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  1. Victor

    yuki 16800

    I think it's an SSD and I have a matte 16660 dial like that to put in mine. I'm tryin to figure who to send for a lume.
  2. Victor

    yuki 16800

    Flex, this gen 16800 gets the most wrist time, it's on my wrist today and was also there yesterday It's an 8.1mil SN with a recent tritium dial replacement. I got it for a good price and bought it as a 'beater'. Second in terms of wrist time is the relumed franken noob (it does the dirty work) and third is the matte dial gen. I prefer not to tear up the matte dial gen.
  3. The older style no guard rep subs use a larger dial, like the ones silex sells I think are 29mm. You might consider one of those for your military homage base watch. Like these: http://www.silix-pri...roducts_id=2136 Also just the case sets: http://www.silix-pri...roducts_id=4078
  4. Greetings folks! Long time lurker, first time poster! Ive been toying with the idea of getting a milsub or some time now and almost bit the bullet on one of the Trevor 5517s a while ago: http://v.yupoo.com/p...albums/2235661/ After seeing a few threads here and RWI, I decided that there were a few things that I didnt like about it and decided that I wanted to build my own in an "homage" style instead of a replica. I know you guys are fanatics here about replicating original watches and getting every last mm correct on dials and stuff but Im saving that kinda stuff for some of my later collection (and will probably do a real ETA milsub with proper markings etc). For now, I want a sterile homage to my favorite watch of all time to just use as a beater.... First off, Im waiting for an email back from Trevor regarding if I can get just the case alone as it has the welded bars on the lugs that I desire so much. I was wondering if anyone knows the diameter of the dial used in the Trevor milsubs? I found the sterile dial I want to use from rafflestime on ebay. Dial comes in at 29.2mm http://www.rw-forum.com/uploads/monthly_03_2015/$(KGrHqZHJBQE8 http://www.ebay.com....=item256a8d0ea9 Along with the proper color matched hands: http://www.ebay.com....=item256f1d3870 I had heard that the Trevor milsub takes gen crystals and bezel inserts. The true 5517 used a Tropic 19 and I seem to have found a cheap acrylic replcaement version here: http://www.ebay.com/...=item43ad4d573d This should fit properly right? The bezel insert on the Trevor 5517 has too many minute hashes around the bezel so I want to replace it with the one from Wholesaleoutlet: http://www.ebay.com/...=item27c14dfa2d I have read that these are a direct replacement and work just fine. Lastly, if I get just the case from Trevor, I am going to need a movement, which I would like to use an Asian 2813 for its bang for the buck (and correct me if I am wrong but its the movement that his watch comes with in the first place) and the parts I have listed above are all for it. Where do I find one of these? There are a few listed on ebay around the $40 range but there seem to be little dfferences in all of them. How do I know which one is right? Also, I am not a watchmaker and the only thing I have ever done to a watch is to switch bands... Is there a go-to guy around here where I could send all this stuff to in order to get it all assembled? Should I check with some of the Seiko modder guys like NEwatchworks, motorcity, internationalwatchworks, etc? Some of the prices on those sites would add up pretty fast to probably over the cost of all my assembled components here! I live in Minneapolis, MN and all of the local watch fixeries and shops either have stupid mall teens that I wouldnt trust a $5 watch with, or else there are insanely high end places like the typical rolex dealers and jewelry stores... Thanks in advance for all of the help I anticipate will surely be posted here! You guys look like the most knowledgeable bunch of replica watch freaks Ive seen on the net! Jamie Minneapolis, MN
  5. Victor

    Relumed MBW 1680 dial

    wooooooow that is all
  6. Interesting. I can not really tell from the photos without a macro shot of the numerals .. but it looks like even the numbers are glossy, like the ceramic material. I have never seen that on a Trevor factory insert before. Do you have a way to show us the numerals on the ceramic insert very close, like a macro photo? This looks like something new ...
  7. Victor

    What to Build Next?

    Just not a day/date guy The 1675 has crossed my mind several times
  8. The insert looks gen, if it isn't and that's a yuki/ Ofrei pearl...awesome lumi job.
  9. The "2 mm" springbars require about a 1.2mm hole. These holes may be a hair too big for the solid bars as well as they are around 1.75mm, or so, IIRC. But, it's good practice and probably wouldn't be that noticeable on the wrist with NATO strap.! Some of the Milsubs used the solid bars...
  10. Thanks Frank. I found a DJ yesterday with a recent serviced 1570 yesterday for 1300$ I was thinking about.
  11. little update on the bracelet front - meanwhile i got the Agnus/Puretime version - i wear the watch most on the time on Nato - but the Puretime bracelet is my fave - her are some pics : VS SELs : the weak point is the clasp - sadly gen price went crazy cheers, Frank
  12. it has hollow middle links - i did not get PTs yet. @Omega : fine tuning ? tell me more - im open for suggestions
  13. +1...The TC and/or BK DW OL won't fit....too small.
  14. I agree buddy the date is deffinatly what bothers me the most, hopefully bk or tc may have a Dwo which we could use, and the crown guards is an easy fix for a modder
  15. No, it won't. That's what I just said. The date window position on these reps do not allow use of a DWO.
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