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  1. is that a DOnerix croc strap? I am looking to nuy my 3rd Oceanographic. Each time I had one I thought it too large, but now everything seems small. I also believe it should be a super rep as it is pretty close to the gen- strap excluded.
  2. I got a letter about 10 days ago- about 22 days from going into customs until I received a letter- My first ever
  3. mine now 13 days in Chicago customs with no update- went in on the 13th I guess as it said "Processed Through Sort Facility" on the 13 and the next statement says "inbound into customs" nothing since. I am in CO and have only had shipment land in Chicago 3 times during 2014 and this is the first I think in 2015. Still keeping fingers crossed. On the other hand I've had shipments scanned saying other place is preparing to ship and then nothing for 2 weeks online at all. Then it shows up at my door, so who knows.
  4. it would sure seem first class mail is the safest albeit the longest. I've only had one DHL and it was here as quick as i received notification
  5. First class mail is interesting but I suspect 2-3 weeks from China. Does anyone have any idea how long? And then of course there is no tracking with first class so we don't really have any idea when to expect it or when it was sent.
  6. Mine from Sead inbound to customs chi on the 15th so we'll see. I am in Colorado and it is very rare that anything comes to me through Chicago but it does happen. Probably all will be fine.
  7. usps tracking is hit or miss- sometimes right on the money - other times not even on the same planet- I can have my watch and tracking still says origination preparing. Most of the time USPS is a good guideline but not always.
  8. how long did it take for anyone to get a letter from customs? Mine from Canada has been "processed through sort facility at ISC Chicago" on the 20th and nothing since then. It was an M2m on 2 watches sent regular snail mail
  9. Can anyone let me know where to buy a replacement stem case tube for an AP ROO 42mm case like black, silver or gray themes models ie.
  10. Can we expand this search to the Denver Colorado area? I need service repair on a 7750 rep and standard service on a Rolex Gen.
  11. flipped the retainer the other way and it worked but still quite an effort with multiple die sizes used on the press.
  12. should the bevel edge of the bezel retainer face up or down?
  13. thx, but the problem I have is that I was replacing the crystal and I can't get the bezel back together correctly enough to set on the case- I can either get the crystal and gasket in the inner ring that rotates ( it is the one with a sloped top edge) but then when I put that assembly into the bezel I can't get it over the outside ring of the tachy on the top of the case. If I put the crystal in the gasket and slip it over the outside tachy ring thing then I can't get the inner sliding ring of the bezel over it. If it sounds confusing I can take pics.
  14. very clear instructions. i will attempt it now and leave results here. thanks. steve
  15. These new Rolex bezels are held in by gasket pressure and 3 round pegs and one click peg on small springs- I am fine taking the bezel out, but how does one get it back in place? Not as simple as the old Rolex bezels. Any help would certainly be appreciated.
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