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  1. Hello everyone, a few months ago I received a rolex cosmographic daytona replica as a present. Sadly a few weeks ago the hour wheel and something I can not remember now broke inside the movement.I took the watch to a repair shop and the gentleman told me that he doesn't know what exact movement is inside because its a Chinese one and finding replacement parts for the movement will be difficult.So I took it upon myself to find out what kind of movement it is and if it is possible to get replacement parts or the same movement. I'm not a specialist with watches but I found out that it looks like the 2813 movement but I know it can't be it because mine has chronographic functions and the 2813 I found in the Internet do not support the chronograph "time stopping" function.The watch has sentimental value to me and I would love to see it ticking again.Here I have the images:
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