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  1. Ah....just noticed this thread - looks like i'll be the guinea pig then
  2. yes the quartz one (unfortunately) but we know we'll never see the 2894-2 in a rep http://www.watcheden.biz/tag-heuer-carrera-calibre-working-chronograph-with-silver-dial-leather-strap-gift-box-is-included-i-179726-p-1.html
  3. Hmm that's odd. Go to watcheden.biz and type carrera in the search box. It's the only Jack Heuer there in a fancy photo style
  4. Apart from the bad datewheel, it's pretty good
  5. But brush the hand quickly and just once, avoid too much contact with the lume
  6. Nice work! Q tip with white spirit or nail polish remover
  7. The rep blue dial looks too rich to me. whereas the gen blue is a flatter almost powdery blue hXXp://media.photobucket.com/image/aquaracer%20500m%20blue/vlkong/TAG%20Heuer/2009Basel/Aquaracer500M/IMG_4100.jpg
  8. Great review, thanks. I was looking at the gens in the local AD; they look really big compared to the Link range of watches. I thought the gen Blue looked the best, but i'm not so sure about whether the rep blue is the right shade? I also really like the silver dial and gold bezel rep - but I think its a fantasy model? Which means that I'll be angling for the black dial rep... Thanks for posting up the comparison shots!
  9. importr

    Tag Heuer 300 SLR

    Looking at Joshs qc pics, the dial is more brown than purple. The subdial spacing is obviously dictated by the 7750, but I personally like it. The other 'issues' don't bother me, as long as it's nice to wear :-)
  10. importr

    Tag Heuer 300 SLR

    Oh, the date font "2" is different, but just look at those lovely retro hour indices, with the lume infill!
  11. importr

    Tag Heuer 300 SLR

    The gen photo is underexposed, but in other pics, the dial color match is very similar. Rep also has the sunburst pattern
  12. importr

    Tag Heuer 300 SLR

    This is quite a cool watch, IMO. Looking a the vendor pics and videos (angus & cartel) it looks like a very nicely finished watch. I pulled the trigger on one today. I didn't see any glaring flaws. It just looks like a very nice piece to wear everyday
  13. I once ordered a PO rubber strap from TP Republic and was quite disappointed. I thought it was massively overpriced. Ended up getting the rep rubber strap and clasp from Joshua and was very pleased.
  14. I've got a 3789 v1v2 hybrid. And then I put an eta movt in it. Had it for a few year's now and still love it and wear it often.
  15. Thanks. I'll need it!
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