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  1. I banged my watch into a doorway today, thought nothing of it until later when I looked to see what time it was and noticed that I had lost my pearl. Has this happened to anybody else? If so any ideas of where to get just a replacement pearl? Otherwise I will probably just go the cheap route and touch up with some white paint and forget about it. My wife's words ringing in my ear, "why do you spend money on so many rep's, just save up and buy a gen..." Attached Files photo(1).JPG 1.95MB 5 downloads
  2. ladama891

    yuki 16800

    I have been thinking about this one and thought I'd ask the experts here. Do you think the yuki 16800 dial will fit into a WM9 V3? I am thinking about building this one. Thanks guys
  3. Your Trevor watch needs a lume job and an ultimate insert from pbdad. If you want him to polish and brush it, too that's ok. I would not do anything else. I have seen a forum member receive a pbdad watch covered in buffing paste so look at any approval pics he sends you closely. When I put an N Factory insert in my Trevor watch, it needed a tiny bit of sanding to fit.
  4. and here with the Yuki bracelet - iis highly rec for the price - the bracelet feels super solid - after a few days im still impressed. cheers, Frank
  5. I don't thin BK's DWO will work. Too small for this watch.
  6. Congrats on your purchase, I saw that case around but I decide to skip because finding gen sea dweller parts is quite difficult amd they are very expensive. But if you complete the project it will be stunning. Did you find the gen 16660 bezel assembly yet? I guess that won't be easy to find either..
  7. Hello~ members. I finally got this Gen 16660 case. My SSD`s rehaut and new SD`s always bothered me. Then I realized the only way to solve this problems is to find a Gen case. Now, I made a first step but I can`t know how to find a Gen sea-dweller crystal. All web-pages I know are VRF, RF, E-bay and here. Anyone can tell me the information about the Gen 16660 crystal?? Here are some pictures of my Gen case. Attached Files P20120402_1000003087.JPG 2.05MB 15 downloads P20120402_1000003089.JPG 2.12MB 14 downloads
  8. Gold-on-gold is not always a good thing however ... it IS possible to overdo it. bling.jpg 129.91KB 0 downloads
  9. I'm not sure how glossy this one was 58 years ago but she's looking pretty matte now.
  10. That's my point. They are listed as gen replacement by some dealers.
  11. ladama891


    archie- I'm also in glasgow! Good to know there's another near. Are we allowed to give our locations out on here?
  12. I just copyed the pics for the 20mm ones and the 19mm ones. 20mm 19mm But He said you can get them in all sizes
  13. Hi dear RWG members. Please help with any information on this medium size Rose Tudor prince oyesterdate . Thanks. Attached Files P1060825.JPG 474.1KB 0 downloads P1060823.JPG 546.74KB 0 downloads
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