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  1. This watch was in perfect condition...the seller was Ryan (Intime.co) I love it...!! About to order another soon!
  2. Thank you Yes I've noticed the Rep's don't have the "ceramic" but i've seen the "ceramic" on most sites selling the Gen. Thinking of gGetting a rose gold and black stingray band to go with it.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Quality.../111690012065? Opinions anyone?
  3. Hi all, Just purchased this from intime....Ryan was very helpful and nice. I had one question...can anyone tell me if there is any difference on the writing/engravings on the back of the watch when compared to the Gen watch?? Its due to arrive tomorrow so i'm excited
  4. Where did you purchase this bezel for the v6.5??
  5. Hi guys, I'm considering getting this rep and was wondering what were your opinions on this: http://www.intime.co/hublot/955-big-...ber-strap.html With respect to the flaws in this model. I am aware that the teeth on the bezel is not 4.5 as in the gen. Also rep straps and clasps are nowhere near the gens....besides this, are there any other flaws that may be outstanding (engraving on the back as well?) Thank you very much guys
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