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  1. Mate any of the dealers shipp without issue to UK.... Also some dealers will replace if item doesnt arrive....due to shipping or customs.. The real question I would suggest is dealer feedback and price.... but any dealers in our TD section can source what ever you are looking for. Dont get me wrong there is a risk in shipping...but the UK is probably the least risk within EU... As its your first why not just stick with Angus, Josh or Andrew...if you want to save some money and contact dealers direct with what you want like Supermirrors or WI etc you will save some money on watch and shipping... Also depends how you plan to pay as some vary in payment methods.... like CC, PP, WU etc etc But simply just pick one from the list below in TD section.... There are all TDs for a reason mate
  2. Hopefully you will get at least what you ordered mate.... regardless of the rep you chose itself or the price you paid.. It is unfortunate and its easy to draw upon where you went wrong .... hindsight can be a cruel bedfellow... unfortunately it is more painful when realised ... but regardless hopefully you will learn from it and use this place to find you the advice and information you need rather than rely on it to give it to you... Good luck mate
  3. PeteM

    Which Monaco?

    For me the Monaco as a design has been so diluted over the years due to the variations and what with that and the way Tag has become a very distinct brand as in the type of people that buy them (which is another discussion ) Personally I find the Monaco as it was has lost the appeal that made it what it was IMHO... Without doubt mate you should hold on to the CS2110 as it has more of the genes that made the Monaco what it was in its better days.. and of course has the higher value by complication alone but also i think in terms of its attraction.. I like the Monaco as the Monaco but I dont feel that way about the variations and offshoots that are 'labelled' Monacos by TAG.. in the main and arguably simple by its case... The Steve McQueen attachment means nothing to me in the same way Sly has no bearing on my like of some PAMs or Arnie on APs etc etc.. It is however the only true Steve McQueen watch if there can be one .... given the way that those US auctioneers whose name escapes me now ( I will edit it if I remember) who went to a lot of effort many years back now and with some over deserved success to brand the Daytona panda... A 'Steve McQueen' Rolex ... and how quickly people/collectors bought into it and still do !!
  4. @PeteM, is that a yuki inside deepsea? Yes mate
  5. I was lucky when sourcing my parts for mine I managed to find all the gen parts from an estate auctions on eBay... so ended up paying very little for all of them in fact I didnt realise how much a lot of them went for until after I had purchased what I got ..I think if i had I wouldnt even of tried... Now its all together I must say its the tightest movement I have ever had even with my gens... plus it winds so quickly and has an awesome power reserve.... absolutely silent even when giving it a good shake... even up to my ear I cant hear anything... I never even had a gen like that...
  6. Firstly Congrats mate Wear it well Thanks for taking the time and sharing the pics
  7. Thanks R You know more than most mate just what that feeling is like and the satisfaction it can bring (as well as the frustration and head scratching ! ).. you have produced some amazing builds that i was fotunate enough to see and share.. And it is what pushes this hobby forward not only in terms of enjoyment but also in what the makers produce as well as guys like R and S.....the more we as collectors and enthusiasts push the boundaries the more the makers will... Thats why there are so many great OTB reps now...it wasnt the makers that helped create that ...it was guys like Proj and Mike and the dealers like Eddie Lee and Little Hero even Jimmy Fu and many others ..it was these guys and guys like any of us here that made those changes and brought us what we have now...and it is only by keeping that ethos and creating our own projects that will drive the makers to keep up with us and give us more and better OTB reps...
  8. IMHO there is nothing to compare rep wise with these dials.... some may say its expensive but you need to consider the method and materials of these... They are made to gen specs... If you look at the first pic in Rolf's sales thread you can see that alone is worth the effort.... no rep can reproduce that finish that is created by the galvanic OEM dip or indeed the varnish and berlac ... it is a gorgeous dial.. You can arguably say it has flaws but you can see similar discussions in Risti over gen dials... that is because OP used so many variations and hand finishes at that time in its history that there are no rules...only guidelines and an average accepted look... If you consider say buying an FGD standard dial and then reluming and varnishing etc you are pretty close to the cost of this dial...however what you are not close to is the gen look and finsih and the quality and build of the dial itself... So say 2 of you decide you want one why not get together and take advantage of the discount... or even get a list going and do a group buy... the more the better the deal individually I am sure.. It might be worth the effort in trying for you guys that are interested but looking at cost... it also means that Rolf and Si will move on with more dials but if interest isnt there then why should they go to the extreme effort and little reward to satisfy a craving that has been here since this place started... I aint trying to sell it...for me persoanlly it sells itself... Is it gen? ..no...but is it the closest to gen that there is and ever probably will be then the answer is a definite yes... I have had a few of the dials from Rolf and Si and I cannot tell you just how good they look and feel in the hand and how great they look under the crystal... nothing else touches it.. All you need is this and a few simple to source parts and you have a rep that equals the gen on the wrist and at a fraction of the gen cost if you can get one... I can only applaud the time and effort spent by these guys to produce that.... the research alone is mind blowing let alone finding the professional Swiss dial makers to be prepared to make this and in turn then the logistics of putting it all together and getting this final product... Maybe most guys on here now dont understand or care about this stuff... but if I can say to those ...Give it a try mate...get that feeling of wearing something so damn close to gen and so historic... these dials are what PAMs are and were all about.... it oozes quality.. it aint like just posting a thread and asking a guy here 'whats the best' and 'where to buy it' and then selecting your order...this is another level of this hobby and this dial makes it so much easier to experience and enjoy.. If you take that step ...Then the personal journey involved in putting a watch together like this and getting yourself emmersed in the history of PAMs is so satisfying and enjoyable and the feeling the first time you put that watch on with a gorgeous Vero Squalo or Vero Cuoio original is absolutely out of this world and is what this hobby and enjoyment of PAMs is all about... Give your own project a try no matter what you choose beit using this dial as a starting point or something else.... trust me you wont be disappointed And if you decide you want to try and are serious then if I can help at all I will just ask... (I aint no expert but I have some previous experience of getting PAM projects together and I might know something that might help even if its just support )
  9. Absolutely my gens do exactly the same mate... move away from the area ...Nothing to see here...
  10. >>Are you sure its not an issue thats always been there and you have only just noticed it or taken more time to study it recently and the perception has grown...I know it sounds daft but the mind and memory can play tricks on you... Thanks Pete! Quite frankly that may well be the case. I have a lot of watches and the PAM 243 did not get much wrist time over the last few months until I rediscovered her lately. I looked into this a few days ago when I suddenly discovered a brown spot in the cyclops area. I wanted to polish it off until I realized that it wasn't a spot but some kind of odd reflection. Since then I have discovered all kinds of irregularities. May be I am only in the process of loosing it. It is hard to not get nuts in this hobby. No mate..that elusive spot is as said a quirk of variations in light and the angle etc sometimes you will think its scratched other times the dial has mark etc etc The noob crystal aint the best and I aint comparing it by any means to the gen but its a common sort of question or concern asked even by gen owners...
  11. Yes gen will fit and I always preferred the H makers cyclops on PAMs but that maybe different now or rather more recently.. The crystal is one piece mate so I am a bit of a loss to explain your issue assuming i understand it that is Have you been to opticians,,, Are you sure its not an issue thats always been there and you have only just noticed it or taken more time to study it recently and the perception has grown...I know it sounds daft but the mind and memory can play tricks on you... The gen cyclops especially the 7mm on later models is very distorting at even the slightest angle... my gens are like that with the cyclops ...though again thats assuming i understand your concerns.. as I might be totally misunderstanding what your saying...
  12. Not sure if you have tried already but a few other places you can get some cheap case sets is Jacksontse, Helenrou or Getatwatch... they basically sell anything that you see on the crappier reps or even some of the so called better ones... and if you contact the guy that sells Parnis he will sell you anything you fancy having a play with... As I type another good source I recall was River too... Easiest way to test for sapphire is to do the water drop test mate...
  13. Its a can be a bit of a misnomer or perhaps misleading to consider these dials as just lacquer filled I say that as it can suggest that its only the indices that recieve any varnish whereas on PreV dials they were always varnished across the dial which of course by definition means the indices would be filled as part of that process... The reference to fat and thin indices is not a variation of the dial printing but related to the lume applicatiion of the individual dials by the individual lumers and the consistency of the lume as its applied and the way it spreads and/or sits over or under the edfe & height of the indices impression... if you picture the lume sitting below the top of the indices this would give a thin look finish whereas if the lume was to sit over the edges of the indices it would give a fat look to the indices... hopefully that makes sense.. There is plenty of accurate information available on the Risti archives and Thai PAM sites but for example here is a guide on the varnish application on PAMs since PreV and through.. And although these are more modern pics this gives you an idea of the process of ,making the dials Edited August 27, 2015 by PeteM
  14. Sorry PeteM, missed it, I am just being overwhelmed with all this OEM confusion that has got everyone going all over the place and the last thing I want to do is contribute to the confusion, I hope you understand. Most of the worlds largest watch co. have or still use ETA in their watches. Panerai is by far not the only watch company to use them. Omega uses the 6497 in their Railmaster XXL ( http://www.omegarole...ails/02201.html ) TBH mate... I thought that as I wrote... I know how much grief this 'situation' caused you and I understand how it could go over your head.... I didnt mean anything by it mate... I just hope a lot of guys take in this thread and hopefully learn to understand the difference between facts and marketing (sales) patter... and more importantly why it is important to get your rep serviced regardless of the model....
  15. I guess the humour doesnt cross over mate.... I thought the smileys might have helped.... guess not
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