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  1. I get asked quite a lot to write about Cartier watches. So, I decided it’s time to do it. One of the watches I wrote about before, owned by some of my friends, the Cartier Caliber replica is an unexpected release from the house of Cartier. I have come back with a more detailed review of this Cartier replica. These replicas I am going to show you below, belong to one of my friends. When he decided to get a Cartier replica, he came to me for advice. Once his order arrived, he liked it so much that he also get a white dial one as well. I must say that I really like the design of the Caliber. It’s bulky, masculine and casual, just what I appreciate in a watch. Most Cartier watches have a more elegant, jewel-like look. This one has a sporty feel given by the bigger dial, the sturdy bezel and the strap. Cartier released the Cartier Caliber for the men that appreciate both a good design and the mechanical movements. The first Caliber was released in 2010 and targeted the men’s “sports” market. The mechanical movements were all made in-house. With this range of watches, Cartier has finally aligned to the competitors that offer timepieces entirely created in-house. Even though the watch has a sportier, more casual look when compared to other Cartier watches, it still reminds a lot of Cartier. The blue sapphire cabochon most definitely reminds of a Cartier timepiece. The dial features big roman numerals and an oversized 12 on the upper half and stick markers on the lower side. The subsidiary seconds dial somehow balances the oversized 12. The expanded date window kind of ruins it. It makes it look a bit too crowded on the right side, while the left look a bit too open. This is the first Cartier watch that uses in-house movements and I think it represents the future generation of Cartier watches. More recently, Cartier released the Caliber version with a stainless steel bracelet and also the Diver version, a big step up for Cartier. The Cartier Caliber Replica I’ve seen both versions of this watch, the black dial one and the white one as well and I reviewed them a while ago. Not my best replica reviews I must say. The Black dial Caliber features navy blue hands. The markers and dial pattern look good too. The 6 o’clock tourbillon imitation does the job. The case is made from brushed stainless steel base and has a polished top. The crown features a blue diamond that is actually plastic, but it looks good. This white dial Calibre has some well done markers, numerals and hands. The 6 o’clock small seconds hand chronograph is just a bit bigger than the one on the original. the date window at 3 o’clock looks goo, so the dial is very similar to the authentic ones. The case has the right shape, thickness, size and weight. Cartier Original Vs Replica Considering that the original costs about $8000, one might want to consider buying a replica instead. Since I have already seen a couple of Cartier Caliber replica watches, I can tell you a few things about them. After adding up these details and the price, it’s up to you if you want to pay a fortune on an authentic one or get Cartier Caliber replica watches. On the black dial replica, the difference between it and the original model is that it only comes with a gray dial instead of a black one like this. Other than that, everything looks into place. For the white one, I think that the numerals, numbers and other markings on the dial should be a bit more pronounced. Also, the sub-dial is slightly bigger than the one on the original. Overall, it looks good. As a conclusion, I prefer the white one. I think this Cartier Caliber replica has a more simple design that fits better the overall look. It’s a classy watch, but it has a more casual feel when compared to other Cartier timepieces. I think they stepped up and a Cartier replica would make a good choice.
  2. Lately I’ve been going through a bad strike when it comes to acquiring decent, new replica Rolex watch models. So, I started asking myself – is this a trend? Are Rolex replica makers starting to lose their mojo? It certainly seems to be the case, especially since I’ve been receiving user reviews that highlight the same problem. The latest comes from Alexander who recently purchased a Rolex replica Day Date, only to be utterly disappointed. Let’s hear what he has to say. “Howdy Thomas, I am a frequent follower of your blog and I’d like to say you are doing a great job, trying to help the replica watch community and all. Anyway, like you I like to experiment with different online shops. I already own a bunch of pretty decent fake watches, so for my next replica Rolex watch I thought I’d go bold and try out a website I accidentally stumbled upon. It’s called QualityWatchesHq.com and to me it looked safe enough to order from. I mean the images weren’t stock or watermarked with the name of another web shop. Actually the shop featured images of watches that seemed genuine and look pretty promising. So I ordered myself a piece even if the price range was a big higher than usual. Anyway this is what I got (see the pictures). Sadly, I was expecting a shiny, new replica Rolex watch. Instead I received a horrible joke – just look at the watch, it’s is riddled with awful scratches, spots and smudges. It looks like it has been used a 1000 times before. Yes, Thomas I know – you can clean up the watch with a special polishing cloth to make it look better. But what I am to do about the broken clasp? It fell apart just a few weeks after I got it. On top of that the diamonds aren’t shiny at all, but extremely dull. The watch keeps decent time, but I wonder how long will this miracle last? QualityWatchesHq.com is definitely not the place to go to get good quality fake Rolex watches. On top of that they have an extremely narrow window of 1 to 3 day in which you need to contact them if you want to return the product. Well, I have to say I missed it and now I am stuck with a lousy looking watch that I can’t wear. I hope my experience teaches your readers to stay away from QualityWatchesHq.com, Thomas!” Dear Alexander, I’m sorry to hear your replica Rolex watch turned out to be this horrid. I have to admit, the website looked promising enough, although their return policy is pretty bad and they only allow you to pay via Western Union or Bank Wire. No credit cards are allowed, which is always a bit of a red flag. You can always take the watch to the jeweler to have the clasp fixed, but that means paying extra for an already disappointing replica Rolex watch. I don’t really encourage it, my advice is just to forget about this Rolex replica Day Date. It was just not meant to be. Sometimes in the game of replica watches, it happens.
  3. I’ve recently placed an order with a very shady-looking website, because I felt like doing something that I don’t normally do. Well after receiving a pretty decent replica I decided it would be a good idea to continue my quest. So in this eReplicasMaker.com review I will talk about my second attempt at purchasing a replica watch from a website that seems to scream “Watch out, bad quality products right here.” I felt like the cosmos was finally smiling upon me, so I was confident enough to give eReplicaMaker.com a try. This time I chose to purchase an IWC replica, the Portofino Tourbillon white dial with blue markings to be more specific. Well what happened next proves that luck is an every shifting property you shouldn’t be relying on as a given. At least I’ve learned a valuable lesson. That and the fact that the universe has a very sick sense of humor. Quality: Are These Watches Any Good? I’ll have to start off this eReplicasMaker.com review by saying this site is a big NO-NO. It looks horrible and the product I got off it proved to be an absolute derision. I paid only $169 for the IWC replica Tourbillon that was delivered to me, but now I wish I had invested the cash into something else completely. But it’s too late now. The Japanese movement inside is decent enough to keep the watch going, but I’ve seen enough cheap fake watches that manage to pull this off, so it doesn’t surprise me anymore. The horror show starts once you’ve turned the IWC replica upside down. To my shock, it turns out the “I” in “IWC” has managed to slide off somehow, leaving me with an exquisite “WC” engraving. Yes, that’s right folks, I’ve stumbled upon the perfect watch you want to have when you go to the loo. But wait, that’s not all I have to say about this sorry excuse of a copy watch. It came full of scratches on the back which makes me think the eReplicasMaker.com’s warehouse is actually a ravenous vampire nest. The engravings and pins are also horribly amateurish, so while the front manages to look decent, the back is a total mess. The Site: Usability and Design I’ve reached my favorite part of my eReplicasMaker.com review, where I get to complain about how awful this site is. Everything is just thrown in together but there’s no glue keeping this site from disintegrating. At least they have a Quick Search bar which you can try to use if you’re feeling lucky. If that doesn’t work, you can browse by brand. The product page looks pretty miserable with an image of the watch dominating the central view. We’re given few details about the watch per se and even less visual information. If you’re lucky there are best three pictures in the image gallery. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t be taken as a real indication of what you are going to get. Service: Is Their Staff Any Good? There is no live chat feature, so if you want to throw a tantrum over how incredibly crappy these watches are you will need to address your issues via email. I did so and I’m still waiting for the answer. I gather that my rant was a bit too fiery for their taste. I couldn’t care less. And neither do they, it seems. Shipping: Is It Fast and Reliable Their website claims that free shipping is available worldwide, but it takes them more than a month to deliver to the US (they promise 7-14 days). Return Policy: Is It Reasonable? They seem pretty open to granting refunds, as long as the watch is brand new and in unworn condition. To expect a full refund, you need to send it back within 15 days of delivery. The Bottom Line At the end of this eReplicasMaker.com review I have to warn you yet again to stay away from this replica website. It smells cheap from 100 feet away. If you feel experimental like I did, I recommend you take a break and take a cold shower instead of throwing your money away.
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  5. This TsWatches.cn review was sent to me by Charles, one of the blog readers who spend quite a lot of money on a Swiss Breitling replica and was pleasantly impressed by the product he purchased. At first. For the first months, was quite happy with his watch and he didn’t notice any major flaws in it. But as life often has it – good things never last forever. But let’s hear Charles tell us of his experience in his own words: Before posting Charles’s TsWatches.cn review I’d like to thank everyone for contributing your ideas and personal experiences to this blog. I’m happy to see that small replica watch community I’ve set up here is growing and prospering. So keep them coming, folks. Hopefully the database of reviews accumulated here, will help replica enthusiasts make an informed decision when buying a fake watch. Now on to the Breitling Navitimer replica, Charles has selected. “Hey man, I’m a big fan of your blog even since I’ve discovered a few months ago. I’m a fan of experimenting myself, so when I didn’t find a TsWatches.cn review on your website I’ve decided to give this website a go. I mean their website is decent enough and I spotted a Breitling Navitimer replica I had my eyes on for quite a while. I found it on the above mentioned website and ordered it right away. Like I was expecting delivery time took quite a bit – but in less than a month I finally received my Breitling replica. I paid quite a lot on it (around $700) so I expected it to be good. I can’t really complain about the outer appearance, nor about the way the watch functions. The mechanism is smooth and the chronograph works and all that. But after wearing the watch for about two months, I noticed the black leather strap had gotten really worn out. As you can see in the images I’ve sent you the clasp’s shape got imprinted on it. What’s more the leather started cracking. I’m quite disappointed of the low quality of this Swiss model, even if I’m aware the problem can be fixed quite easily. So I just wanted you to know that in my opinion, paying extra for a Swiss replica is just not worth it.” Charles, thank you for your honest feedback. I feel your pain – when you spend $700 on a replica watch you expect it to be above the average fake. But let’s look at the bright side – at least this Breitling Navitimer’s greatest fault isn’t a fatal one. You can easily order another leather band online. I’d advise you not to purchase from TsWatch.cn and find another, more reliable website to do that. I don’t think there’s any use in you contacting these guys and try to get them to send you a replacement wrist band. They will probably ship a similar one which will last another two months and then you’ll be forced to start the cycle all over again. I know, you shouldn’t be paying extra, but you’re better off purchasing the replacement from another shop. Anyways, cheers for the TsWatches.cn review and I hope you will continue to enjoy you Breitling Navitemer.
  6. Best Rolex Submariner Swiss ETA 3135 Green Bezel-Black Dial Replica Watch feature information: 100% 1:1 Clone Pre-owned Swiss ETA 3135 Movement Limited Edition of 50 pcs 40mm X 13mm Black Dial, Green Ceramic Bezel Solid Stainless Steel Case and band Waterproof Sapphire glass Screw Band Pin, Screw Sub Button Please click the follow button to view more photos.
  7. If green is your favorite color, then you‘ll love the replica green surface Rolex watch watch. It had been designed like a Rolex Submariner replica watch, and for the replica Rolex watches available, it was my first choice. This watch is within good shape, created using the best quality stainless for your lasting appearance. Rolex replica watches are a great way to get the same quality as an original, without having to worry about the hefty price of an original. Take this green surface Rolex replica for example, all the dial markings and engravings are well done, even the “Submariner” logo. Trust me; even your closest friend won’t be able to tell the difference, unless you spill the beans. The timing on the green surface Rolex replica for sale is powered by the automatic Japanese self-winding mechanism, so you can be sure to keep time on every appointment. The crystal is scratch proof, and can be substituted for a bracelet or clasp. The label design around the crown complements the black ion stainless situation which makes the timepiece like the original factor. Every us dot around the watch is luminescent at nighttime, such as the real factor. The rotating bezel clicks perfect too, so that you can be assured this will pass any eye test, should it arrived at that.
  8. Replica Rolex is the original mack of timepieces. They’ve been creating quality timepieces for quite some time. The second generation design of the Rolex Yacht-Master II Replica Watches was given the once over by none other than the Bamford Watch Department. Fans from the Replica Rolex Yacht-Master will keep in mind that Baselworld 2012 saw the debut of the latest version from the Rolex Yacht-Master inside a Rolesium situation. In 2013, that model’s bigger successor, the Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II, was the main focus, with Rolex watch presenting the first form of the most popular regatta-countdown chronograph watch inside a 904L stainless situation having a blue Cerachrom bezel place. Bamford is one of the best when it comes to customizing luxury watches. This particular redesign of the Replica Yacht-Master II is going to be offered to the general public for purchase. The beautiful blue faced timepiece is made with a military grade titanium material coating and a black & blue bezel. The replica watch will be a favorite amongst watch enthusiasts and seamen because of its programmable countdown with mechanical memory. This makes it easy to synchronize time with many events, including the stating moment of a yacht race. The replica watch will be available upon request from select retailers.
  9. This typically designed Royal Oak replica watch includes a clean-cut look that causes it to be ideal for any guy to put on. The replica watch is created entirely of stainless and diamonds that includes a fast grande tapisserie dial with luminous stick hour markers. The dial is very easy and signifies just the hrs, minutes, seconds and date that is situated in the 3 o’clock position. Lastly, the case back is visible that you can observe the Clone AP Calibre 3120 Automatic movement clearly, and also the bracelet fastens having a deployment buckle. More Information About Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 Diamond Replica Watch: Gender: Mens Case Size: 41.0 mm Movement: Clone AP Calibre 3120 Automatic Calendar: Date display at the 3 o’clock position Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds Case Materials: Stainless Steel set with diamonds Bezel: Stainless Steel set with diamonds Case Back: Transparent (See-Through) Crown:Screw Down Dial Color:Blue Band Type: Bracelet Clasp Type: Deployment Signatures: Audemars Piguet Lugs Material: Stainless Steel set with diamonds
  10. This IWC Portofino automatic replica watch is a special watch for a number of reasons. First of all, it is a pretty big watch. The case size is 46mm. The case is this large, because of the movement. Another thing that makes this replica automatic watch special is that it is an updated version of the IWC Portofino 5251 from 1984. The original Portofino replica watch was nicknamed “ Spiegelei” because the moonphase was at 9’oclock, and the small seconds dial at 6’oclock. The automatic reoplica watch is a bit too dressy in my opinion to wear it as an everyday watch. Also the crown is bit too small, which makes it a bit hard to wind. For this reason, I decided to wear this replica watch only for special occasions and events. What are your thoughts on IWC new female range given they are “Engineered for men”?It is interesting that IWC recently launched the new female range Portofino replica watches. This is interesting, because they generally market their watches under the slogan “ Engineered for men”. The key is that the automatic best replica watches are technical products and technical products traditionally appeal to men only. But as more women have become technicians over time, it is only logical that they also develop a love for fine technology and therefore will also be interested in mechanical watches.
  11. For Junkers JU-52 aircraft a common appreciation and love, IWC and SWISS JU-AIR has been kept a close partnership. To pay tribute to the outstanding contribution to the JU-AIR Airlines, IWC Pilot Chronograph launch a special “JU-AIR” special edition, limited edition of 500 worldwide. The replica is appear now, most replica watch lover must like it. This IWC JU-AIR stainless steel replica watch adhering cockpit instrument panel design classic aviator style watches. Satin silver dial with hour, minute and “12:00”, “3:00”, “6:00” and “9:00” markers are covered with white luminous coating, to ensure that the wearer in a dimly lit under conditions still clearly read the time. The central chronograph hand is second hand, “12:00” pointer at the position on the dial indicates the cumulative small number of minutes. This watch includes a flyback function, press the reset button chronograph instantly zero, and start a new round of counting immediately. Position at “6:00” displays a small red second hand watch is working properly, and if it can be adjusted from time to time to stop. Watch equipped with the Swiss Valjoux 7750 mechanical movement, minutes and seconds simultaneously with the timing function. The date display window design looks like a cockpit instrument panel shape, digital and altimeter its vertically arranged exactly the same design, eye-catching red triangular flag indicates the current date, This design has now become the hallmark of the IWC Pilot’s Watches, which is inspired by the red lights on the aircraft instrument panel. The case back engraved “One out of 500” words indicates its limited edition noble status.
  12. The Big Bang was born to break established codes and has over time demonstrated its ability to create exclusivity. The Big Bang 41MM Broderie Sugar Skull bears witness to this, blending femininity and innovation. Having used composite resin, carbon and ceramic, invented Magic Gold and borrowed denim, the basic essential from our wardrobes, as part of its watchmaking offers…Hublot has taken the craft away from haute couture, fashion and lingerie so as to free embroidery from the traditional ideas that held it. Interpreted in an unexpected manner, the embroidery of Saint-Gall is transposed into the art of fusion to reveal all of its modernity and creative potential for the Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull. The 41mm diameter black ceramic case set with 36 red spinels is enriched by a colourful dial. Turquoise, navy blue, pale pink, fuchsia, yellow, orange, violet… lit with Lurex threads, the skull motif on the dial, with 11 red spinels, and the arabesques on the strap create bold associations of colours. The Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull is a limited edition of 200 pieces.
  13. I just received 2 replica watches from Aliexpress today, YES, a replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch and a replica Breitling, which I will make a different post about – you can read the replica Breitling Superocean review. I bought the replica Omega watch for 92$ on Aliexpress incl DHL shipping from China. Seller agreed to set the tax /commercial invoice to 12$ in China, so no further expenses in Danish customs. The seller of my watch is not present on Aliexpress anymore, so i have found a new seller who sells the Planet Ocean Omega Seamaster watch. The picture above, is of the replica Seamaster I received today and as usual all the details are very good. I had the replica Seamaster Planet Ocean send without the box which saved me around 15$, because of the box 5$ and the delivery was 10$ less. I actually could not find any Omega replica watches on Aliexpress, so I asked a trusted vendor who had sold me the Rolex Deepsea and he had the Seamaster. He told me to search for James Bond watch if I wanted to see the selection of replica Omega Seamaster watches on Aliexpress. I have later found that searching for the specific Seamaster watch will also give some results or a search for omg watches gives some as well. Seamaster is a series of many different Omega watches and my favorite is the planet Ocean but I also like the looks of the Seamaster Aqua Terra. Replica feels like a real Omega Everything looks like a real Omega Seamaster. But as usual the sweep reveals that the watch is from China. The sweep second does not run completely fluent like a real Omega Seamaster. The watch is still working great though. The clockwork is an unspecific chinese clockwork but if you would like a really good and fluent watch – you should buy one with a Swiss ETA movement. It would cost you around 400$ depending of the ETA type. But then you will get an awesome watch that will run for years. Be aware that all REAL ETA movements from China are used movements from other wathches! I will go swimming later and I will wear the replica Omega. I hope it survives.. When you buy fake watches around 100$ from Aliexpress – quality varies a lot. This one seems to be of good quality but sometimes you can be unlucky and it stops running after one week. Most of the watches will last for a couple of years (some a lot more) which is quite good compared to the price. My favorite replica watch so far is still the GMT Master II and this ranks 3rd. I have bought many watches from Aliexpress and the quality is almost always good. There are many nice watches so pick your favourite and remember to use DHL shipping for expensive replica goods. If any questions regarding watches, feel free to pm if you are in doubt about some Chinese replica watches, because I know some really good and serious sellers.
  14. As TC starts to offer sterile sub cases, i.e. cases without rehaut and lug engravings, it may be essential to post a basic guide to pursuing your own period-correct TC Sub. With this, members don’t need to often ask. Let me again just mention some basics: • Mix and matching gen Rolex parts from different periods is a norm. You will see a T series (1997) with incorrect Swiss Made dial from 2002. You will see a W series (1994) fitted with a new ARed crystal. It all depends on the owner and what upgrades he wants done on his own gen watch. • Rolex does not officially announce minor changes so there are no hard and fast rules. However, info sharing among owners and aficionados abound not only online but also through GTGs that give us information on such transitional changes. • This is not about the quality of rep versions as it’s not the topic at hand. But if one wants to be period-correct, these are some details you need to consider before you buy parts and modify your sterile Sub: First, we need to enumerate the more obvious details (the ones that can easily be seen if the watch is on your hand) of a sterile TC 16610 sub: • No lug holes on the case. • No rehaut engravings. • No Laser Etched Crown (LEC). • No Anti-Reflection (AR) on the Cyclop. With these features, there are two initial options one can choose: 1. Y series gen – the Y series was a transitional period for the 16610 from 2002 to even early 2004. During these times, the sub transitioned from one with lug holes to no lug holes. Because of this, you will see gen Y series subs with lug holes and some without. This series possess all of the above features of the sterile TC. As such, you can date your TC during this series. However, there is one glaring flaw with basing your TC on the Y series: during this time, the 93250 bracelet has the number marking on the back of the first link after the endlink. An additional quality of the Y series that correspond to the TC is the bezel teeth. Compared to other series gens, the Y series did have shallow bezel teeth similar to the P series of 2000. This seems exclusive to the Y series without lugholes as a number of those with lug holes have ‘normal’ teeth, so to speak. Other members have TC watches with better teeth construction, so this may just be a variance depending on what you received. Solution? Very difficult as even if you can find a rep bracelet with the 93250 marking (I did), it is virtually tricky to use it with the current perfect V3/V4 TC SEL. Besides, their production quality would not have been the same. 2. D series gen – the D series gen came predominantly in 2005. This series likewise possess the above TC features except for the none LEC. It was also originally issued without the 93250 marking on the bracelet so your sterile TC is period-correct on this era too. Solution? Find a crystal, rep or gen, with LEC and your are now basically in the D series. No need for the AR as this came much later in the 16610. Gen D series no AR However, if you received the TC with shallow bezel teeth (How to know? you can clearly check it trust me), you will not be correct for this period as this had deeper teeth cavity. Your solution? Find a Clark or Sean bezel teeth assembly and replace it. With those replaced, you are now nearer the D series sub. TC and Clark bezel teeth comparison. Further Questions and Mods. Find below some clarifications: What if I want to replace the insert into a gen with flat 4? - This still falls under the Y series gen. Gen Y series with lug holes and flat 4 What if I want to replace the crystal into a gen with AR on the cyclop? - The first AR cyclops on subs appeared on the last M series release leading to the V series. Both periods have rehaut engravings, so your TC will not be unserviced period-correct. What if I want to replace the crystal into a gen without AR? - Please see above no. 2. What about the clasp code with PJ4 or PJ10? - These date them to April 2008 and October 2008, respectively, under the gen V series. These are actually the last of the 16610 as it has been replaced by the 116610 with G and random serials during those times. If you plan to date your sterile TC to the Y series, it is not unusual to have a 10-year old watch (2003-2013) to have the bracelet, particularly the clasp, replaced. What if I just get the TC with rehaut engravings? - Yes you can but its engraving font and hue is incorrect, right smack on the face of your watch. What about the box? Which one is correct? - If you will base it to the Y series, get the old box with a 64.00.01 reference. If you will base your TC on the D series, get the new box. Gen Y series box Between the Y series and D series is the 2004 F series. Why not just based it on that? - The F series is the same in most respect to the no lugholes Y series, except for one: better teeth cavity. If you will base it on the F series, you are adding another tell. So if it’s harder to find a quality bracelet with a 93250 engraving to link the V3/V4 SEL, why not focus on the D series instead? - Correct. But you need to do the following: 1) Find a crystal with LEC. 2) Find a bezel assembly with better teeth as the TC teeth compared to the gen is different. Gen D series and TC teeth comparison c/o RG. Do LVs follow the same principle? - Except for the obvious insert, dial, and hands, 16610LV are identical with 16610. They generally follow the same series changes. Gen 16610LV Y series with shallow teeth. Gen 16610LV F series without LEC and better teeth. Gen 16610LV M series with new box. Is it true that the rehaut is deeper in gens than reps? - Yes, particularly on gens with no engraved rehaut. The rehaut is a bit deeper in the number of pre-owned gen 16610 versions I’ve handled. But they are only noticeable during gen GTGs where WM9s are side by side with gens without rehaut engravings. It is not evident if you hand your rep to someone without a ready comparison. Therefore, it is minimal in my priority of tells. Why care for all of these details? Who cares? - If this is one’s reasoning, I would suggest that you just buy the cheap Noobmariner and not buy a TC that will start you at $500+. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, I would even suggest that you just buy a far cheaper Sub homage. Not a good or bad thing but, clearly, you are not in the TC/WM9/BK niche target market to begin with. Kindly note that submariners are the most scrutinized and copied watch in all pre-owned market across all brands. It’s either you’re in this with all the details or simply not. So what do you suggest? What’s the ideal next move? - It depends on what makes you content, really. One thing constant with reps is that there will always be flaws. Taking into consideration that one can buy a gen insert and a gen crystal, we can eliminate those parts in the wish list equation. The ways to move forward would be for TC to focus on which gen series to follow: a. If Y series, the 93250 bracelet marking and clasp code are essentials to replicate. b. If D series, the clasp code is essential. Why? Because year 2005 (D) is very near 2008 (V). In gen circles, it is weird (but not technically improbable, of course) to upgrade your bracelet with the same bracelet in just 3 years (from MA to PJ code). The bezel teeth upgrade is likewise essential. c. If V series, the rehaut engraving is essential to be improved upon. In fact, if he will improve on this alone, I will be one happy camper. The bezel assembly is next priority. Given the above, everyone is free to conclude what path they want to go for. But we still need TC to help us achieve any of the above improvements. We’re not even into movements yet. As for the current me...
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