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  1. I dunno, they look silver to me. When you photograph watches with silver markers or surroundings in a light box/dark room, the markers turn to black in the pictures because that kind of silver markers reflect anything. Thats what I thought too but looking at this pic You can clearly see that the markers and hands on the blue dial are silver.I would have figured all of the pictures were taken in the same way?? Also if you look at post #5 in this thread, mojako snapped a couple of shots at the AD. The black dials hands and surrounds look pretty dark compared to the ones on the watch next to it. Kind of confusing with the way lighting plays games.
  2. Looking at Tag's website and the above pictures of the gen. It looks like the marker surrounds and hands on the gen black and silver/white dial are black, while on the blue dial they are steel. The reap has steel surrounds on all of the dials. Has anyone seen a gen black dial in the flesh that can say if the surrounds are steel or black? I am really liking the black dial with the gold bezel version, but the color of the surrounds is a pretty big give away.
  3. There is another option. Open the case back and take the crown off the watch. Use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the tube. Put the crown back on and see if the threads engage. If the first time you try it still does not work just try again and eventually it will work. You just can't squeeze the tube too much at once as you risk over tightening it.
  4. Well off the bat, the orange bezel is the non ceramic version and the black bezebezel is the ceramic version.
  5. As the title states, anyone happen to know the case number for the Aqua Terra 41.5mm? Just received my blue dial version and would like to see what if any gen parts I can locate.
  6. Funny while browsing KW's site their blue Aqua Terra looks like the color is correct vs tge surf blue I see on all the other dealers sites. Wondering if it really is better or if it's the same surf blue as everyone else and KW just edits his photos to make it look more gen like.
  7. Wonder why they are pricing this one a considerable bit cheaper than the standard 300? Also is Kuvarsit is a TD??? Edited November 17, 2015 by jdkno
  8. No offense in any way but complaining about the nato strap is like complaining about the bubble wrap they use to package them. From both dealers I have seen they are selling the watch on the steel bracelet and pretty much just tossing tge nato into the deal. Even with the proper engravings I'm sure the rep nato would probably be crap anyways. The main thing I can't tell on this version or the regular 300 is if they used the sandwich dial construction or not. Edited November 17, 2015 by jdkno
  9. I am pretty sure supermirrors has this model shown, comes with the steel bracelet and the nato.
  10. I know the first edition of the blue Skyfall AT was pretty smurfed out on the blue color compared to gen. While looking at the new Spectre 300 I happened to see most of the dealers have a myota based blue AT. From the photos the myota version blue seems to be a lot closer to gen. Looking for anyone who has seen it in the flesh. Trying to decide between the AT and the spectre 300, other than my 5002 every watch I own are in the sport range so I'm kind of hoping the blue AT is close enough to gen.
  11. Starry I thought about getting that gen but was not 100% sure if it would fit. Astonjenks came through with a sweet deal on the case with crystal so I am all taken care of.
  12. Just smashed the crap out of the crystal on my 5002 and now it has a beautiful starburst like when a rock hits a windshield. Anyone know where I can find a replacement???
  13. Looks great. Two questions did your gen dial come with the metal trim around the date window on it, and is there any real way to tell a gen dial from a rep dial? I have been looking for a fen dial and the ones I am seeing don't have the trim around the window.
  14. Just in time for Halloween!! In all honesty I like the concept just not completely sold on that color combo.
  15. jdkno

    Blacksteel clasp

    Looking to get a blacksteel clasp to put on a Pro Diver III strap. I can't find one with any of the dealers, closest I find is the SS clasp that comes with the Pro Diver II strap. Would that clasp also work on the diver III strap? I could always get tge SS version and send it our to get a PVD coating on it.
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