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  1. - Pest control in food establishments requires two main measures: 1- Preventive methods by following environmental health conditions and in food establishments in order to limit their spread as a preventive measure. 2- Elimination of it by one of the methods of extermination in the event of its exacerbation and insufficient methods of prevention.  شركة مكافحة حشرات بالدمام 1- Preventive methods: Here are some health measures to limit its spread: A- Get rid of waste first-hand and in a way that does not allow insects an opportunity to reproduce, and then spread. B- Eliminate stagnant water and everything that might harbor insects. C- As for buildings, it must be taken into account when designing that they be isolated from the outside atmosphere, and that comes by putting self-locking doors, and the external doors should be double, and the entrances of the building are provided with air curtains, and the other openings are provided with a wire that does not allow the passage of insects, especially ventilation openings Ventilation vents. The installations from inside must also be built in a way that does not allow them to take shelter, as they must be free from narrow corners, cracks, cracks, and neglected places. W- Equipment inside the building must be designed and installed in a way that is easy to clean, in order not to be a shelter for insects, A- Toilets and drainage sites can be a good shelter for insects, and therefore it is necessary to take care of their hygiene and ensure that they are established in a correct way.   شركة مكافحة حشرات بجازان 2- Extermination methods: No matter how good the preventive measures are, the entry of insects into food establishments is a very likely occurrence. Therefore, we must often resort to eliminating insects inside these establishments in many ways. A- Manual methods: These methods are not practical, as the insects are manually eliminated and this is neither a healthy nor a practical method. شركة مكافحة حشرات بالخرج B- Electrocution: These are devices that use a high voltage and a source of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, as some insects are attracted by this light to the Electrocuter, which eliminates it. In order to perform the required purpose, it is necessary to: - Test the appropriate place, i.e. be in a place that works to attract insects from inside the facility and not from outside. - The UV lamp must be checked periodically because it loses its effectiveness over time. The base of the detonator should be cleaned regularly so that it does not shelter other crawling insects such as beetles.
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