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  1. eBay,. This is the seller info. Hope that helps. It's is a perfect match to the face I used!
  2. Thank you all for the comments, I have had it together and work it every day for about 3 weeks. Have not even had to wind it once! I have just because I guess your supposed to weekly, but not once have I looked at it stopped. It is also keeping absolutely spot on time. I haven't adjsuted it once and it's with in seconds of my iPhone so I feel pretty good. My day wheel in champagne has arrived and just waiting on the date wheel overlay in champagne to finish it off. Very very excited and it has gotten numerous comment since the rebuild. I actually had someone offer me $3000 till I confessed it was a Franken. Then he asked me to build him one lol. So all in all so far pretty successful!
  3. Thanks on the dial! Absolutely love it!! The watch originally came from watcheden. Not sure who actually built it. I did re use the band.
  4. Well it's not perfect yet. I scratch the date wheel. And am having some over all issues with the day switching. On the bright side, hands are clearing the face, it runs and I like the look. Got to work out some kinks but this is pretty addictive!!
  5. Well after getting some wrong parts, gotta thank MyMannMatt on several email replies to help me get the correct parts now. Got the gen crown from him, got my gen bezel, gen crystal, gen face all test fitted together. Really getting excited to see it work!! Just waiting on the movement to arrive, but God I miss this watch. With all the new parts I can't wait to see it actually running!! Thanks for the views. Any feedback or suggestions is appreciated!
  6. Ok so I am new to this site as a member but have been following a lot of you guys for a few years. I bought a Day Date Rep 2 years ago. Ran great for the entire time I have owned it, until 3 weeks ago. The movement crapped out. I debated buying a new rep and being done with it, but have really been inspired to build one. So I am waiting for parts to arrive now. I am really a hands on guy. I built a mustang, painted it, wired it from headlight to tail light and built the engine. It wins shows, there is just something amazing about building something yourself and having that satisfaction when you are using it. That is why I am pursuing the build and not just buying a replacement. I have a gen bezel, crystal, crown ( I bought a wrong one in the pic). I have a seagull movement coming, gen hands. So far everything has matched up pretty well from the rep to gen that I have gotten so far. I will post more as the build gets closer. The gold plate has held up very well considering I wore it everyday for 2 years, just cleaning with soap and water and a tooth paste scrub now and then. Anyway this is where I am at. Mymanmatt has already been so helpful just answering questions so I really appreciate his input. Any insight or suggestions are welcome please! Pictured is a photo before tear down. Did some damage to the face so I got the gen now as pictures.
  7. BenzeC63

    Crown Info...

    Wow, I Wish I saw this post before buying a gen crown with the wider insert. If anyone is in need I will sell cheap. PM me
  8. Wow, I Wish I saw this post before buying a gen crown with the wider insert. If anyone is in need I will sell cheap. PM me
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