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  1. not so bad, it's worth to buy a rep in 7750 movement
  2. why not try to buy a new style
  3. This is a nice replica watch with little money, I wanna have it too.
  4. So you gave us exactly 33 minutes in the middle of the night to answer a question that can easily be answered with the "SEARCH" function built into the site? This ought to be good... Never mind, would you post some pictures or link of the watches you are hesitant about. Most people can't imagine and compare without a pic.
  5. Love the look. Luxury always a dream for me
  6. I had watched the 1st episode, but I didn't noticed that
  7. Oh no! That means we have to wait for half a year?
  8. wow, AP show here, great
  9. so far, I didn't see a hublot rep under $50
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