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  1. 41 minutes ago, mead861 said: If you go the explorer route the movement wouldn't matter because the explorer doesn't have a date window. Yeah. I'd just search out the highest quality movement for something without a date. I like the new Air King. That may be a second rep I'd buy
  2. Pretty sure I'm set on a Noob with a SA3135 at this point. Now just need to sell an authentic Hamilton Day Date to fund a Rep watch purchase. Still having a weird feeling about that one, but after seeing my buddies Sub and Explorer I have to have one. I love the Sub look but the damn price tag on one is just outrageous and would be irresponsible for me to get one right now.
  3. 3 minutes ago, automatico said: Question: "What exactly is the weak point of the SA3135?" Answer "The biggest issue is the total lack of replacement parts." Solution: "My opinion is that if you're buying a rep. get the eta movement. The eta has standard parts that are easy to source." Agree. "I used a Yuki in my latest build because I used a gen case and the Yuki is a direct drop in." Imho this is the only valid reason to use a 3135 clone. No oem parts and high watch repair labor cost are two of the major problems facing watch owners, especially mechanical watch owners. Replicas are bad enough but try finding a bezel/case screw for a Royal Oak or a pallet fork for a Patek, Paiget, V&C, JLC etc. You will get screwed, glued, steam rolled, and dry cleaned. At least. Even if the repair guy down the street can do the work, he can not get the parts. This may be one of the reasons why high grade replicas are proliferating. Buyers who would have to stretch their budget to afford a rolex, omega or something similar find out how much it will cost for 'routine service' (or have been screwed by oem repair service price gouging in the past) decide to get a replica. ...or an Accutron II. I highly doubt I'd sink any additional money in a rep other than putting a Yuki movement in it. Come time for a service and I'd just buy a new rep or hopefully by then I can afford a real sub. Am I mistaken or would a Yuki movement drop into a Noob 3135 case and re-use the dial and hands? I thought through what I've read that could be done.
  4. Thanks for the replies. So at this time the SA3135 would be an ok movement to have until I went the route of getting a Yuki since improvements have been made? This won't be a daily wear watch and I most likely would only wear it on non work days when accuracy isn't nearly as important. If the date wheel lined up better and the movement wasn't thicker on the 2836 models I'd go that way, but both of those bug me on my buddies 2836 sub rep.
  5. Hello all, My apologies if this is widely known. I see that the SA3135 is considered to be less reliable than the 2836 equipped reps. Is it only the stem, and can this be mitigated by keeping the watch wound and only adjusting the date and when absolutely necessary when the time drifts too much? Or are their other issues with it like power reserve or other just breakage issues? Im looking to pick up a Noob v7 and would eventually put a Yuki 3135 in in, but don't want to have do within a short time frame. Obviously this is my first post, but not new to watches. Just this interest was sparked when a buddy of mine showed up one day at work with a Rep Explorer that looked too damn nice to only cost a few hundred bucks. Lol
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