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  1. thats how you afdford vintage rolex mate write a book and sell it for 4 k a pop
  2. That interview led me to the Ultimate Rolex Daytona book that he collaborated on. €4000 for a book? Man, it's a good looking offering, but quite pricey!!! http://www.puccipapaleo.it/home.html
  3. The F520117 was discontinued quite a few years back and replaced by the M092117, I believe. So you can only find them these days on the sales forums. @ Red, I glued my WM pearl in after enlarging the hole- if yours is a modified gen insert, the hole may already be too big.
  4. Thanks for the link. I looked but did not see it. I knew it was here somewhere.
  5. Probably. Just remember to mask off the lugs...
  6. TTsteel

    Blue Snowflake V2

    Really really cool watch, looks amazing!
  7. Oh ok, I wonder how his sub bars are? I ordered "tubes and pins" from him a couple months ago for clasp repairs and he delivered alot faster than I expected. I might order a few different springbars from him and see how they look.
  8. To be honest there some room for improvement. Stock MBW date wheel is pretty good and I would change back to it. The relume could be a bit better, same lume on the hands would help. For the rest it looks very good.
  9. The Panda dial is a white Newman style dial. PM if you'd like. E
  10. Wow! That didnt take long!! The crown looks great! If they werent so expensive, a GEN Bezel would be right on par.. FYI, the seller on my GEN 14060 backed out !! I knew it was too good a deal to happen...$3000 flat! for a D series. I may be calling TC for another! How's she keeping time? That watch was consistently about 1-2 seconds slow for me per day! At lease during break in...Lume for days!
  11. Gen black/gold insert, gen gold crown. Looking for gold ETA hands. Did I mention I am from New Orleans and love the Saints? Attached Files IMAG0090.jpg 130.1KB 2 downloads
  12. Definitely a great job on the strap! Looks tough as hell
  13. I see your point Freddy and if you're paying today's prices you'd certainly want the correct dial. Here's one in black from Robert Maron w/o the Oyster http://robertmaron.c... &area=C&page=1 If you got the watch in '66 or '67 and paid $400-500 for it, and it didn't have the oyster, well then I'd figure it is what it is. Kinda like this 6238 w/ a 6239 dial- stuff happened back in those days As a collector, the biggest challenge is deciding what you can accept and what you won't accept, especially when making 5 figure purchases!
  14. Ask for a picture of the crystal without the gasket attached to it, the seller may be hiding an "ungenlike" edge profile.
  15. TTsteel

    Comex Build

    Very well done!
  16. All the 1680s i know that have Gen style bezel (MBW and Cartel short CG versions) constructions take a clarks crystal with out issues,
  17. But it was pure luck i think it is the only photo i am proud of, Oh and we have a fundament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. The new cam is a Fuji X10 - love it! I sold my Olympus DSLR and my Lumix TZ-10 for this one... It's FxrAndy's old modded MBW... look here: http://www.rwg.cc/to...80 +white +sold
  19. LOL! The sales ad explains the um......hands.
  20. If I was a much younger man, and my 1680 seemed highly implausible, I'd either tell them it was a rep or that it was my dad's Vietnam watch.
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