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  1. Find the best br03-92 AETOGT rep

    I'm looking for a br03-92 AETOGT rep. Where can I find the version closer to the truth? what differences are there with the real version?
  2. yeah, it's a long time to wait
  3. Video Review: YF Chukker Bang

    It arrived a few days ago. Everytime I open a the China-package for my replica I expect it to be like 0,5 m big after been zooming in on all the reference prics, QC-pics and so on the computer screen. And when it finally comes out of the plastic wrapped around it looks so tiny :) And all the small "bad" details that I was affraid of wasn't even visible for the human eye :) I don't own the gen unfortunately so I can't compare them but I have been watching A LOT of pics, Youtube-videos and have seen it in real life many times and this is rep is amazing! I've probably spent more money on reps than what the gen Big Bang costs. I've only got 6 reps left in the collection and this one is my absolute favorite. You guys have given me a lot of knowlege here so I thought I would give you a litte something back, for what it's worth... Also you are friendly here unlike one other forum where members screams. So thank you for that :) Finally, let's see the video. http://watchvideo.co/video/Best-Swiss-Replica-Hublot-Big-Bang-Limited-Edition-Chukker-Bang-Titanium-Watch-Review/efccc7ed1ad0c4ea148c7e62545df3ca
  4. Hello from Florida.

    Welcome back!
  5. Dealer Clocks Daytona

    what's the movement about this watch
  6. spare parts for replica watch

    a site that sell many kinds of replica watches
  7. spare parts for replica watch

    maybe you can contact the customer service from ok-replicas.co, they can provide if customer needs
  8. https://luxuryreplica.ee

    i can pay a little money to buy a luxury replica watch, maybe i won't avoid. i think there is one thing we should avoid is scam site, buy a replica from a trusty site is so important
  9. Greetings from Paris

    hope you'll success:)
  10. Problem with pure time

    You shopped from pureintime.me? I've bought a Submariner from them, but their service is quite good.
  11. New Rolex Datejust Oyster Jubilee Dial

    So Rolex showed their revamped Datejust in the beginning of the year. Initially, I didn't care too much about them since I felt they were just so-so. But apparently I was smitten by one of them in the end. Thus this is my Rolex Datejust Oyster from MK Factory. My Datejust here is on an oem hornback, enjoy the video. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/High-Quality-Mens-Rolex-Datejust-Silver-Jubilee-Diamond-Stainless-White-Gold-Replica-Watch/9d47cd91eb5a13846f3aaad0dc41e907 Case brushing is nice. The overall finishing is nicely done I'd say. Crystal is a typical MK crystal I guess. I'm not bothered by it since Rolex shouldn't have double AR crystal imo lol. Cyclops is mediocre though and it's a bit cloudy. Bracelet is crappy as always. It's a MK signature. So you must change the bracelet. OEM bracelet is still the best though. Haha. All in all, MK does still make a great watch.
  12. I was browsing the forums a few months back and noticed a thread where somebody was asking if this rep had been released. It wasn't, but looking at the gen made me think it was a very nice watch and I would have liked it to be repped because I wanted it. Naturally it went out of my mind in a second, as I'm always searching for new watches to add to my collection and find new "wanted" ones almost every day. Then suddenly, a few weeks ago it was released. You know, always research the watches you want to buy in order to not be disappointed... When I received it my feelings were mixed. The watch looks great and has a great wrist presence, but the construction quality is not what I expected. Now, after owning it for a week and wearing it a couple of times I can say I'm satisfied with it, as I said it looks nice indeed. But it has a bunch of noticeable flaws that can be not so easy to live with, so I hope to do good to the forum members by trying and point them out so that a possible buyer know what to expect. Here we go: The white dial in rose gold video http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Best-Swiss-Replica-Blancpain-Villeret-Moonphase-amp-Complete-Calendar-Red-Gold-Case-White-Dial-Brown-Leather-Strap/2c5386c6ed1431def26ec6bc6287cb31 The blue dial in steel video http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Best-Swiss-Replica-Blancpain-Villeret-Moonphase-amp-Complete-Calendar-White-Gold-Case-Blue-Dial-Black-Leather-Strap/6c9db8b99b807b8a048b70b6227a0abe
  13. I've Discovered Some Black Friday Coupons

    Just subscribe their email, sometimes they will send you exclusive promo codes. http://www.kuvarsitwatch.cz/ http://www.mowatches.to/ http://www.e-efore.cn/ Offer ends November 25th, 2017 http://www.finewatch.eu/
  14. This is a video review of Breitling Colt replica. Here is the gen: The rep is amazingly close to the gen. On to the video: http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Best-Swiss-Replica-Breitling-Colt-Automatic-Black-Dial-With-Steel-Strap/99765c79cfe6debfd6ff284383142530 This is the piece in full stainless steel, black dial, luminous hands and markers, rotating bezel. To be frank, I don't know anything about Breitling, other than the correct pronunciation. But after looking at pics of the gen I decided this was close enough to the real thing to actually spring for it. So, since I am uneducated as to the ins & outs of the Colt, I'll just let the video do most of the speaking. All in all, that's pretty much it. I've also worried about the look of this piece on a smaller wrist, but this watch (as the cliche' goes) truly does disappear on the wrist. Even being a 44mm, it doesn't feel much bigger than the DSSD - which up to last week, was the largest profile watch I owned. The bracelet is also quite comfortable - more so than even the leather strap. Anyway, hoped you liked this video review, and feel free to educate me with the Breitling trivia (so I don't sound like a fool if someone asks me about this piece).
  15. Hello fellow nerds! I just got my Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean "best edition" from Hello-Rolex. Boy am I a happy phucka! These are my impressions, followed by video. (Will add more detailed pics tomorrow) http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Swiss-High-Quality-Replica-Omega-Seamaster-Planet-Ocean-600m-42-MM-Steel-On-Orange-Rubber-Strap/029896b813d416f19792635361697b34 The watch is perfect in size and dimension as far as I can tell. My sample showed. I set it to my iPhone and it is keeping identical time for the last hour now! The crown screws down TIGHT and going through the positions is almost as smooth as on my BK Sub. Also, it winds like butter (thanks ETA, inside the watch is a clone 8500 movement). Hands look good and has smooth sweep. All hour indices are correct and have paint/lume applied perfectly. (Either I got the best sample from the JH factory EVER, or they're just that good). The bezel is great shade of orange like the gen. Seems to be near identical, although I believe the gen may be painted in to a deeper setting in the aluminum. Stay away from watch nerds with loops, or high resolution photo apps and you'll never get called out. It's even hefty like the gen (with no bracelet on!) I.e. Mine is on Nato and still heavy.