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  1. very nice looking! Please you tell me where you got it? link? I actually have one in shipment and want to compare. thanks
  2. Is it a mistake to buy the Chanel j12 with the CZ surrounding the dial? I dont want it to look fake. And my thoughts are the CZ may be the dead givaway. Anyone have uncomfortable experience with this? For me its too late, already ordered, but can always get another one later. Also picked up a Happy Sport but those diamonds are under the glass
  3. Asia 7750 Valjoux Working Chronograph 2008 Basel Release RG Daytonas Engraved Rehaut with M Serial Numbers Running seconds @ 6:00
  4. I rejected the daytona based on the last photo, and got this photo of the same watch today. Looks to me like the problem was distortion from the cellophane wrapper around the bezel. I approved and should receive in about a week. At $360 you think I could have done much better?? I value your opinions and most likely will apply them towards my future purchases.
  5. Hello, newbie here looking for a little advice whether he should be concerned about an engraving issue coming up in the following Rolex Daytona QC photos I received below. On the bezel it seems the "Units Per Hour" marking is badly engraved. The N in units and the HOU in Hour seem overcut. I see the problem in both photos and I am wondering if this is an acceptable flaw or should I pass on the watch. Also wondering if this is a common known problem or maybe I am just seeing things and there's no reason for concern. Either way, your help is appreciated! Hope to hear from you, Thanks!
  6. How wrong is it to post the sellers QC photos for a second opinion? Sometimes a second set of eyes are needed to confirm issues. I don't have anyone who is interested in looking at the picts - certainly not my girlfriend LOL. The forums are my only resource (besides the actualy seller) for honest opinions. Unfortunately the Dealer specifically says when he sends the QC photos DO NOT DISTRIBUTE OR UPLOAD THE PHOTOS. So if I want a second opinion and I post it here, I AM violating our purchase agreement. What if Seller notices on the forum his QC photos?? What happens next? Does he cut me off from future purchases? Rip me off or scam me next time? Has anyone had any experience with this? I think its not fair that the dealer requires this. What should I do?
  7. AWESOME!! exactly what I was looking for!! Do u know how long it takes to receive the items? is this a good source for display type boxes (wood/glass) i want one with an automatic winder. ever buy on amazon? prolly not worth it anymore now that we pay taxes to California edit: maybe i should get a watch too since the prices are so good: Replica Chanel Ceramic Automatic Watch for $98 !
  8. I am buying my girl a chopard happy sport. I would love to present it to her in a chopard box with the papers etc. Whats the best source to get them for the best pricing? Don't want to overpay lol, want it to look gen since it seems the reps don't come with the box - do you guys buy the boxes from a different source when getting for the wife or gf or does it not even matter ie just pickup a generic plain box on amazon or something. Or the last option just hand it to her in a brown paper bag ?? Finally, when buying reps for yourself, is it important to you to have the right box for it as well? A added touch of class ? Im on the fence
  9. Thanks! Funny I don't see any references to the brand Fromanteel on rwi ? Maybe because it is a new brand ? and cause gen is only $400
  10. Hi, I like the guy's watch in the new audi commercial "Suspect" and want to know what kind the watch it is. its a pretty cool commercial. I drive an audi s5 and think it will be cool having the watch to match the car/commercial. Im ready to buy rep today. Here is a link to the commercial and a screen-grab. Your help is appreciated! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69Y6Z2BBF20]Audi S8 TV Commercial - 'Suspect' - YouTube[/ame]
  11. the pushers worked and when I bought the thing I asked the street vendor to set the correct date for me. He spent about 5 minutes doing something. I should have been watching him because later I unscrewed one of them and pushed it and it got stuck. Could barely screw the thing back in
  12. thank you much for letting me know. i was having some buyers remorse.
  13. I thought it was a pretty nice one until 2 days later I noticed one of the pushers fell out. its lost and I can't find it. On the third day the watch stopped. Its an automatic and I can't get it to work. I tried winding it shaking it, wearing it. Nothing. Won't start up. Should I get it fixed? Why did it crash?? I purchase it for 700 baht, which is about $22 USD. I was pretty upset but nothing like how upset i will be if my new $360 rep turns out to be a lemon
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