acne scars, blackheads, and improves skin health. With the power of Sesame Oil, Sandalwood, Saffron, Khus, Coconut & Jojoba Oil, and much more, its regular use has an anti-aging effect and keeps the skin healthy and beautiful. Our products are not tested on Animals. Benefits: Anti-aging, Nourishes the skin, Lightens Bl
  3. Imagine a world in which you no longer avoid conflict. You appreciate the need for and the benefit of engaging in healthy conflict. You boldly align your words and actions to the results you want without falling into fight or flight mode. The inability for leaders and co-workers to effectively set boundaries, to delegate, to hold colleagues accountable and more, due to fear, comes at a cost. The same occurs when peers feel helpless to voice their thoughts and concerns as well. Speaker Bio:- Dr. Melissa Healy is a performance and communication strategist. Organizatio
  4. Thank you for joining us in the study of crystals and crystal healing, including all the background information that we need, to ground and expand our skills. For a long time I have been sitting on a significant body of knowledge – a body of knowledge that has grown to well over one hundred step-by-step crystal healing techniques – but I haven’t known how to get it to you. I realized that publishing this material in print would not really work. The presentation requires a versatile combination of text, photos, drawings, diagrams and video clips, in an adaptable sequence, suited to di
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