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  1. Bambour

    yuki 16800

    this is the closest i got using a noob case
  2. Hey lloyd! Any pics yet? Hows the dial customization coming?! Jamie
  3. Bambour

    Is this 9411 legit?

    Hey Guys, The 7836 bracelet with rolex clasp and 380 endlinks (fitted on tudor subs) are also used on the early 7031/32 watches so it is most likely that both watches are equipped with the same bracelet. I had a few 9411's with 7836 bracelets, one with crown and one with a shield clasp.
  4. So, I have this dial on the bench, and a GEN case (converted 1601 to 1016) to go with it... smbP1030720.jpg 223.9KB 6 downloads smbP1030716.jpg 243.73KB 5 downloads My conundrum.... Should I seek out a non-date movement (1520, 1560, 1570), or is it possible to convert a DATE movement (1575) most likely to a non-date. 1575's are plentiful. I have to wonder about canon size and seconds hand though... Thoughts? Suggestions? Also, I NEED HANDS to match. If anyone can assist me in a set of Mercedes hands for this project please PM me.
  5. Great pictures, what Camera are you using ?
  6. Frank This is an MBW case with gen movement? What movement, 1570?
  7. whats the best datejust rep I can get?
  8. Bambour

    Buying from BK

    where do i find this guy?
  9. Bambour

    Tudor 7809 Franken

    Knowing that I'm a fan of things 34mm, Chiman laid some remains on me that he had left over after a movementectomy. I finally got around to making something out of it and thought I'd share. I received a gen case, crown, dial, and hands but opted to go with aftermarket hands as the gens just didn't "grab" securely. I had an ETA 2801 left over from the Timezone Level 1 course so I decided it would be a perfect time to use it even though this watch is supposed to be an automatic. Discovering that the hands would have no clearance over the dial markers I changed the pinions and wheels to taller parts (still available and same as 2836, etc.) so the hands would clear the markers. I machined a movement spacer and bolted everything together and I'm pretty happy with the results. Even though I dislike straps I decided this wouldn't look right on a bracelet so I snagged a generic strap with deployment clasp from fleabay. All-in-all it's a nice looking watch and after a little research found the model had a nice history. Apparently the 7809 was officially issued to members of the British North Greenland Expedition 1952-54 (although with different dial) and received accolades from those who wore it in the harsh environment they encountered. I also discovered pictures with expedition specific case back engraving although I don't know if they were all engraved or if it was done on an individual basis. Here's a few quick pics... Attached Files 7809 1.jpg 402.76KB 2 downloads 7809 2.jpg 331.04KB 2 downloads 7809 3.jpg 378.26KB 1 downloads 7809 4.jpg 331.7KB 1 downloads 7809 5.jpg 315.89KB 1 downloads
  10. As far as I can tell the 2824 and 2892 are the same, but the 2836 is different due to the day wheel mechanism and has a spacer between the movt and dial. The caveat is that the 2824's sometimes have the 2836 spacer to make use of the same case.. it's never easy !! The 2892 is thinner but the difference is behind the stem (auto rotor side)
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