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  1. themannier

    Thought​s on the new Seadweller 4000?

    I love it ! It's a sub for big wrist ! http://www.ablogtowatch.com/rolex-sea-dweller-126600-watch/
  2. themannier

    TC Sub V7

    That is a great new ! The case has a chamfer now Wonderful piece, congratulations !
  3. themannier

    Who has the best aftermarket chrystal for a 16610 ?

    11 hours ago, imajedi said: Or here: FS: Rolex 116610 / 16610 AR Crystal https://rwg.cc/index.php?/topic/189350-FS%3A-Rolex-116610---16610-AR-Crystal Just a bit overpriced for me at the moment....I hoped the OP would passed them at 199usd but unfortunately he upgraded to the vip status
  4. themannier

    Who has the best aftermarket chrystal for a 16610 ?

    2 hours ago, indywatchguy said: Star time definitely if you can get an order with them. They told me they only deal with watchsmiths. Their bevel crystals are exactly the same as gen. Then Clark would be next choice. Unfortunatly i am not able to order from Startime as i am not a professional like you said I think Clark is not that bad ! Thanks for your help guys
  5. themannier

    Who has the best aftermarket chrystal for a 16610 ?

    3 minutes ago, eazye said: I would say clark first actually. I haven't seen the ST crystal. I have seen the clark crystal for a DJ II 41mm and it was pretty impressive for the price. It had the same black hole effect on the date like gen. You might have to play around with the gasket. Just ask Gary what's up. Tell him what you're looking for and he'll set you up. If anything get different size gasket just incase Yes thanks mate, better i ask to Gary indeed
  6. themannier

    Who has the best aftermarket chrystal for a 16610 ?

    3 minutes ago, Rudy4010 said: The Star Time bevel around the edge of the crystal is made just like Rolex...if I'm not mistaken I read somewhere that Gary at Clark's has the same crystal though...not for sure haven't ordered anything from Clark's in awhile Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Tapatalk Ok, great info, thanks...will order one ! Will get a 2,7 gasket with it
  7. themannier

    Who has the best aftermarket chrystal for a 16610 ?

    Oh, ok....Startime is the first ? I didn't know them, thanks ! Then clarks ? Just to know, why startime takes the lead ? And the gasket is always a 2,7 mm ? Right ?
  8. Hi guys ! Could you tell me where to source the best aftermarket chrystal, i mean which one has the best shape and the best cyclop ??? ( clarks, wso ?) Always use it with a 2,7mm gasket ? I know how looks like a gen chrystal because i had some gen 16610 before, but as i have never seen an aftermarket one, is there a big difference ? Thanks for you help !
  9. themannier

    Info sub noob v7

    25 minutes ago, Gabriel1112 said: With this I go quiet ??? http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=39_115&product_id=1014 Yes, i had the same watch with the asian2836 and the movement was very accurate and reliable, no worries !
  10. themannier

    Info sub noob v7

    15 minutes ago, Gabriel1112 said: You could help me in choosing the movement as I'm a beginner ... thanks Always choose the asian eta2836, the most reliable movement in these rolex rep !
  11. themannier

    Info sub noob v7

    14 minutes ago, Gabriel1112 said: Hello and thanks x the quick response ... i have to buy from the site or the seller is present in the forum ??? Place your order direct on the site, no worries
  12. themannier

    Info sub noob v7

    34 minutes ago, Gabriel1112 said: Thanks to all my name is Gabriele and I live in Italy. I wanted to know where you can safely buy a submariner noob v7 ... thanks in advance. From every Trusted dealers here on the forum ! Here http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=39_115&page=1 and here http://www.ttw-138.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_7
  13. themannier

    Gen Milsub 5517 And its for SALE!!! Take a look

    1 hour ago, alligoat said: What's the deal with the pearl- it looks like it has a metal surround? +1
  14. themannier

    Genuine crystal, is it worth it?

    Nothing beats a gen chrystal, so my reply is YES !
  15. I like very much this post, thanks for sharing... I am waiting for the JF 16610 LV....would share also some wrist shots and some pics of the SEL fitment ?