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  1. great review - thanx a lot therefor...
  2. I'm looking to buy a Green Glass Milgaus and wondered if anyone could advise on any major differences between rep & gen? Also where is the best place to buy? Any help would be appreciated
  3. Rick

    34mm Reps

    silix (silix-prime) has a 34mm 6694 oysterdate that is OK. even comes with a manual wind movemnt
  4. Just like the title, does anyone know who's selling a good inert were the markings don't look like they've been almost painted on,I got my Trevor time dssd last week and save for the pearl I hate the rest of the insert, the numbers on it look like they've been almost painted on, even when I feel all round the insert with my finger I can't feel any engraving, sorely disappointed, now who does sell something a bit more gen feeling
  5. Well done! Your on your way to a 5517! That came out good. Wire coat hanger? Oh yeah.. there's a nos 5517 bezel and insert in VRM for 10k if your interested
  6. Man change the title in super franken COOL watch Carpe Diem Cats
  7. That is a seriously nice watch jkay thanks for pointing it out
  8. Yes, it's recently been serviced, and it's backed with a two year warranty by their Rolex certified watchmaker.
  9. For a 16660 case, you need a 2836-2, because of the crown/stem position. 3035 movement takes a 2836-2, a 3135 takes a 2824-2
  10. You're definitely looking at a long term/high(read very high) expense. Budget out the parts and prices, then compare that to the purchase of a gen. See which one YOU think will work better for you in the long run. I have not seen any 3035 movements for less than $1000 that did not require labor and service, and even at that, you'd still want any movement serviced before you pop it in your project. If you have most of the parts and you want a watch that is uniquely yours and it is something special to you, go for it man. It will be nice. However, if you just want a nice tool watch that you can wear on special occasions and still have a 666, then be patient and get the gen, then service it (make sure you keep the dial,hands and other things intact) It is a tough choice, but if you have the money and time..... E
  11. Ah no, sorry I sd does not need a retaining ring, I guess it's enought
  12. Very helpful indeed The project I have in mind will be closer to the 6542 than a Submariner or Explorer, so maybe I shouldn't be so hasty as to dismiss the silver hands... The Antique Gold is a funny color to describe, it's quite a dark color, almost bronzey in its finish, rather than yellow gold or polished brass, and I'm hoping the translucency of the decals and then matte varnishing would subdue it further, so it's 'more color, less shine' As with most of my projects, this one may be a while before it gets put into action (I need to complete my 16610 to 16800 transition first ) but I thought it wouldn't hurt to do a little research into the options
  13. Rick

    93150 screws

    That's a really cool chart! Saved for future reference! I may have a gen screw at work - I'll check in the morning and mic it for you!
  14. So the squiggly line (barcode) on the side is only a sticker? It really does detract from the watch. If that is what Rolex is doing to fight against fakes that is truly lame. You would think that for a $5k watch or whatever it sells for they could stick in a chip or something.
  15. Ofreis are great. Star times are not bad either.
  16. Thanks guys for the kind words! This is one of those days that has reminded me of how special this place is (so many wonderful members/friends). Best regards!!
  17. Rick

    Gen GMT hands help needed

    You guys talking about a small gmt hand like this one right? I know a guy in France that has them in his safe he takes them out from time to time just to look at them i was lucky to get one!
  18. Rick

    Gen GMT hands help needed

    I'm on the hunt for a small-arrow GMT hand for the genuine movement, and have a perfect large-arrow hand to trade, if that possibility comes up?
  19. 89€ shipped. I dont know if thats much or not for a strap like this. Each one is hand made. He is setting up a new paypal for the strap sales and he will be abel to take money orders in two days he told me. He seems nice and polite!
  20. The S&U book has been around for a number of years & contains numerous errors. It is better suited as entertainment, rather than education. For general Rolex info (without having to take out a 2nd mortgage on your house), pick up Dowling & Hess's book, The Best of Time, now in its 3rd printing.
  21. Rick

    Tudor 7809 Franken

    I appreciate it, Chi-Dude! This dial is similar to another I have but my other one does not have the Rose Logo and is gold-tone.
  22. i'd say it's circa 1960. If you can get the case open, you could look at the movement and see what it is- maybe an early eta automatic w/ date. Also look for a SN between the lugs, that might help in pin pointing the date a little closer. Oyster means it's WR of course, and the Swiss at the bottom of the dial may mean prior to 1963 possibly, but the hands also indicate that anyway. Around 1963, Rolex started using the straight hands and hour markers. You can run thru ebay, there's some similar models, like a 7966 and there was one from 1963 which had a TSwissT dial denoting the use of tritium which started in '63. Your caseback may be dated on the inside, another reason to open it.
  23. and for goodness sake do not sell it again!!!
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