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  1. DEVILS WATCH ! 666 the Beast is coming on your left hand !
  2. BOUDART buy the new spare rubber strap from marvellous replica - 30USD. They have fixed the plastics on it, they glued it looks like.. We had bad first samples with that issue.
  3. So after buying spare strap from Marvellous replica, I am SUPER HAPPY !!!!! The strap has got no ISSUES !!!!! There is no gap between the plastic part and the rubber !!! They fixed it ! Hallelujah ! After 2 months I can FINALLY WEAR my watch !!!
  4. PecMan you happy man with such big wrist ! PecMan I think when I will get the rubber I will just sell this porsche for you. Seriph everything that glows Aqua, I did
  5. thanks I measured 2 weeks ago I had my forearm 34cm and biceps 45cm. Damn but I would like to have at least 19 cm wrist.
  6. that is making my forearm mine is 7 inch = 17.78 centimeters so it should fit great on your wrist then
  7. Thank you Seriph and PecMan ! PecMan what size is your wrist ? If the strap even after I slightly mod the endlinks will always open, to fit my wrist, I will have no other option just to sell the watch, and if you want it I would sell it to you. But it depends when I will get new rubber strap from Mary ! Seriph contact Mary - watchinternational or Marvellous Replica
  8. Thanks mate, maybe I will relume the indexes again, I was looking at new porsche design 21J version, and that dial has got nice indexes, but looks like they are flat as well
  9. Thanks seriph the markers are from cheap Winner watch that cost 10USD (I wanted the markers from Yachtmaster II dial, but non of the dealers was able to supply me one ) and the triangle was the closest to get from Seiko dial. The dial was relumed free hand so it is not exact nice square lume when you macro it 20x. fckuing hard to do on the plate markers
  10. what is this ? How dare I put metallic indexes on dial ?! and what is this ?!! damn it only if I had better markers with borders... not the flat one to work on
  11. I wonder how the gen construction is compared to our rep. if there are any differences
  12. I have just seen perfect clones video of Prosche diver and his endlinks are bending perfectly !!! Looks like bad construction on some pieces http://www.1-pc8838.com/0pd00111-p67...2-p-10437.html
  13. Thank you pecMan, hope you will like the results.. I am going to mod the endlinks also, so I hope I will be able to wear that watch then !
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