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  1. As for your wife's words, the same thing would just as likely happened had you dinged a gen on a doorframe at an unlucky angle, just think how annoying that would have been Best of luck sourcing a replacement pearl
  2. Thanks for the response! What is the best way to get writing off of a dial? Like a dental pic and scrape gently or something? I got the Admiralty Gray NATO strap for the watch already! Going to order the watch and parts this week sometime! As mentioned in the original post, is there someone on the boards here who could assemble everything for me for a small fee? Thanks again guys! Jamie
  3. It was my pleasure. What's cookin'?
  4. Dwayne

    Crown 24 702

    There are 6-7 gen nos 702 crowns on eBay right now. I'd email the sellers and see if they can help you out. Here's my set that going into my 5512 build
  5. valid points. just wanted to expose the deal if anyone wanted to try their luck
  6. Dwayne

    What to Build Next?

    stunning dial! matte?
  7. Yeah..on second look, not what I thought it was.
  8. I think about all you can do is put a gen crown/tube and insert in it. You could of course put a gen dial in, but it would depend how much $ you want to spend. You could drill lugholes and make it a triple six.
  9. Nice collection & the photography is excellent.
  10. I am not positive, but I think a 1964 vintage 5513 would have been powered by a 1530. 1520s would have been used after that.
  11. - bezel on top needs the flat bevel, biggest giveaway - needs only one light break to spot it as fake from 2 meters:) - CG's need sharp edges from inside, everything is too round - case needs to be thinned, MBW cases are too fat That would be the things I would do...and plese some pics of the movement.
  12. I found a spare set of dial decals the other day for an Explorer Precision dial, and thought if I was to prep the dial blank with Plasticote's Antique Gold paint rather than white, it might give a nice gilt effect Of course, planned watch will not be an Explorer, but I just wondered if gilt on gilt was the acknowledged route
  13. With the exception of that THING Nanuq posted above, I have to agree with the others. For a Sub, gilt on gilt is the way to go
  14. A gilt 1675 is perfectly acceptable with steel hands. A gilt vintage Sub? Gotta go gilt with that vintage. If for no other reason than to please the WIS gods. My '58 is gilt and came with steel hands, but the planets aligned when it went gilt-on-gilt.
  15. Looks great that 42mm GMT Wear it in good health Carpe Diem Cats
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