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  1. I own a tag heuer 69 replica watch and had to replace the battery. Unfortunately its been a while and I have forgotten how to run/set this watch. Can anybody tell me how to run/set this watch? It has 4 buttons along the side of the case. One side has; light and model and the other side has set/stop and adjust/start. I have pushed all the buttons. I remember that there is one that must be held down but I am failing. I am, incidentally, posting this wherever I can in the hope I can get an answer. Thank you.................
  2. I have a patek phillipe electronic watch. A hand has come loose but I cannot figure out how to get to it. The back of the watch is smaller than the face of the watch and its mysterious to me. I live in Port Angeles, WA (north olympic peninsula - closest city is Seattle) and there are no watch repair shops within, as far as I can tell, 100 miles. I have tried a number of shops but, when I tell them its a replica, they shake their heads and send me away. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated - thank you..........
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