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  1. Hi there, I am a newbie ..in search for the new Breitling Gmt ...any help?
  2. My Dssd needs a new movement , its movement a 2836 . Would Miyota 8215 fit in the house and dial. Thanks for reading.
  3. My Dssd needs a new movement , its movement a 2836 . Would Miyota 8215 fit in the house and dial. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hey, I tried this site ...when I was checking out with card ....it was redirected ... to an unknown page......dont trust this site...
  5. True True.... but some models you just have to buy them ....I have a gen SA with the leather strap and wear it when I'm off duty ,,as I am a fire fighter . So I wear my DSSD instead . My mates dont know as I live in a poshy area and we all have a good wage ...so it is acceptable . ...I wear my rep Bentley T motors and cer Rolex gmt on special occassions. Now i'm after an AC Corum 48mm or Ul Nard 45mm ...they're so damn flashy ... I will wear on sunday afternoons when at cafeteria wearing Ralph Lauren 's fashion wear ....
  6. Thanks for your reply its been up to four days now , to add to what I wrote is that I sent him pics of the bracelet but could not take for the UN . i will be waiting a reply from his end
  7. Hi Guys, I ordered two watches from Josh of Perfect Clones ,UN Surf and Ladies Rolex . After 15 days I received a toycar with the same order number of the above . Promptly contacted Josh and replied that items were hidden in toycar.....I dismantled said toy and found watches . As I unwrapped them I found that Rolex had inappropriate bracelet,after winding the UN and wear on my wrist it stopped working .As I shook it I heard a rattling noise from the the inside and noticed that movement was dismantled (as it had a visible caseback ) . I informed Josh with this and also stated that my country ( Malta ,EU ) does not allow repairs of replicas and if I contact a local watch repairer I would be prosecuted . Josh replied that I have send back the UN and will send another bracelet. How can I trust this dealer with all the related story ? I instructed him to forward another UN as this was incompetence from his end. Until now I had no reply .
  8. Damn sure it is......well noted....
  9. Hi there...Fedex in Malta is great.....all signed for...
  10. firnatine

    Ladies Rep

    .............Guys thanks so much you have been all helpful....
  11. firnatine

    Ladies Rep

    Hi Guys, I am interested to buy a good rep for my wife.... whats the best rep for ladies...thanks any advance.
  12. firnatine

    Screw rant

    When i buy reps i put a touch of silicone seal on the end and they never unscrew.
  13. Hello, I have a gen SA . It is heading a minute and a half in advance. Now here is the question... I have a local repairer that he is very good at his work but on the other hand I am afraid he might change some item from the movement..what's your opinion ?
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