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  1. Hey, Looking for a good TD to order my first online Rolex Submariner from. Hope you can help, I'm very new to this game.

  2. goreia79

    yuki 16800

    Hey that's my 16800 Dial Looks good!
  3. goreia79

    Is this 9411 legit?

    Looks good overall. As noted, wrong bracelet and the 9135 seems to be getting more expensive all the time (I know, I'm looking for one myself for reasonable money). Looks like the older TripLock (extra bonus vintage goodness points). The price is average so you can sit out and pass at that price and pull the trigger on the next as they do come around but they are getting more popular and prices are going up. That one is showing as sold on TZ
  4. Pictures are a bit fuzzy I have always been advised to purchase an entire watch rather than a lose movement proceed with caution
  5. goreia79

    What to Build Next?

    Just because you can
  6. and the placement of the dial feet are also a giveaway. eta written all ova
  7. well i cant see the finer details on the insert in the pic, but im looking for serifed numbers
  8. looks great! would love to hear more about it.
  9. Looks good. My guess is that Steinhart is a 42mm case. Enjoy your subs.
  10. Clever use of light and a polarizing filter i guess ... nice ! The type of camera is never important .... P.
  11. Nice collection, and again that's some amazing photo skills you've got there!
  12. I saw that one for sale Andy! It's a steal! Just the thing to take this watch a whole other level!
  13. Well that web site sells the Gen for about 20,000 usd hehe... all our dealers can get it as well for a lot less There are different dial and hand colors available. Here is black dial http://www.trustytim...roducts_id=1095 Here is the white dial replica
  14. Wow that really is aweosome! Any idea where to buy it!?
  15. just missed it .. The new one on perfect clones looks really nice CHeck it:
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