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  1. If you told me you were going to put a red strap on the FC i'd have said absolutely not ...... however seeing it, it looks absolutely spot on .. love it !!! TBH i like it much better than the straps with the coloured accent stitching that folks put on their APs. So to sum up :
  2. the phong version looks amazing !!
  3. the phong version looks amazing !!
  4. keep looking on the for sale board on here and maybe put a WTB notice up.
  5. I've just listened to the video - i'm in bits - hilarious !! **** you TRF:biglaugh:
  6. Just looked at his ( lacosta ) sales thread here and have to say the way he phrased it sounded like the same guy, the stuff he posted on the geek also had small crappy photos - cee, faberjay and sebazstiani - did he end all his correspondence with - thanks. ( he also never gave his name in pms )
  7. Interesting that he wanted Lacoste shirts and the other guy who ****** sebazstiano over was called lacosta - link ? What model hublot was he selling you ?
  8. no the guys name was hublotman but that was on the geek maybe it was the same guy on here with a different name. which hublot was he selling ? have you got a link to the thread - i may have a clue if i read how he's written it.
  9. Well for what it's worth the guys name was hublotman but he's banned now anyway. The thread was over on repgeek so i don't know if he was here lurking around but i'm sure that admin will have sniffed him out by now if he is. I've posted this on RWG Repgeek and here just to forwarn people in the hope that they don't fall into the same trap that i do. anyway thanks for the kind words guys .... onwards and upwards
  10. I may have been stupid and some of you may know this stuff but i never saw it coming and hopefully this may stop someone else being fleeced in the same way. This is how the scam worked i think ( if anyone can shoot holes in this please do ) : I'm looking through the sales threads and see a nice watch so i pm the seller to see if it's still available. He tells me it is and i say " i'll take it " ( NOW COME'S MY BIG MISTAKE ) He gives me his Paypal address and asks me for the paypal address the funds will be coming from. I think about it briefly and assume that he has a few transactions going through his account so wants to look out for this one ( wrong ) I pay and he says it's received, i say great let me know when it's shipped. the next part ( much abridged ) involves him stringing me along not providing shipping proof, tracking, being a c*nt, moderators being involved etc until i finally decide to do what i really don't want to do ( for obvious reasons ) and open a PP dispute on the grounds that he can supply no evidence of shipping. I start proceedings I then get a message through paypal dispute conversation that he has sent it and here is the fedex tracking number which proves it has been delivered. ( he has been telling me that the package was shipped USPS from the states.) Anyway i take a look and the package relating to the tracking number has been delivered - but from china to the Lebanon. I reply back saying ... Hilarious !! as you know i live in the UK as stated on my verified PP adress - do you want to think about this ? I then pm the seller on the forum the and give him a final chance to refund my money before i escalate to a claim - i hear nothing so i escalate. The next morning i get an email from Andrew at Trusty time asking me why i've put a claim on him. I say i'm really sorry and would never open a claim on a dealer, he says but this is my Paypal Acc.............................. and then it starts to dawn on me. This is what i believe is the scam : I give my paypal address to the seller before i pay he then emails the dealer with the watch he wants ( from a made up similar email i think ) and says i have sent you X amount of dollars from this Paypal address. The dealer checks and says yes i've got it - and sends his watch to wherever on the other side of the world. In the meantime he's stringing me along knowing that if i raise a paypal dispute it will be with the dealer. So if anyone asks for the address that the payment will be coming from before you have sent it ............................... he's likely to be a scummy little ****** trying to get his hands on your hard earned !! As a side note i removed the claim quickly and in good faith for Andrew and said that although we had both been victims in this, i was x$$ out of pocket whilst he had in fact gained a sale from it. Therefore i suggested that he may like to refund the profit he made on the sale to me. That way he breaks even and i at least walk away getting something back. He agreed and duly sent me a payment. Thanks Andrew Hope this makes sense and helps someone swerve a few frustrating weeks and a dent in their wallet.
  11. After trying to get a resolution with David but failing to get a response of any kind I gave one last chance yesterday telling him that I would be posting this but still nothing so here it is. Im going to post this across all the forums which I am a member of if anyone wishes to post this elsewhere please be my guest !! I really wanted a nice gold 6263 vintage Tona and good old DW was the only place for me to get one. Id heard the stories about DW but saw that he had TD status again & thought that he had cleared his original issues and people were getting watches & parts delivered. My first order with him actually turned up ( albeit with issues due to poor or no qc ) but hey, I was pleased to get one of his watches for a project base !! So Im thinking ok the guy will actually send me a watch and I am prepared to deal with the issues myself. After asking him whether he had stock, I order the gold 6263 black dial on the 18th of March. He replies that he does, I promptly pp him $ 525.00 and receive a message that the watch will take around 10 days to put together and send. The next two months went by in a series of missed deadlines and broken promises at which point ( 17th May ) I asked him what was going on he asked me for my payment details and agreed that he owed me one gold watch and it would ship in 10 days. I told him I would wait 10 days and no longer and he said it would ship on the 5 8 th June around I was on holiday until the 7th so thought Id leave it until I got back and contacted him on the 8th and asked him whether the watch had been sent and if not to please refund me. Since then and despite numerous emails and PMs he has refused to answer me I did wonder whether maybe his pm box was full and he had stopped using the email address I had for him ( or maybe stopped trading altogether ) so I got a friend to mail him on the 19th June with an order enquiry for a steel 6263 to which he seemed to have no problem responding to immediately : Yes have stock price is 390 usd plus 35 usd ship. I use WU now .if you accept .please let me know Many thanks --- 原始邮件 --- As I say I had an idea that there was an element of risk dealing with DW and I know a lot of you out there wouldnt entertain the idea of trusting him, so this is certainly not a cry for sympathy but a warning to any of you who may be considering spending some of your hard earned with David and dont know his history. Save your money and a lot of heartache and frustration in my experience its REALLY not worth it. Since starting this hobby Ive bought and sold a lot watches and dealt with some great people,TDs modders and repairers. David Wong is DEFINITELY not one of them. If Im honest I dont see me recouping my money unless David does me the courtesy of returning my mails and acknowledging that he has taken my money and not sent me a watch. If anyone has any suggestions or advice I will be glad hear them. There is an old saying : only nothing is free .. Apparently with David it costs $ 525.00
  12. well fingers crossed but mine is via ems which seems to be targeted at the moment .....
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