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  1. That new crystal with AR does make it look absolutely amazing! Great job on that one!
  2. Very cool, but then again, it's a gen so no surprises there. Maybe Ceejay can post some pics for comparison?
  3. Guys, both of you posted pics of sensational looking watches. I have had my eye on the 500M Aquaracer for some time, and I could pick up a gen for 1500 USD, but that is still some serious coin for me, and besides, for that kind of bread, i could get several HQ reps. I have no problem with quartz, it is very durable and reliable. On top of all that, for a guy like me, won't look that suspicious, because the price point is not out of reach, unlike say a 20K IWC for example. . . I really like the black dial chrono, and will check that one out as well!
  4. VAC is the best trusted modder in north america right now. His work load is mountainous. Send a watch to him, and just forget about it until it arrives back at your house. OK! Thanks for the info.
  5. thank you. I hope you get one, in time! I'm thinking probably April. I want that one and a high-quality PO next. Your watch really looks like the real deal. I would probably want those mods done myself. Can't believe the rep doesn't come with at least single AR and good lume. Did it take 2-3 months to get your watch back?
  6. That is another grail rep for me. Sweet watch btw JK.
  7. Awesome looking watch bro! But man, no one is able to get close to the quality of a gen clasp/divers extension. Guess you gotta get the real bracelet, and plug it in, because those rep clasps are still just not up to par, sad to say.
  8. It's rep. I have one of the titanium GSTs too that i should put in a gen 7750. Dang! I was just thinking, lucky bastard, he must be a high roller, buying 5K watches, then putting it in storage without wearing it. . . It's really nice though.
  9. I think he is sponsored by IWC. He hosted that gala in Switzerland last year when they launched the new Ingenieur line.
  10. That's just crazy. Scary actually.
  11. Vegasvic

    Franken Big Pilot 5002

    Awesome piece! Congrats on a thing of beauty!
  12. Sensational piece AJ! Did you ever pick up the white DW and 5002 hands?
  13. Ohh man, that's super nice! Thanks for posting!
  14. Awesome watch man! Enjoy it!
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