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  1. The 2016 Grand Prix de Monaco Historique just wrapped up, with drivers and automobile fans brought together for another fund competition featuring exceptional vintage racing cars. Since 2002, Chopard has served as sponsor and official timekeeper of the biennial Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. As such, Chopard always dedicates a special timepiece (or two) to the prestigious race. Presented here are the two 2016 Grand Prix de Monaco Historique race editions by Chopard. Wonderful Watches Replica Replica with great materials, colors and strap options! Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2016 Case material aside, both pieces share several racing-inspired design elements: pushers shaped like engine pistons, a grey bezel with a tachymetric scale, and a screwed caseback engraved with the Automobile Club de Monaco logo secured with specially designed screws that are reminiscent of bolts. The silver-toned, snailed dial is enlivened by the darker-tone grey and silver-toned chronograph counters and blue hands, while the minute ring is punctuated by applied hour-markers featuring the collection’s characteristic arrow shape. Two interchangeable straps are included: a beautiful perforated Barenia calfskin strap with orange or blue accent stitching, and a grey NATO strap bearing orange or blue racing stripes for a more relaxed style. On a related note — Chopard will also again partner with another major racing event, the annual Mille Miglia, in Italy. In addition to serving as world sponsor and official timekeeper of the vintage car rally, Chopard has launched the newest limited edition Watch Replica in the Mille Miglia timepiece collection – the Mille Miglia 2016 XL Race Edition. We’ll take a look at this new piece, very soon.
  2. Omega is special among the watch makers because it was the first timepiece in history to make a landing on the moon. If that’s not an incentive for customers to purchase an Omega, I don’t know what is. So this week I got me a new Omega replica watch to review, in an attempt to follow the footpaths of the first lunar explorers. Quality: Are These Watches Any Good? I found this super-cheap replica website ironically called ReplicaWatchReport.co that sells extremely affordable Omega imitation watches. Where is the originality, guys? Putting that aside, you must understand why I was compelled to order from these guys. I just couldn’t skip over them given the name. So I found a Speedmaster clone that looked good and pushed the Add to Cart button. At first I was impressed by the looks of the Omega replica watch, as it seemed like the manufacturer took quite a lot of care in reproducing all the details the original took advantage of. But after a few weeks of wearing it, I noticed that the crown was becoming loose and I could no longer utilize it to set the current time and date. So my conclusion is that loss of functionality in my Japanese fake trumps the good looks of the watch. Sorry, ReplicaWatchReport! The Site: Usability and Design The site is pretty cluttered and unexpressive. I don’t like the fact that the product page doesn’t feature images of the real life products: it’s a big red flag. The search function located on the top right works horribly, so if you want to find a particular model your best shot is to browse by brand. It’s not an ideal place to go looking for good quality replica Omega watches Shipping: Is It Fast and Reliable? Like in the case of many Omega imitation watches websites, I had to pay an additional $20 to get my product delivered to me. ReplicaWatchReport requests buyers to check the package upon delivery, in order to make sure the parcel wasn’t damaged in transit. All fine and dandy but I had to wait 4 weeks to get my hands on the Omega replica watch and given the fact that I’ve also paid out of my pocket for delivery, I’m not satisfied. Return Policy: Is It Reasonable? Naturally given that my crown had almost fallen off, I wanted a replacement. So I contacted the folks over at ReplicaWatchReport (via email, there’s no live chat feature) and to my surprise their answer was quite swift and to the point. They don’t accept returns of worn products. So I asked for an exchange instead. They accept exchange request within 14 days of the original order dispatch date. To this day I’m still waiting for the second Omega replica watch to arrive. The Bottom Line Is your goal finding good quality replica Omega watches? You’re not going to be finding them here, sadly. While these products look fairly nice, they won’t last you too much, which is a shame really. The prices are low enough, but that doesn’t justify the existence of an Omega replica watch you can only wear a few weeks.
  3. One reason why original luxury timepieces have gained the notoriety they enjoy today is their extreme durability. Designer watchers are well known for their capability of lasting for a life time, even more. But what about replica watches? This Watchreport Special post aims to deal with this topic, since it’s quite an important aspect to take into consideration when purchasing a replica watch. Now the readers of Watchreport know I’m pretty blunt – so here goes: you can’t expect the replica to last forever. The real truth is that no matter how good the quality is or how high the price tag is; an imitation watch cannot last as long as the original one. That applies to products purchased from legit replica sites. So the question I want to try to answer here is how durable can we expect a replica watch to be? How many years can you expect it to work? There are fake watch companies that void saying for how many years their replicas are expected to last. They will say something among the lines “approximately as durable as the original ones.” Well don’t fall in this trap. Let me tell you that a replica watch will most likely last from a couple of month to 3-5 years depending on how much you actually paid for it. The really poor ones that do not have any quality control whatsoever might arrive broken or will break in a couple of months. The decent quality fakes with a Japanese mechanism should last for about 2-3 years or even longer (if you’re lucky). On the other hand, the Swiss made replica watches have a longer life span of 3 to 6 years. Another thing I want to include in this Watchreport special, is the fact that once you get the watch you will be required to care for it. An automatic watch needs to be serviced once every one or two years even if it came from one of the legit replica sites. There’s no way going around it. Again, I have to re-state this – don’t forget about warranty. Usually, Japanese replicas come with a 6-month warranty, while Swiss replicas come with a 12-month warranty. So don’t shop with an online merchant that doesn’t offer this option. Just keep looking, the best replica websites are not selling timepieces without warranties. The bottom line is that a replica is meant to look good, as close as possible to the real thing and tell decent time. Replicas are not meant to lifetime, but only a few years. That’s normal considering that you are spending only a few hundred dollars on them and the real deals can be up to 1000 times more expensive. You really have to be realistic here, it will help you from getting your hopes up. In conclusion of this Watchreport special I have to warn you again – don’t go purchasing a replica expecting it will last forever and ever. Rather focusing on getting a high-quality knockoff, fully knowing the product’s life span is pretty limited.
  4. It’s been a while since I have discussed an Omega replica and given that the brand is one of my favorites when it comes to luxury timekeeping, in this RichardWatches.com review I’m going to be focusing on one. I purchased a replica Seamaster with a brown dial two tone and I was pretty excited to get my hands on it, since I was looking forward to adding a new classic-looking model to my collection. I was pretty hopeful about my Omega replica, but as it turns out being enthusiastic about something is totally overrated these days. Let me explain why I’ve reached this bitter conclusion. Quality: Are These Watches Any Good? I’ll kick start this RichardWatches.com review by saying that I’ve stumbled upon a yet pretty shabby website selling all kinds of replica luxury watches. One replica Seamaster caught my attention and I decided it should be mine. So I waited for it to be delivered. When it did arrive, I was happy to take notice that, at first glance, the timepiece seemed to look pretty ok. However, at a closer inspection I found a few faults. For example, look at the date display, directly at the numbers. They should be centered in the window and on this Omega replica they aren’t really. Next stop, I pulled the stem out to adjust the time. The second hand on a real one will stop, when you do this, so you can set the watch to the second. But many of the fakes don’t offer this option and that’s the case with my replica Seamaster. Can’t stay I wasn’t expecting this. However, the most shocking part of it all is that after a short while of rocking it on my wrist, I notice that the hour and date marker (you can see it at the bottom) had gone loose inside, an aspect which I find totally unacceptable. So I will have to say pass to this watch. The Site: Usability and Design Interestingly enough, I have to reveal in this RichardWatches.com review that the website isn’t the worse website I stumbled upon, not by a long shot. It’s pretty clean and straightforward and you can find your desired watch in no time. You can browse either by brand or using the search bar located in the top right corner. One thing I don’t understand is why they chose to name their website RichardWatches. Maybe Richard was an important guy in the history of the company and they wanted to pay tribute to him somehow? Who knows really? Pictures aren’t watermarked, but they seem to be depicting products that are in-stock nevertheless. They also provide you with enough images to get an idea of the product you’re buying. Shipping: Is It Fast and Reliable? It took a considerable amount of effort to actually place the order with these folks. The website is on and off and if you’re unlucky it will display the German version by default preventing you from actually understanding anything without having to involve good, old Google Translate. So I got my package after a hefty 2 week wait. They state on the website that the watch is shipped out after 2-3 days since payment has been received, but I swear I spotted somewhere the information saying it takes up to 7 days to ship to the US. Return policy: Is It Reasonable? Guess what? Their website doesn’t state anything about the return policy. Since there’s no Live Chat feature either, I just wrote them an email and hoped for the best. Actually, I don’t have any hopes of seeing a refund for this watch. Another one bites the dust. The Bottom Line To conclude this rant about RichardWatches.com review I have to say kudos for the decent website. Replica watch makers often tend to forget about this aspect, but for me it’s a very big deal. I don’t want to be visually horrified when purchasing my replica watch, nor do I wish to spend an eternity zeroing in on the model.
  5. I have written a SolidSwiss.Cd review a while ago, in an attempt to warn consumers about this website which has been exquisitely crafted to dazzle Rolex replica seekers, but sadly turns out to be one of the most professionally concocted scams on the Internet. Incidentally, one of my readers recently wrote me an email in which he shares his experience regarding trying to purchase a Rolex fake from this guys. In what follows you’ll see Mohammed reinforces my initial opinion that the SolidSwiss.Cd guys are trying to do some shady business and you need to keep as far as possible from them. “I started to google more site and try to discover if I can find super high end quality .. And Google led me to some web sites like best replica & solidswiss … First I surprised about the web site quality (best replica) web site .. And started to order one Rolex … For 1249$ … Then after 1 day from my order and before sending money by western union .. I discovered another web site .. 90% similar to best replica web site but called (Solid Swiss). And the story started like below: I found the same watch for 1199$ + 30% discount !!! Normally and everyone in my place who will look for a competitive price … I will go for this second web site (Solid Swiss). So again … Ignored my first order with best replica & and ordered again with solid Swiss! And guess what happened?! The sales man of the first web site (best replica) who was contacting me all the day to transfer the money! He sends me a message saying the below: What are you doing ? why you ordering from another site now? we run all the clone sites; so now I am canceling both orders as you’re playing games. And he was forcing me to buy from the higher price web site .. And canceled both my orders !!! With such rude and in professional behavior I think these guy who are the ones who play games and not seems trustful site !!! I liked to share my story for everyone who will pass and read it .. Regards to all.” Thank you, Mohammed for sharing with us your story, I am truely hoping you guys will pay attention to what he said in his email. This is not the first I have received negative feedback about this webshop and in my earlier SolidSwiss.Cd review I shared with you the experiences of some watch enthusiasts who by common occurrence ordered a replica Rolex Daytona model. They turned out to be barely usable. If you have been reading my reviews, you’ve probably picked up on one thing – I keep complaining about how bad Rolex replica website are (or just fake watches websites in general), but SolidWiss.Cd is sneaky. They have invested in compelling web design which quickly catches the eye of the consumer. On top of that, their watches are sold for pretty steep prices ranging above $1,000. For example, the replica Rolex Daytona will cost you around $1,500 – therefore you can’t call these watches affordable. Given the elevate price range, buyers might be prompted to think that they are dealing with a high-end replica models. However, as this SolidSwiss.Cd review reveals the sad truth is that they are not. What’s really going on in here is that these guys are trying to tap into a mirage that replica watch enthusiasts are chasing – the perfect Rolex replica. While many people buying within the replica industry have learned their lesson – never trust uber cheap fake watch sellers – the focus has now shifted towards more expensive replicas. I’m coming back to reinforce my earlier SolidSwiss.Cd review because I’m applauded of how these people are trying do business. By relying on a lot of fancy photos and gibberish text that seems all-to-accurate, this website is covering up for the lack of true quality products. I am not sure what exactly they are trying to pull, because word flies quickly, but I hope they won’t be around for long. As I said in my last SolidSwiss.Cd review, please do yourself a solid favor skip this website and hopefully you can forget completely having stumbled upon it in the first place.
  6. Most of us, including myself have turned to the fake watch industry to avoid the premium prices imposed by the world’s greatest luxury watch manufacturers. Basically when we purchase a replica we tend to focus on the advantages, without taking into consideration that many things could go wrong. Sadly, as I have shown you on my blog repeatedly there’s a dark side of fake watch buying and I think we should talk about that. Nothing last forever and certainly a replica isn’t the exception to the rule. That’s why you should purchase a copy watch fully-expecting for the watch to stop working after a couple of months (if you’re truly unlucky) or maybe one or five years from now. Unlike genuine watches, the counterfeit products don’t have such a long life expectancy cycle. Now, the question is, when the inevitable happens – what should you do? First off, if the fake watch breaks only after a few months (it happened to me numerous times) at least you’ll know you are dealing with a terrible company that sells low quality products and you shouldn’t purchase anything from them ever again. On the other hand, if your Rolex replica (your best chance of getting a good quality fake) breaks after a very long time then you should contact the company you purchased from at once and see if the replica is still under warranty and if they can service it. From my experience, the longest guaranty you can get is up to 2 years for a Swiss model. If the Rolex replica is still under warranty it means it can still be serviced. If not, then the you should enquire whether the company can repair it for a certain fee. It’s the best ideas to have the watch fixed by the same company that produced it in the first place, but most manufactures don’t offer this option. Be sure to check the warranty of the replica watch, before you submit your order. A fake watch that comes with a longer warranty is more likely to feature better quality than timepieces sold by companies that do no mention offering any kind of warranty. It doesn’t matter whether you have spent your cash on a Cartier replica or a Breitling one, you must remember one thing: under no circumstance should you ask an authorized dealer to repair your watch. Chances are you’re going to get your fake confiscated, so you better stay away from them. What you can do is take the watch to an independent repairs shop, the one you can easily find in street markets and shipping malls. These shops are only interested in getting the job done and attracting as many customers as possible, so they won’t ask any questions. Anyway, to ensure that your Cartier replica or Tag Heuer one lives a long, fulfilling life alongside your wrist, you must be sure to take really good care of it. Even if it’s just a fake watch, it still needs to be serviced every one or two years. For example, the gears need to be oiled and you should take precautions and protect it from any kind of water exposure or vibrations, as they can damage the inside mechanism.
  7. Rolex replicas are usually quite cheap, but have you ever wondered how low can a fake watch actually sell for? Well this ForbCopies.com review aims to answer this question. Usually I keep clear of websites that have products selling for ridiculously low-price tags. You get what you pay for and you shouldn’t expect something more, right? However, I was pretty intrigued by ForbCopies.com and their extremely affordable items. The website is selling lots of models inspired from the most iconic watch makers in the industry. What baffled me is that most of the products are priced under $100. I don’t think I have stumbled on a website that has this affordable price tag policy, before so I had to take a shot and see what they could offer for such low remuneration rates. Quality: Are These Watches Any Good? This time I ordered a Rolex Yacht-master model it a rubber strap band. What I got was a pretty low-end replica Rolex watch that takes advantage of a Japanese movement on the inside. I have to point out in my ForbCopies.com review that at least these guys are honest. The pictures depicting the products on their website reveal pretty clumsy models. It’s obvious from the images they aren’t placing a big emphasis on details. Which, as I mentioned above, isn’t a big shocker. The watch has been working pretty well so far, with one important exception: the almighty clasp. It’s extremeley low quality (as you can see in the images) and now after only a few weeks of wearing it I can no longer click it shut. It’s pretty disappointing since now I can’t use it anymore. Needless to day I’ll have to go through the tedious task of contacting customer support.
  8. Rolex replicas are usually quite cheap, but have you ever wondered how low can a fake watch actually sell for? Well this ForbCopies.com review aims to answer this question. Usually I keep clear of websites that have products selling for ridiculously low-price tags. You get what you pay for and you shouldn’t expect something more, right? However, I was pretty intrigued by ForbCopies.com and their extremely affordable items. The website is selling lots of models inspired from the most iconic watch makers in the industry. What baffled me is that most of the products are priced under $100. I don’t think I have stumbled on a website that has this affordable price tag policy, before so I had to take a shot and see what they could offer for such low remuneration rates. Quality: Are These Watches Any Good? This time I ordered a Rolex Yacht-master model it a rubber strap band. What I got was a pretty low-end replica Rolex watch that takes advantage of a Japanese movement on the inside. I have to point out in my ForbCopies.com review that at least these guys are honest. The pictures depicting the products on their website reveal pretty clumsy models. It’s obvious from the images they aren’t placing a big emphasis on details. Which, as I mentioned above, isn’t a big shocker. The watch has been working pretty well so far, with one important exception: the almighty clasp. It’s extremeley low quality (as you can see in the images) and now after only a few weeks of wearing it I can no longer click it shut. It’s pretty disappointing since now I can’t use it anymore. Needless to day I’ll have to go through the tedious task of contacting customer support. Usability and Design ForbCobies.com relies on the barely minimal, in terms of design. Why of course it does, since we’re dealing with a replica web shop that sells bargains. You can browse by brand and there’s also a search bar in the upper middle area, in case you have a specific model in mind. The design is alright overall; I’ve seen far worse. As I mentioned above, they are pretty upfront about what’s on offer: low-range replica watches like the Rolex Yacht-master I just got that can be yours at super affordable price-tags. Service: Is Their Staff Any Good? Moving on with my ForbCopies.com review, you need to know there’s no live chat option to take advantage of. So the only way to get in touch with them if you have a problem is via email. Prepare to wait long and hard before you get a reply. Isn’t that wonderful? Return Policy: Is It Reasonable? You need to send an email describing your problem in 14 days since you received your pack. They claim to reply to your request in 24 hours, but I have to wait nearly a week. So much for promises. Finally, they answered me and promised they will replace the strap. I send back the item but received no news on the development of the situation. The Bottom Line I didn’t have big expectation for such dirt cheap watches, but in the end I still became quite annoyed I couldn’t wear my $100 watch. But to be frank at the end of this ForbCopies.com review – ordering this Rolex replica watch was just an experiment, I don’t recommend you to replicate.
  9. Panerai for SIHH 2016 revealed the PAM 662 replica watch , a special edition based on a model made by Replica Panerai for sale the Egyptian Navy. For a long time die hard fans of the brand have wanted a modern iteration. Signor Bonatti granted them their wish. We review the PAM 662 Radiomir 1940 Special Edition replica watch based on the vintage “Egiziano Piccolo”. Now onto the 2016 special edition. The case of PAM 662 Radiomir 1940 Special Edition replica watch is 47mm and is made from stainless steel. Its case shape is known as the Radiomir 1940 as it marks the transition from the wire lugged Radiomir from 1936 to the fixed lugged Luminor 1950 shape with the iconic crown guard. The “brown” dial is the draw card for this Panerai Radiomir 1940 replica watch. Technically its a shade of brown, you may be tempted to say tobacco but it isn’t. The dial color was designed to look like vintage Panerai timepieces, with dials that have faded. Now for a usual vintgae wristwatch the dial on the PAM 662 Radiomir 1940 Special Edition replica watch fades due to sunlight exposure and moisture. For vintage Panerai dials these factors may have attributed to the dial fading somewhat but it was more likely due to the luminous material of radium based paint used on the hands and numerals on the dial. In addition to the faded colour dial, Panerai PAM 662 Radiomir 1940 Special Edition replica watch has used Superluminova that looks like it has patinaed for the hands, the 12, 3, 6 and 9 hour numerals and markers. on the dial. The Superluminova has been painted onto the dial so there is no “Sandwich” dial like on other Panerais replica watch. Just like the vintage 6154, the PAM 662 Radiomir 1940 Special Edition replica watch has a knurled crown sans crown guard with the OP logo and instead of sapphire crystal, Plexiglass has been used and sits higher up from the bezel. The Panerai replica watch comes on a dark brown leather strap with the stitching color matching the dial markers.
  10. Since so many of you guys have asked me about it, here’s the long awaited iSwiss.co review. We’re going to take a closer look at their fake IWC collection amongst other things, since I noticed an increased demand for these watches lately. Although they will never be as popular as Rollies for example, it’s great to see that I’m not the only one who appreciates a great IWC replica watch when he sees one. And that’s the claim here – only high quality Swiss replicas. Well, let’s go ahead and see if they do have the products to prove it. Swiss.co Review – Design & Usability The website doesn’t look bad. Not great, but not that bad, either. It has a honest look about it, although they could remove the Christmas hat from their logo since it’s March. Kidding aside, there’s a lot of room for improvement, but the website looks decent for a replica seller. You can find all their available brands listed (almost) alphabetically on the left part of the screen. But you won’t find only replica watch collections there, you’ll also find some accessories, which is very interesting since I don’t remember seeing anything like this before. But I’ll discuss it in depth later on. You can see they have some “different” products by looking just under their banners. You’ll see a lot of watches posted there alongside accessories and whatnot. Consistency is good. Even though pictures are not taken from the exact same angle and over the same background, my experience tells me they’re taken out of their own stock sort of speak. Also, getting around the website shouldn’t be that hard, since most of their available replica brands are split into categories. Not many filters once there, but still, you should be able to find whatever is that you’re looking for relatively fast. You can find various policies at the bottom of the page and this is where things get a little funny and by funny I mean both amusing and shady at the same time. Most information is unhelpful and written in Chinglish, the love child of English and Chinese languages. But language barriers aside, the information is not helpful. For example, I was looking for some info on their return policy and the only thing I could find is something like “you’ll be satisfied by our watches, but in case you won’t, you can return it”. Good to know, but how about a timeframe or something? iSwiss.co Review – Replica Brands & Range iSwiss has a nice assortment of brands going one, but they obviously focus their attention on the bigger brands, such as Rollies, fake IWC and so on. You won’t get an infinite number of variations for a model, but still, you have where to choose. Since I chose the fake IWC collection for this review, let’s take the IWC Big Pilot replica as an example. I found about 15 variations, whereas sites like watchjust will certainly have over 50 variations which is absurd and borderline confusing. As far as quality goes, all watches here are fitted with Swiss movements, or so they claim. But that’s not the case, I found an IWC Big Pilot replica selling for $299 and specs said it was a high quality Japanese movement. As long as they write the correct specs, I see no problem selling a few Japanese quality fakes amongst others, but the problem is with “Swiss” replicas selling for the same price. Putting it nicely, I’d say that’s rather confusing. And before I forget, these guys also sell franken watches, genuine movements and genuine parts like hands, stems, bezels and so on. A very interesting example is this IWC chronograph movement below. iSwiss.co Review – Fake IWC Quality Let’s have a look at not one IWC replica watch, but two – Big Pilot and an IWC Portuguese replica. I’ve chosen Swiss quality because despite their somewhat deceitful claims, that’s the most interesting aspect of this review. You can get Asian replicas in from a million different places, but only few turn out to be legitimate replica watch sites when it comes to Swiss movements. If these specs were indeed true, I’d say this fake IWC is a very interesting watch. It’s great to see they tell us exactly what kind of movement goes inside it but again, not completely sure about how legitimate these specs are, considering the somewhat low price. In the case of this IWC Portuguese replica we don’t get any movement info, except it’s Swiss as well. Again, not completely sure about their origin because I don’t know how much profit they make with these low-ish prices. I probably forgot to mention, but it took a while to find the website. If you google “iswiss”, there’s nothing there. Funny thing is that amongst those results, you’ll see solidswiss.cd, bestreplica.sr and even some genuine watches sellers. iSwiss.co Review – The Fold There’s no doubt that a Swiss replica or a replica equipped with a Swiss movement has a more “genuine” feel to it, even if it’s just the placebo effect. However, as you can see, getting the real deal is tricky, whether it’s a fake IWC, Rollie or whatever you can think of. I hope you’ll find my iSwiss.co review useful so until next time, don’t forget to check out my replica watches reviews.
  11. The Breitling Navitimer replica watch was designed to help pilots coordinate time and navigation. The pilot’s replica watch was equipped with a built-in circular slide rule that let pilots calculate critical measurements such as fuel consumption, drift angle and ground speed with- out carrying a slide rule into the cockpit. The Navitimer replica watch made it easier to perform calculations in-flight and ensured that a slide rule was always close at hand. The larger dial on this best replica watch naturally offers better legibility: the slide rule has bigger numerals that are easier to read. And it’s easier to operate the slide rule on the larger replica watch. But the scales and contrasting subdials show so much data, the wearer may have trouble deciphering it all, even on the larger dial. At night, the luminous material on the hour and minutes hands, together with small luminous dots at the ends of the indexes and a double luminous dot at the 12, provide some legibility, but there isn’t enough luminous substance on the dial for easy nighttime reading. The large replica Navitimer’s dial is available with indexes only, not numerals.
  12. I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that fake Cartier watches are some of the most beautiful timepieces around. There’s a balance in each design element that other brands simply don’t have. As you may very well know, Cartier started as a jewelry maker and they were really good at it, having a high demand from royalty all over the world. The fact that Cartier (still) makes high end jewelry shows in their timepieces. Besides the balance, there are a lot of elements that make them unique. But what about fake Cartier watches? Well, if we’re talking about A1 replicas, not the cheapest of the cheap ones, most of these elements can be seen as well. Don’t expect a Ronde Tourbillon replica or a perpetual calendar with skeletonized dial to look exactly like an original, but nevertheless, they don’t look bad. Actually, they don’t look bad at all, most people don’t get a chance to see one up close and I don’t want to be mean here, but if your friends own such high end watches and you’re afraid they’ll know you’re wearing a fake, don’t be a cheapskate and go buy the original, you afford it! But enough chit chat, let’s get down to business! Here are my top 3 picks for fake Cartier watches, in no specific order. Cartier Santos Replica The Santos was Louis Cartier first attempt at creating a wristwatch and he presented it as a gift to his good friend Alberto Santos Dumont, a Brazilian aviation pioneer in the early 1900s. Anyway, it’s a beautiful design with lots of history and one of the best known and easy recognizable models out there. This one, by the way, is a fake Cartier Santos Dumont watch, don’t mistake it with the Santos 100 replica. The most notable differences are the bezel screws and the crown guard on the 100. You can see why this baby made it to my top 3. It’s such a crisp looking watch, while still maintaining some class and stylish looks. Really simple, minimalistic design with only hour and minute hands, which give an interesting contrast with white dial and roman numerals. The stone on the crown is the same shade of blue and completes the fully brushed stainless steel case. The great part about not having a seconds hands is that others can’t tell if it’s an automatic or battery ran watch. Can you guess which is it? I’ll tell you, it’s quartz operated. Despite this and the smaller size compared to many of my other watches, the weight is surprisingly good.
  13. Omega watches are one of the largest counterfeit Swiss watches, fake watches, but for all that I have seen in the highest level of fraud, some really high imitation watches immersive. Omega Seamaster Replica Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet 600 meter diving watch: bright orange GMT and GMT scale central pointer on the dial on the bezel can clear indication. Omega Seamaster Replica Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” black ceramic watch: design makes this table recall accompany astronauts to the moon Omega Seamaster Replica Speedmaster in all six lunar landing mission, I believe in the super fans will set off a firestorm. Basel this year after re-layout of the new exhibition hall exhibits a very significant group of posture, position, every inch of One Pavilion area, the Omega Seamaster Replica pavilion very imposing three ranked in the heart of the land, which shows in the group as well as the importance of the entire Swiss watch industry. Omega Seamaster Replica coaxial movement history as the most important, have a huge impact on the entire watch industry, technological breakthroughs, its advertising in the Best Omega Seamaster Replica pavilion is very eye-catching. Omega Seamaster Replica on this table show introduced eight new series of products, including Constellation Sedna watch case using a new alloy, it is beautiful; 57 is equipped with the most advanced coaxial time movement, but also draw inspiration from the first Speedmaster watches, the reproduction of the classic design. This time, the topic of most Palestinian exhibition, the most compelling product than the omega seamaster aqua terra replica 15000 gauss watch, which is the world’s first mechanical watch truly magnetic properties, will become important in the history of clocks and watches.
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