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  1. As you said you mentioned soloing, bring a ring of RS gold wealth. It will allow you to get better drops. The ring of existence is far better to bring if you are lootsharing with someone, cause wealth does not work with lootshare active. You'll have difficulty getting any great specs using a dds on bandos, dmace hits more often on larger creatures. Stick with dragon boots on bandos. Only exception would be if you do not have a bgs or a tasset to protect from bandos minions. Even after that, you really don't need them considering the kill count is simply a little part. It might be wiser to sti
  2. The number one key to scoring remains shot choice, as is the MT 2K21 case in real life,no matter who you're playing as or in My career mode. If you are heavily contested in the paint, you might choose to post up (using L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox One) then spin or drive a stepback by holding R2/RT and moving the proper trigger left or right before immediately discharging. If they won't give you a chance, make one. I have created a living out of the in past versions and in this one, it's more necessary. So, even when I'm playing as Slasher, or some set up shooter or some two-way player, I go to th
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