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  1. im definitely interested! sterile caseback = yes please! by no bezel ring, do you mean the insert or the scalloped outer part? Im replacing the insert with teh one with the right amout of minute markers, but i might need the outer part also, if the crown and logo come off the dial good, can you take the word "submariner" off too? Its a trademarked name and this is just going to be my sterile homage watch, im saving the trademarked / official stuff for when I get farther into this replica world and get into aging dials with tea and ovens I still want the circle T on there though! also, considering the dial seat is at 29.2mm, the first dial i posted will work AND i just noticed something... the fact that the viewable portion is only at 26mm, the minute markers on the sterile dial will actually extend to underneath the rehaut like on the gen 5517. There is a little 3mm border around the outside... take a look at the sterile dial: versus the real deal with the rehaut covering the outer border: so anyone wanting to do this project, it will work! Jamie
  2. The dial opening is 26mm, so it can use a gen crystal. His dial is 26.5mm, but the dial seat is cut at 29.2mm diameter. I just took another one I had apart to measure the dial. I had measured the seat on another case of his I had when I posted the 29mm dial. The 29.2mm seat threw me off.
  3. No idea what size dial trevor's case uses, but the gen dial and most reps like Josh's in the series 5512/13/17 use aprox 26mm dial. I'm just gonna guess the trevor is similar and uses a 26mm too. Best of luck with your project
  4. I believe she's no longer dealing on the bay... Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
  5. hi guys quick question if a dial has singer on the back does that mean its a replica dial ??
  6. Having owned a gen non date sub, I can def say that there is no rep out there that's anywhere near accurate. I would go with a vintage non date sub and mod it. Only rep that can come close
  7. Dannie

    What to Build Next?

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  8. Crystal looks like a T39. C'mon Map! What are the specs of this beauty?
  9. My new baby...............man, I just love this!
  10. Thanks for all the great input with info guys. I really appreciate it I realize using the tape or dots most likely sounds easier than it really is..especially when it comes to perfectly centering the dial without the guiding help of the feet and in centering the DW over the date perfectly. I've not yet decided exactly which way I'll go with it or whetherf I'll even do it myself....I still may send it off to a pro modder. But hearing it has been done with much sucess is certainly reassuring. Thanks again for sharing the knowledge.
  11. thanks a lot guys - the case didn't need any mods here a few pics for the NATO fans cheers, Frank
  12. Frank i think you should fit this to it It is on sale for only €11.500 and then a nato, if you have any change left PS i have some 20mm black natos here if you want one
  13. Dannie


    no worries i have his blue sub and have ordered the dssd for when he returns im in Glasgow and it took 5 days to get here great watch and great service
  14. Dannie

    93150 screws

    Why don't you buy gen spec screws only, I guess they could be really cheap. On my gen sub I destroyed two screws resizing the bracelet. My Rolex AD changes them for free! If it's a gen bracelet you could bring it to a Rolex Centre
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