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  1. chrgod, Thanks for taking the time to review this watch. From what you've reviewed, it seems that there's more work that needs to be put into the detail of this model. One thing that has always bothered me on reps is that most seem to fail to get a fine enough brush finish. That one extra step would make a world of difference in my mind. I guess that's part of the difference between a $100+ rep vs a $200+ rep, though this may not be the case with some models that I haven't examined more closely. Overall, it's a good 5' rep.
  2. looks good on the wrist! enjoy! I agree. As far as the movement... well, it looks good from my house. Good job taking pics, you've sparked my interest in this one (NOT QUARTZ!).
  3. modding the back with real wood (wengé or red cedar for example) is easy and astonished ! nothing to compare with the cheap sticker Link to how it's been done... http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/102043-real-wood-for-the-iwc-cousteau-2006-mode/?hl=cousteau
  4. I love all the reviews you do, thanks for taking the time to share them with us! Not a job, just a hobby huh? :p
  5. Oh nmac... His comment about WE could be based simply on the several posts that have been made here on the forum regarding issues others have had with them. It's not to say that someone might not be satisfied, but they've been inconsistent lately. What I really want to to is what is a trut?
  6. Looks good from my house! My only gripe about this version is that I think it looks better with a white on black DW, so I'd change it- even though that's not "gen." If I had a gen, I'd do the same thing...
  7. Nice watch, though I think it would look better with a rubber strap!
  8. Here... Copy-Paste the "Direct" link code in the Links to share this image section and enter like this... I'm not a fan of Imageshack, Photobucket makes it much easier by generating codes that can easily do what I did by hand here. With that done, I'm convinced now that this is a must have watch for me! Thanks for sharing this...
  9. Click on the link and find out you ding-dong! I can't do all your work for you!
  10. "Fiji" There was one for sale here >>> for $700
  11. ThinkBachs

    Formula 1

    Hmmmmmmm... the boy with a guitar cat seems to have an answer for everything!
  12. Here's one for $80 and free shipping..... and it comes with a free watch!
  13. 1. Interesting bracelet, though it seems there's no connection between the watch and bracelet. You could make a stretch assumption that the watch has a sort of Bell & Ross influence that was taken to prima-dona extremes, and argue that the bracelet ties in that way- but you'd be wrong. The slide makes no sense at all. It's obvious in the design that no thought was given to the actual integration of the slide, nor any consideration to durability. Sliding the top means smearing the crystal, or finger prints on the top- both of which will make cleaning the watch a PITA. 2. Seriously? Did these people ever wear a watch? Have they never seen what a clasp, deployant or buckle looks like? Maybe the goal of this watch isn't to make money on selling it, but all the service work it's going to need. The hands are disproportionate to the dial- too thin. Make them nice and fat skeletons. Case is too thin. Good luck finding a movement that would fit in that case. Again, this is where you have to wonder just how much research these people put into building these designs. 3. Blech. Is this a high school project?
  14. Looks fine to me, change your theme!
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