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  1. Yeah, I have discovered the Noob watch website and seen that they are now on Noob v6... I might have to plump for one of those! The one I have seems to have a lot in common with the Noob watches... And I think it might actually be one looking at everything else in the forum and on the websites etc. Thanks for your replies guys :-)
  2. Currently rocking this bad boy bought fromDHGATE for about £80... It's a pretty good one
  3. Ok, that sounds like a pretty positive answer! Noob it is :-)
  4. Interesting. I will definitely bare that in mind. Thank you for the reply and the warm welcome :-)
  5. OK, so I am in the market for a new submariner replica. I have done my research as to what is what and where to get them from etc... So which would you guys choose? The Noob Sub or the JF factory Sub? Opinions, reviews of either and comments welcome :-)
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