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  1. 10 minutes ago, fraggle42 said: You do know the bezel rotates, right? Looks like it's half a click out to me. I do, came to the conclusion that it's better (and cheaper) to get only the bezel insert ... then learn a new skill, replace bezel inserts without breaking the watch
  2. 6 hours ago, kernow said: The ceramic insert may or may not fit. Even if it is interchangeable on gen models these are reps and nothing is certain in the rep world. The easiest way is to ask your TD to source a second bezel insert for the watch you've bought. At least that way it will be period correct. Alternatively, Ebay is a good place for bezel inserts. The problem is that like a lot more the ceramic bezel Can the Dealer check if those bezels are interchangeable? Or are there any parts dealers here that can give me some information or even the parts? because I didn't see any of these here (maybe I just didn't search enough). Thanks.
  3. So I've recently ordered a Planet Ocean Chronograph and since it's my first order I already made a dumb mistake. I didn't pay enough attention to the bezel on QC pics and after the watch was sent I noticed the dot at 12 o'clock is positioned badly: Since I guess it's my mistake for not paying attention to this, I would have to correct it myself, by ordering a new bezel. But Omega has now better looking, ceramic bezels, and I though if I can use the bezel from another model: So since both models are stated as 45.5 mm wide, can I use the ceramic bezel on my (has yet to come) Planet Ocean Chronograph? And if yes, where could I order solely the bezel? Thanks in advance, Dennis.
  4. 3 hours ago, gran said: video is legit. Subdial at 3 has two hands and there is no way both work as they should. So this would mean the hours hand is just glued there and doesn't ever move ?
  5. Well, it's either me being dumb or me being blind, but as you can see here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/206522852 the sub-dial at 3 o'clock is working fine, solely the minutes hand move. I mean that's what excited me so hardly
  6. I'm all wet and excited ... and I'm a male. As I saw on some TD websites there are new releases. Between those is the Omega SpeedMaster '57 which uses the 7750 Movement, but has (here is where I got wet) a fully working chronograph. So does this mean there's a breakthrough in the rocket science of modding the 7750 movement, which would mean there are soon to come Planet Ocean Chronographs with two sub-dials? Or am I wrong? How do factories decide which watches they replicate ?
  7. 7 hours ago, Sogeha said: Welcome. There is no such thing as a perfect replica. Because of the huge difference in price between a genuine and a replica there will always be compromises. If the problem is only the lume, then just budget to have it relumed. Yes I think using a chrono twenty times a week definitely comes under the category of often. if you REALY need to use a chronograph that often, maybe buy something like a Seiko Quartz Chronograph for work days and a none chrono Planet Ocean replica for evenings and weekends Ehm, what do you mean by budget to have it relumed? Do I buy the lume myself for this or do I initially ask the seller to upgrade the lume ? Thanks.
  8. I've recently fell in love with the Omega planet ocean chronograph, but sadly the genuine is way beyond the size of my wallet. I've lost the last 3 days searching for a perfect replica, but it seems like there isn't such a thing, it's either a faux chronograph or the lume is garbage or the dials have the wrong size. Maybe my searching skills are poor or I missed something, but does anyone own or have ever met a perfect replica to this watch, with fully working chronograph and which looks like the genuine one? I've also read that the 7750 movement will fail if I use the chronograph option often... well is like 20 times a week often or where is the edge between often and not often for this movement ? In case those are some noob questions, I'm sorry, but I'm still a noob and thanks in advance for help.
  9. 1 hour ago, SSTEEL said: The anti-reflection coating is whats scratched. So is it a bad thing or it's something regular that happens from cleaning the crystal with a cloth ?
  10. So I've received my Ti CrPO yesterday and I was happy as f... well I was very happy. I've worn it for day and in the evening when I winded I noticed a lot of micro scratches on the crystal, like the scratches on the screen of a smartphone after you wear it in your pocket with your keys for several months. I didn't hit or scratch the watch and the only thing that touched the crystal was the cloth I use to clean my glasses. These scratches are seen only in direct light, so not much of a deal, but still not a pleasant thing. So the question is: Did I receive a watch with a initially scratched crystal (since it can't be seen in the QC pics) ? P.s: I mean it's a Sapphire Crystal, isn't it meant to be scratch resistant? or are these scratches a normal thing ? The scratches are the small lines near the light reflection (no, they can't be wiped out).
  11. I've recently ordered my first watch from Joshua (perfect clones), he sent me the QC pics the next day, sent the package to UK (he said he will ship it through the UK to Europe) and the package looks like it's in the UK for more than a month already. I understand it's not the regular shipping process and so on, but I payed 50$ for the shipping on his website and the last time I asked him what's going on he said they didn't get the package back from Royal Mail yet (like why would you need to get it back, you have to send it :| ) Nonetheless, what is the "average" shipping time to EU ? It's my first purchase and I'm being nervous, I realize that, but still, is this normal to get the package in at least two months (if I will receive it that soon) when paying 50$ for shipping ? Thanks, Dennis.
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