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  1. If you want to be really close to gen, take the black dial version, which comes quite good out of the box. Go for the asian ETA which has the correct sweep and then replace the crystal with one not having the etched crown... Dee
  2. perfect!!!!!!!! Ill take it! you can leave that bezel ring/insert on there, im replacing it with the correct gen-style one from wholesaleoutlet (already on the way to me) check your PMs, we will finish the transaction on there! Jamie
  3. On my list down the road is a 6542 white dial and a space dweller. That's after I complete my Daytonas and my double Red. Oh yeah, a 1665 Comex. As you see, the possibilities are endless!
  4. OK thats an easy one .. send GKLONER at GMAIL dot COM an email ... he is a trusted watch tech (on the RWI forum) in the Midwest, and works on non-chronograph reps. Tell him you need it serviced and regulated. He is reasonable, professional, and turns around quickly.
  5. Not familar with GS, but the more I look at yours the more it looks like the Clark medium. That's a pretty expensive crystal, like 70-75$ as I recall. See if you can find it on eBay and take a look. I have a Clark T19 in one of my subs and you'd be hard pressed to see a difference in clarity compared to the other gen T19's. I do think the gens are harder to scratch though.
  6. will a gen insert fit into this?
  7. Yup, just a small section of a hanger. I even took it from the middle so it is still functional! I have a 5512 dial and handset incoming, but I'm afraid this watch will never be accurate to any sort of gen. I can't decide whether I'm going to leave it as an inaccurate rep or just custom paint the dial to remove the Rolex mark and use it as a beater.
  8. @star, I love your watches.. You sure know how to build then correctly, and you do not cut any corners.. MM
  9. These newer style dials are starting to grow on me
  10. Yeah missed it thanks for the heads up though buddy
  11. Hi guys I'm going to be going to an all white wedding in August so what a perfect excuse to purchase another rep I'm currently looking at the 42mm white dial explorer 2 form josh. being a gmt with extra hands, extra parts In the movement ect what movement would you all reccomend? Swiss eta 2836-2, Asian eta 2836-2,Asian 2813 I would normally go with Swiss ete but don't really know too much about these gmt. Are there any major tells with this model I would need to rectify? I noticed that some had the triangle marker at 12 miss aligned with the coronet, anything else off? Any advice or experience with the explorer 2 and movements would be great Picture update to show model in question
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