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  1. Good news, guys! I have added a new baby to my Breitling collection. I am talking about the Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven. It’s a watch that has a particular look due to its combination of colors and its carbon-based coating. It’s a great addition to my collection of attractive watches and the manufacturers really did a good job with this replica Breitling Chronomat 44. And it’s a Swiss quality one, so I am really excited about it. Launched in 1984, the Chronomat has become since one of the most important Breitling collections. These timepieces are known as supreme instruments for professionals. The Chronomat 44 it’s a symbol for performance, sporting feats and exceed personal limits. When the Raven model was launched, I thought that this is what Breitling did through this new design, they have surpassed their limits. Released three decades later after the first Chronomat was launched, the Raven has brought some novelty with it. The traditional Chronomat design was reinvented. It has come with an original new look and a focus on performance. Its features are more sporty and it has a much more technical appearance. Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven-Looks & Feel This replica Breitling Chronomat has a very masculine look and feel. In the watch specifications, it is written that the case, bezel, and crown is ion plated. It replicates perfectly the carbon-based coating. The orange rubber-inlaid numerals can are the right shade and size. The dial features 3 subdials, the inner tachymeter bezel, the central chronograph seconds hand and the counter pointers. The subdials include the continuous seconds that can be seen at 9 o’clock, the 30 minute totalizer located at 3 o’clock, and a 12-hour totalizer at 6. The date can be seen at 4:30. The strap is made from rubber and it has Breiling written all over it. When I wear it, the weight feels just about right. It’s heavy, but that’s how a watch of these dimensions and design should feel like. It’s bulky and masculine. One may think that a black, matte watch could be a bit boring, but that’s not how this watch is like. The orange details really make it stand out. Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven-Movement This Chronomat 44 Raven is my first Swiss watch. I thought it was about time to upgrade and pay more on a Swiss replica watch. Especially since I really like this model and hopefully I will get to wear it for a long time since now. As you may know, there is no difference between the Japanese and Swiss, when it comes to the look. The difference can be noticed in the movements. As far as I can tell, I can feel the difference. The movement is Kinetic and I can say that the power reserve is better so I don’t have to worry about wounding it. This really is one of the most reliable mechanisms you can find on the replica market. I have measured how much time this Swiss Raven loses and it’s about 2 seconds in 48 hours. That’s pretty impressive for a replica. Breitling Replica Chronomat 44- The Fold From all of my fake Breitling watches, this Chronomat Raven is by far my favorite. It may be because of its design and even the fact that it’s a swiss may have something to do, but I really like it. I made some research on replica review sites (there are not many) and decided it was time to go with a Swiss watch. Even though I paid about $600, it was well worth it. This replica Breitling Chronomat is one of my most reliable watches. The price of an original is around $8000. Paying less than a tenth for what looks like an identical copy, is a great deal. In terms of design, this watch looks just like the original and it also feels just like one. Some of my replicas aren’t the mirror image copy of the real thing, but this one is. So, yeah, I can say that this Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven is worth the money. I wasn’t expecting such a great watch when I ordered it, even if I got it from one of the websites I usually order from.
  2. I haven’t been dissecting a Breitling replica for a while now, so in today’s AyeReplica.com review I’ll be doing just that, in an attempt to keep a decent balance within my posts when it comes to major luxury watch producers. This watch arrived about a month ago, so I had plenty of time to give it a go. Sadly, there were a few brazen details I’ve noticed right from the get-go, which sucked all my enthusiasm about the purchase. By the way, I’ve ordered a Breitling Chronomat with Swiss movement. Quality: Are These Watches Any Good? Let’s start off this AyeReplica.com review with me saying they get a big nay-nay from me, for shipping the Swiss watch without the freaking date on it. Yes, you heard me right, the place where the date is supposed to be is blank. I mean, come on, if you’re not going to give it a functionality at least have the decency to paint something on top of it, or just skip it altogether. Leaving it blank, it’s just plain tacky. Furthermore, upon the preliminary inspection I stumbled upon yet another horror. You probably won’t be able to guess this one, so here it goes. The fake watch maker misspelled the “Swiss Made” engraving and turned it into something pretty grotesque. Accident or something more? As you can see from the image yourself, it says “Swiss Mad”. Are replica watch manufacturers going insane and this is their way of letting us know? Furthermore, I could easily spot some grease spots on the Breitling Chronomat, which really got me thinking where this watch has been before it arrived to me. On the bright side of things, the Swiss movement on the timepiece isn’t half bad. At least it has one thing going for it, so it’s not a total waste of money. Hurray! The Site: Usability and Design Here we have the same problem that many replica watch websites have. The user interface is quite simply horrendous. It looks kitsch and it feels kitsch too. Well, at least they have a search bar located centrally in the upper part of the screen (that doesn’t really work so well). Information is organized in bulk and their English is not very good either. Hire someone who actually knows the language, good folks! Service: Is Their Staff Any Good? The way to get in touch with these guys in case of a problem, is through email. A Live Chat option is also advertised, but we are given no specific directions on how exactly we might go about acessing it. Anyway, I’m still waiting for them to reply to my complaint regarding the whole “Swiss Mad” affair. Shipping: Is It Fast and Reliable? Apparently AyeReplica.com needs 5 days to get the watch ready. They ship across the world and charge $35 per watch. However, if you order more than one watch in one order, the second “bag” (they probably mean package) will enjoy free shipping. That sounds extremely fishy. Why would they send two packages out (presumably one after another?) when you have placed one order? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway I had to wait for about 2 weeks for my Breitling replica to reach me in the US. Return Policy: Is It Reasonable? I have to highlight in this AyeReplica.com review that you have 7 to 10 days to report a problem with your purchase and request a refund (I think, their English is really bad). Customer service representatives determine eligibility for refunds after customers explain the reason why they are unhappy with the product. I’m still waiting for my initial email to get a response, but I’m pretty skeptical about getting my money back. Well at least the “Swiss mad” watch takes advantage of a decent movement. The Bottom Line To sum up this AyeReplica.com review I’ll just re-state the obvious: this sucks! We have a decent watch here, but the details, oh the attention to details was practically non-existent when building this. Or maybe their quality-control team is an army of ghosts. Avoid at all costs!
  3. On a normal basis I’m usually on the lookout for the next best thing when it comes to fake watches. That’s why today I want to take the opportunity and talk a bit about an interesting Hublot replica, the Big Bang MP 02 Key of Time Edition, a watch I think has a stunning, atypical design that appeals to my inner quirkiness. Back in 2011, the original Hublot MP-01 watch first made a debut, and two years later, at Baselworld 2013, Hublot launched the MP-02 known as the “Key of Time”. The original model comes in three variants: the Regular sports a micro-blasted titanium case with multi-layered matte black PVD, the Titanium is satin finished and micro blasted with titanium and finally the King Gold version, which is gold with 5% platinum. The seconds on the watch are displayed in a vertical tourbillion cage and three time-measuring modulations: one that lets you slow down the speed of the watch hands by four, one that lets you view time at the normal rate of progression, and one that speeds up the watch hands by a multiple of four. Here are some images of the original: Yes, the watch looks pretty intriguing, and naturally the question arises: will watch replicators be able to produce a worthy cheap Hublot replica of the MP-02 Key of Time? You’ll find out in what follows bellow. Quality: Can We Find a Decent Hublot Replica, Key of Time Online? Strangely enough even if Hublot unveiled the watch a while ago, there’s no flood of decent Hublot fakes online. If you want my advice I think you should hold on in trying to purchase this fake. That’s because the Key of Time features an intricate design and a complex mechanism and replica makers are yet to get it right. A look at the websites selling it at the moment will reveal a pretty poor excuse of a watch. Just compare the images of the genuine model and of the fake and you’ll see what I mean. This Hublot replica has a few years under the belt, but even so the watch might come with a higher price tag attached to it. More or Less Reliable Replica Dealers That Carry the Hublot Key of Time While I was conducting my customary research on a cheap Hublot replica, I accidentally stumbled upon the Key of Time which was offered by a pretty questionable website. It’s offered on replacahause.nl (you’d guess these guys are Dutch, but alas they are not) a British replica website which has the Big Bang MP 02 Key of Time Japanese movement watch up for sale for $229 a pop. As you can see in the picture, the details on the face are nearly as complex when compared to the real deal. Overall, it seems that the materials that went into the production of this watch aren’t too qualitative. I say you can easily skip this timepiece, with a clear conscience. Another website offering this particular watch is Timescopy.cn and their product isn’t better than the one we talked about above. The problem with these Hublot fakes is that the original’s intricate mechanism has been trivialized to a point where it actually looks like the subdial has been painted on the glass. Which is why I am quite disappointed with the options I managed to find online. Joinwatches.com also offers it, and their version seems to look a little bit better, although I wouldn’t trust the images on the website so much. Just read my review of the website to get an idea why not. This will cost you only $178 – another reason to be extremely careful, it’s a bit cheap for a complex watch like this one. The Bottom Line I have to conclude this article by saying that I definitely think you should wait a little while before buying this Hublot replica. Yes, it’s an compelling model, but also a relatively new one. So hopefully in the near future, fake watch makers will put a little more effort into manufacturing this awesome timepiece. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. This Owatcheso.co review was submitted to me via email by one of the fans of the blog, Astrid. Despite buying the Cartier Rotonde replica a while ago she pretty adamant about sharing her experience with us, because as she claims she doesn’t want other people to go through the same horrible experience. “Heya Thomas, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and given recent events I thought I’d contribute. I put off writing to you because I was trying really hard to get my Cartier replica refunded. Needless to say, my efforts have been all in vein until now, therefore I have taken upon myself to try to inform people about the awful services the folks at Owatcheso.co provide.Why did I want to get a replacement for my newly purchased Cartier Rotonde Skeleton Flying Tourbillon you might ask? Well maybe because it arrived without a freakin’ crown?!?!?!I really hope my Owatcheso.co review reaches replica watch enthusiasts out there, so they know in advance to stay away from this shop. Their website says shipping time varies between 3 to 5 days, but I had to wait a total of 20 days to get my crooked watch. Anyway, as I opened the parcel I was shocked to find that my watch came without a working crown out of the box!!!! Apart from that the watch seemed pretty decent, but I’ll be damned if I am going to overlook this massive flaw. I immediately contacted Owatcheso.com but to my surprise they denied me the refund, because I apparently failed to inspect the cargo carefully to make sure everything was perfect, upon the packet’s delivery. Yes, they state this aspect on the website, but that doesn’t mean they should be shipping out horrible replicas like that, am I right?” First off, thank you very much for this Owatcheso.co review, Astrid, I really appreciate it, especially since I’m not familiar with this particular website. Given that my Cartier replica collection is pretty flimsy I was thinking of purchasing a new watch from this particular jewelry maker myself and now I’ll know to stay clear from this online merchant. However, I was curious enough to take a quick look at their website and identified a few red flags. For example, the watches are extremely cheap. Your Cartier Rotonde replica is up for sale for just $120. I know it is Japanese movement, but still. Secondly there’s no live chat option, so you can’t get in touch as soon as you notice something is wrong. Also there aren’t a lot of product pictures and their policy that you should check the product attentively on delivery is a bit dubious too. Now I’m not saying that maybe it was just bad luck: it’s possible that a rodent in the Owatcheso.co warehouse ran off with the bezel on this watch, right? Anyway, thank you once again cheers to Astrid for sending in this informative Owatcheso.co review (have you noticed their peculiar name, what’s with the adoration for the letter “O”?). I sure it helps out folks out there looking to purchase a Cartier replica like the one Astrid purchased. My advice to you before buying, would be to take a few hours of your time and perform some research, instead of just diving right in and picking up something you’ll later regret.
  5. Reviewing my watch collection lately, I’ve noticed I haven’t purchased a new Panerai replica in quite a while and actually I really felt like I missed having the brand’s product present in my life. So I set out to look for a bunch of new, exciting models that could catch my attention. The Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbontech 3 Days Automatic (aka PAM616) had coughed my eye a year before when it was first launched at SIHH 2015, one of the biggest haute-horology event of the industry. What Would Make the Panerai Submersible 1950 Carbontech 3 Days Automatic Great The PAM616’s Luminor-style case is made of Carbontech, a carbon fiber composite that has never been used in watchmaking before (at least, according to the company). To me, the material seems like a great fit for large, military-inspired watches and I believe it to be a valuable addition to Panerai’s arsenal of timepieces. The Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbontech 3 Days Automatic takes the popular yet niche-loved Luminor Submersible 1950 and dresses it in an innovative material. The PAM616 features an eye-catching design in matte black color which is the natural shade of Carbontech. The surface all has irregular tonal wave patterns, a result of the layers of carbon showing through. It’s a beautiful watch and I would actually be delighted to find great imitation Panerai watches online that do justice to this piece 100%. Since this watch is fairy new, finding a good-looking Panerai replica isn’t so easy and after doing some research online, I think interested parties shouldn’t jump into acquiring this model just yet. Where You Can Get the Panerai Submersible Carbontech 3 Replica From I’ve found this fake Panerai for sale with Replicafer.com – a website that at first glance seems quite reliable. You know I’ve been complaining for ages that replica sites are horribly executed, but this one is the exception to the rule, featuring a clean, beautiful design that makes it easy to browse and shop. The images of the Panerai replica they have posted online look legit and decent, but for some reason the watch looks less smooth and quite grainy for me. I have no major complaints to address, except the fact that overall they could have focused on the details a little bit more. Next stop, we have Timescopy.cn which sells the same PAM616 for a pretty steep €800. Sadly, the pictures reveal a pretty bland copy (to be fair they aren’t exactly too Photoshopped or made to look good through additional means) that appears to be a far-fetched imitation. I would definitely stay away from this website. Moving on, we arrive on Iswiss.co which isn’t so welcoming as Replicafer.com, on the contrary. The website looks cheap and feels cheap, but the images of the product appear to be depicting the item in-stock. If that’s the case, it really seems this website could actually be offering a pretty nice Swiss fake Panerai for sale. Mowatches.cn is another semi-shady website which is offering imitation Panerai watches, the PAM616 being among them. I have ordered from here before and I was pretty disappointed like in the case of my Tag Heuer watch which arrived without a working button on the clasp. Granted, the Panerai fake looks pretty decent in the images uploaded online, but for me that’s not enough guarantee to go ahead and purchase from these folks again. The Bottom Line I’m still waiting on one of my favorite replica websites, perfectwatches to bring this Panerai replica in, but if they don’t I will probably put off buying this model until a more reliable website starts selling it. I suggest you don’t rush into this either.
  6. I’ve been devoting a lot of blogging space to Rolexes these days, which just goes to show that my quest for the best Rolex replica is tirelessly ongoing. This week I’m going to be sharing with you this iWatchMen.com review which talks about my latest replica Rolex Day Date purchase. I’ve been feeling a bit flamboyant as of late, so this time I choose to acquire a flashy, full diamond-clad Day Date – a watch that’s puts you in the spotlight instantly. While searching for a place where to buy this particular watch from, I stumbled upon this website which immediately drew my attention due to its unfortunate name. Even now as I think about it, I can’t help but laugh as I imagine the voyeuristic staff at iWatchMen.com wrap and ship out my Rolex replica. Quality: Are These Watches Any Good? This blingy replica Rolex Day Date should look expensive with all the fancy diamonds attached to the face and strap, but just taking a quick look at it reveals an awful truth – it looks pretty cheap. You can easily spot it’s a fake, the zirconium diamonds look pretty dusty, not sparky and lively like they should. On top of that, the day and date don’t work at all, but on the bright side of things, the Japanese watch does keep the time right. The day and date windows are just horrible and overall this watch proves to be a very kitsch addition to my Rolex collection. I’m quite disappointed – I knew I was taking a chance buying this ostentatious watch, but I decided to go with the flow and worry about the repercussions later. Quite a bad move from my part, I reckon. Not the best Rolex replica I ever stumbled upon. The Site: Usability and Design I have to admit, the site’s silly name is what drew me in, in the first place. I wonder if this is some sort of wacky marketing campaign of some sort? I mean who would consciously name their website iWatchMen.com? Seriously, you must be a little sick upstairs to do that in my humble opinion. Nevertheless, as my iWatchMen.com review proves without the shadow of a doubt, this page virtual shop exists and is taking orders as we speak. Actually it’s not the worse webpage I’ve come across lately. They keep everything clean and simple and I think that’s the best strategy for a business that doesn’t have so many resources to invest in web design. You can browse via brand or using the search bar located in the top right corner, so it’s quite simple to get acquainted with the products offered for sale. Images of the product are watermarked with watcheslight@hotmail.com and “Powered by www.ReplicaWatchesSold.com” which indicates this website has gone through a few name changes ever since it was setup. Is It Fast and Reliable? They claim you should expect your package to arrive at your door step within 7 to 15 days and interestingly enough my Rolex replica arrived quite fast, in less than 2 weeks. I’m going to give them some free points in this iWatchMen.com review for their fast delivery service. Return Policy: Is It Reasonable? Now if you have a problem or a question you will need to write these guys an email, because there’s no live chat option you can use. I sent an email complaining about the bat date and day window and they were pretty responsive and replied with a day. However, I don’t think I have any chances of getting my watch refunded. After all, the mechanism works and the watch is capable of keeping time in a decent fashion. The website claims that in case you are unhappy with your product (for whatever reason) exchange or a full refund is guaranteed. But I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to bald remarks like this. I’m still waiting for the reply to see if I can get my money back on this piece, at the time of the writing of this iWatchMen.com review. The Bottom Line I must stress out that despite the horrible name choice, this website does provide decent customer service and doesn’t take to look in shipping your products. To conclude this iWatchMen.com review I have to say I only wish their products would have been a bit better. Granted the Rolex replica I picked features a larger than life design which isn’t so easy to replicate, so maybe I should try purchasing from these guys a more classical model.
  7. Those who read my blog know me for my Rolex herding obsession, but recently looking through my replica collection I noticed the lack of Audemars Piquet knockoffs. I’ll be talking about one of my first Audemars Piquet Royal Oak offshore replica, which I ordered from a website I did business with before and came out of the experience pleasantly impressed. Quality: Are These Watches Any Good? I decided to order off this website because I knew they usually provide good quality products. I know this first hand, because I’ve ordered from them several times and every time the watches were eloquent reproductions of the original models. The exact model I got is the Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph which features a rose gold, titanium case and sapphire back. As you can see from the images, the watch looks quite stunning and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Apart from its gorgeous looks, the watch’s mechanism runs smoothly and even if I just started wearing the watch I have a good feeling things won’t go sour. Nevertheless, I’m going to have to wait to give the final verdict, until a few months pass-by, so I’m going to rate this fake watch as a semi-perfect replica.
  8. The Best Replica Breitling Bentley Watches collection has already been bigger with a brand new Tag MIRE style produced within the unique conventional nature from the Breitling Organization. The brand new Breitling Replica Watches has a mechanised intricacy based on a number of hundreds of years associated with invaluable horological knowledge. The brand new Replica Breitling For Bentley Watches Mark VI Complications 29 is a true marvel of miniaturization. Just not many grasp watchmakers tend to be expertised sufficient every single child produce wrist watches from the exact same intricacy degree. The actual advanced Breitling chronograph composed regarding 500 components. Whilst right here offers an additional fashionable style Breitling Replica Watches I'd like in order to expose for you. The actual Breitling Avenger Replica Watches is actually installed along with stainless situation as well as real leather-based music group. An excellent function of the Best Replica Breitling Avenger may be the 2 sculpt bezel. The actual azure as well as red-colored bezel is actually spectacular. Therefore simple to capture people’s interest. The actual vibrant vibrant Breitling Chronomat B01 Replica Watches equips quartz multifunction motion home, stainless situation as well as real leather-based music group together with water-resistant perform as much as 3ATM. Whilst following I'd like in order to expose an additional awesome Replica Breitling Chronomat B01 Watches for you. This particular beautiful Breitling AA+ Duplicating View is actually unique because of its colours. This utilizes colour coordinating ability: view call is actually coordinated along with red-colored as well as azure, the actual music group can also be azure within colour, along with other components is actually metallic. Therefore simple to capture people’s interest. The actual vibrant vibrant Replica Breitling Superocean Watches equips quartz multifunction motion home, stainless situation as well as real leather-based music group together with water-resistant perform as much as 3ATM. Will it capture your own eye? Go aside quickly! Beautiful Vibrant Breitling Transocean Replica Standards: Quartz multifunction motion property/Japanese source associated with movement/Stainless metal situation material/Genuine leather-based band/Strong capability to avoid drinking water. This particular Quality Replicas Breitling duplicate unique manufacturer view is very luxurious as well as suited to males. Whenever you going to a gathering or even celebration, allow it to end up being your own wise friend. Overall, a pleasant Breitling Replica Watches along with top quality. This particular view is actually this type of awesome as well as good looking watch. Right now the actual Breitling Fake Watches can be obtained upon the on the internet watches shop. As well as with regard to much more AA+ low cost Copy watches.
  9. Maybe my father would like this one.
  10. Innovation is an essential part of every prestigious watch brand. It is not enough to create one or two timeless designs, but you always need to present novelties to your audience and keep their interest fired up. But creating revolutionary timepiece is not an easy thing. Always constructing complicated mechanism and developing functional complications are very tricky things. Instead, luxury designers prefer to bring aesthetic upgrades to their most appreciated models. By improving the quality of the materials, adding a few color accents or a few touches of bling you can really reinvent an iconic watch. This is just what IWC did a couple of years ago at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie when it reinterpreted its classic Ingenieur in 10 different versions. The models were presented in different sizes, from a 40 mm case to a 46 mm one. There were also some very interesting material and functional upgrades that have awaken everyone’s attention for this extremely famous timepiece. IWC’s decision of reviving the Ingenieur in 2013 was genius. The new version kept the basic features of the original Ingenieur launched back in 1976. At that time, this model wasn’t received with enthusiasm by watches collectors. It was sold only in 1,000 pieces in its firs eight years of production. But this low demand wasn’t actually its fault. It was rather the result of the economic factors . The watch was introduced right in the middle of the quartz crisis when people were preferring slim and small watches whereas this model was a bulky anti-magnetic instrument. There was only a small niche that was attracted by the Ingenieur and its distinctive utility kept it on the market as a tool for professionals. The new IWC Ingenieur is available in 3 different variations and this are- one with a silver dial, silver hands and hour markings, one with a silver dial, rose gold hands and hour markings and another one with a black dial. The latter one is the most successful version, probably because it is the most similar to the first Ingenieur. It is also my favorite. The IWC Ingenieur with black dial comes with a 40 mm case diameter and has a 10 mm thickness. Another similarity to the original design is the fact that the bracelet is integrated in the case. The metallic bezel is fixed onto the case by using 5 screws that are distributed as to form a pentagon shape…yes, you have probably guessed it, just like on the first IWC Ingenieur. Most likely, the newest design touch of this contemporary version is the triangular crown guards positioned on the right side of the case. The dial also present some upgrades. By adding three concentric raised rings, IWC has accentuated the modern look of its new Ingenieur. The first ring includes the Ingenieur name and company’s logo, the second ring has polished glow in the dark hour markers and the third(exterior) one features the minutes indexes. Over this sleek dial there is a domed scratch proof sapphire crystal. The watch comes with a solid stainless steel bracelet that is integrated in the case and is fitted with a deployment clasp that has two release pushers on the sides. Furthermore, it is a superior anti magnetic device that can endure up to 40,000 amperes per meter. To offer high accuracy and durability, the modern IWC Ingenieur is boosted by an impressive ETA 2892 self-winding mechanical movement. This extremely precise mechanism offers a 42 hours power reserve, is incredibly reliable and easy to service. The IWC Ingenieur is currently a legend among contemporary timepieces. Its prestige and history are outmatched only by its attractive design, superior precision and durability. It is the timepiece that has challenged and defeated the most difficult obstacles in the evolution of watchmaking. Now, it represents a much sought after model that is sold for over $15,000.
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