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  1. Lovely watch, I love my Stainless Steel version and might have to look at the rose gold next My only complaint is the uncomfortable clasp
  2. Thanks, really pleased compared it to Gen pics before pulling the trigger and everything looked on point
  3. Thanks Sounds like a beauty, rose gold always looks good
  4. Yep it's the latest one from the factory with the corrected black date dial
  5. Just joined the Hub club
  6. Hi, I managed to get mine back on with trial and error. This is how I did it. 1) Clip crystal into gasket 2) Clip gasket on to case ensure you have pressed it down fully it should click into place. Ensure crystal is positioned correctly. 3) I then put on the retainer ring (You have to make sure it is the correct way around (The thicker part should be on top as this holds the Bezel and stops it from popping off. I used a Watch back press from eBay to get the retainer ring on (You won't be able to get it back on without the correct size attachment). 4) Ensure all screws springs etc are in place. 5) Lastly place the bezel on top and press it down with the Watch back press (Using the correct size attachment) That should be it My watch is back together again now but without a ceramic insert
  7. I had this exact same problem and broke my insert
  8. Thanks I think I will go with the SS but am also going to look into the Rose Gold or maybe just buy both
  9. Hi guys Please help I'm new to Hublot and don't know much about them. Reading the forum I heard the SS Big Bang V6.5 is the best replica available (Is this still the case). I also really like the Rose Gold Version. Also are there any common issues I should watch out for when QCing the watch. Can anyone post pics of theirs so I can get an idea of which one to go for? or just post any Hublot you are wearing to show it off Thanks for your help
  10. You can buy the bezel separately to fix the teeth issue. I don't know about any other flaws - Best to compare it to the Gen on the Hublot website, thats what I did when choosing my Big Bang.
  11. Tell him you want to buy it, agree a location and then send the police there instead I think it's bs though, just a guy selling a rep and claiming it to be a gen with a crappy cover up story
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