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  1. cutewatch

    yuki 16800

    I think I have the same problem with some of my vintage models. I really like the way they look but no "glow in the dark" kinda ruins it for me! I will often wear a vintage all day then swap to something with good lume before hitting the rack...
  2. Jamie, I hope you get some feedback I am interested in something like this too.
  3. Anyone managed to get Natalie thru the email vlydog kindly provided?
  4. 1665 DRSD Patent Pending With Phong case, 1570 cal., NDT dial, 700 crown, etc But she seems to do not answer to the e-mail too... That's strange !
  5. cutewatch

    Relumed MBW 1680 dial

    When it has to look great, it has to go to the Z man.
  6. Hi Guys, Just looking to you for a little wisdom and advice, I want to buy a non date sub and am not sure what should be looking for and where, which dealer would you recommend the highest for these watches? Any advice given is greatly appreciated Thank you all in advance Nass
  7. If he bought a BK DSSD why would he no longer need mods? (except for trading the insert of course) That suggestion does not make a lot of sense.
  8. "something like that would make me wonder...why is the date mechanism missing?" It has no date parts at all, no spacer, no nothing...may be a no date movement. "And the condition of that rotor is rough which makes you wonder if the rotor axel is ok." I see a lot of rotors like this. Maybe blistered from harsh cleaning fluid but the rest of the movement looks Ok. If it was rusty the set bridge etc would be the first to go and it looks good. Rotor axles are only $10 or $12 but the old one has to be cut out from the top in a lathe (cut the cap off) and not knocked out from the bottom side like jiffy lube repair guys do it. The movement will part out for close to $1000 because as rolex says "No Parts For You!"
  9. cutewatch

    What to Build Next?

    i'd vote for some kind of no date sub on a black nato strap. maybe a genuine dial 5512 or 5513? relatively low cost, but accurate and simple. deltatahoe
  10. Hi guys, just wanna share some pictures of these beautiful watches (had just sold the Steinhart ) what do you guys think? I hope this can help anyone to show that both TC Sub and BK Sub are great watches to keep
  11. Same reply as above really, I just put the tape on the front of the movement where it won't foul any moving parts, sometimes using two or three layers of tape to get the right spacing, and ignore the ring all together I would recommend tape over the dial dots, as it's possible to cut the tape into squares larger than the dots, so getting more adhesion between movement and dial
  12. yes the pearl got lost half way - or was knocked down - its still glowing .. strange saw a few inserts like this .. the Nato is this one : http://www.uhrenarmb...nd-22mm-br.html i aged is myself - will get now the 22mm version as it shrank a little cheers, Frank
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