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  1. OMG!! This is exactly what I was planning to do as well. But I may be thinking way too much... Was considering Option 1: ABII V6 + sanding V7 Ceramic Bracelet + Tinting Black glass + Correct "Limited Edition" caseback to make it the Super rep. Option 2: Another way would be to get the ABII V7/V5 with ceramic bracelet (which comes with the bracelet and correct caseback already) plus it comes with the correct older movement (Swap screws if they are blue) and swap the datewheel to the one with grey background. Problem with this one is that the date window is not the correct tiered one with v6.... But with all that, there's still one thing that bothers me, which is the colour of the date wheel. its much too light grey and it jumps out. From pictures the date wheel is almost invisible. So no perfect solutions...still thinking thinking.... Why can't V6 just come up with a ceramic bracelet and correct LE case back? That would solve most of the problems.. Just my 2 cents...
  2. Agree totally on the bracelet, gives it an entirely different feel. The bracelet mod is pretty simple though, just involves a diamond file, or any file for that matter, plus some patience. Caseback would have to speak to the dealer you bought it from, some dealers like Puretime are willing to supply spares for the watches they sold.
  3. Hi evo, Used the stock v6 lug plates, they sit pretty flush on mine. Think the bracelet fitting depends on the end links of the bracelet (which are slightly too wide at the sides) but doesn't affect the height of the lug plates. Caseback tinting i'm really not sure of the darkness. Pictures i have seen seem silverish, so i'm even doubting whether its a black tint or a translucent silver mirror finish. haha. Have thought of using vinyl stickers as well.... will send you a PM for the modder. But do share some pictures of your ice bang case back, I'm sure many are interested !
  4. Hi All, Thanks guys for showing that its possible, I did the same and bought a HBB ABII V6 and bought a ceramic bracelet to go along with it. Got Hont to get me the V6 with the correct "Limited Edition" case back. Superb guy to deal with, he tried very hard to source the bracelet but in the end I had to order the bracelet separate from Puretime. Got a diamond file and it took me about an hour to fix the bracelet on. No sweat. The bigger thing for me was the tinting of the case back. It took me a couple of tries and lots of thinner to get the look I wanted. This was done with Tamiya "Smoke" paint for plastics Let me know what you think: Reflects light fully from some angles (like the pic from luxury bazaar) But translucent from other angles Along with the rest of the Hublot Family, now 4 members strong. Thanks for looking!
  5. Gen screws.... awesome.. Where did you get them Coalguru? Do post some side by side pictures of how the rep compare against the gen !
  6. Wow Crystal change, that is something i only dream of accomplishing... Can someone pls share how to do that since I have no access to rep geek pls? Seems like you need a referer to get in? Thank you in advance.
  7. Drool!!! Coolest case ever.. I NEED one !!! Is that GEN? Even cooler collection! Keep em coming man! 2 tourbys! The classic fusion gold bracelet is nice ...
  8. I did the same, removed AR for my ABBII, v6 RG Ceramic and HBB Diver 4000. The Blue hue really bothered me. Must say it looks great for the RG and Diver but kinda makes it harder to read the dial for ABII. I removed the external AR coating on my ABII on as it had scratches on it on the FIRST DAY!. Its a scratch magnet. I used some good old polishing cloth and Autosol to do it. But the damm thing is I had used a diamond file to file the bracelet to make it fit the V6 and i think some diamond specs must have landed on my shirt which i later used to wipe the crystal with. ARGH, now i have scratches on the Sapphire! Ordered some diamond paste but it just wont come off. Guess i need a new crystal!? Also I think Ryanwayer has a very good colourless AR crystal project for AP and I pm-ed him and he says he might do some for HBB as well. Looking forward to a colourless ar crystal for HBB!
  9. Cool project you have and a cool workshop. The next extension might be bronze screws to match the bezel? Nice.. I have 3 HBBs and I find myself swapping parts all the time, this is definitely tempting!! [/url] Why don't you consider producing real tungsten bezels for the ice bang, I'm sure there would be takers for people who want a 1:1 Ice bang. They can buy the V6 and upgrade to your bezel? Just some thoughts.
  10. Thanks guys , a few more pics I took today
  11. Changed to a brushed beZel and side plates plus a Hornback with gold buckle for a different look today
  12. Thanks guys. I think I ordered it from Puretime, but most TDs should be able to source it for you .
  13. After 20 watches and 2 years on, it still features as one of my favorite watches... Every time I see it, I'm still tempted to just put it on . Nowadays I just keep it on the bracelet, my modded all black II is now just used for spares
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