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  1. The one you have is so good. the more i look at it the more i like it. I've been hoping for a long time to find either a full size OP exp1 dial or the whole watch but haven't got much luck yet. Also the exp style AK dials are not to easy to find. Don't know why but I am getting more and more obsessed with OPs AKs EXP1s. so far the collection contains 4 AKs (5500, 14000m and the two 114200), exp1 36mm rep. will sadly have to part with at least two of the kings. Do you by a chance know any sources for thatkind of dials apart from ebay, yuki, ndt trading, phong, dw, ingod44... ? All the best :-)
  2. Oh, I thought you were going gen service dial route.
  3. no problem Sir, and I complete agree with you, The Yuki 1675 case is out of stock, it was 550usd + 50usd custom engraving. On Yuki photos it looks fine : slim, with a 5.3mm crown, and a slim flat caseback. http://www.yukiwatch...997/6964737.htm they say "in stock" but tell me by mail "the machine is broken" I will mail again, maybe when it was the night in Hong Kong and the cleaning guy in the office answered to me My idea was to fly over the cartel 1655 and the WSO option. It was to go with a complete and accurate 1675 case and dial from Yuki and a 30usd DG3804 movement. The only complication was the correct sized and open 6/9 DWO Bracelets are easy to find... Thats was the idea
  4. Star time suppliers have the parts for the acrylic gmt. Their prices are decent.
  5. Have to thank DW and his MC project for this....
  6. Is that not because the minutes are 10 after the hour?
  7. wow this is very informative. you tha man jmb!
  8. TTsteel

    Datejust Accuracy

    I have several dj I have built. I also have a gen dj. On the gen dj I bought a gen crystal straight from rolex, $200.00 and it has the lec. The after market crystals $30.00, also have the lec, Im telling you they look very similar. One noticeable differance, the feel of the gen vs rep, big difference. I don't know what the diff is, but there is defintly a different feel to the crystal. Not something anyone would notice when mounted on the watch.
  9. Sell it on a rolex forum or the gen section here,f ebay
  10. It is awesome watch. You won't be disappointed. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using Tapatalk
  11. Here's with the stock (totally wrong clasp wise) bracelet:
  12. TTsteel

    DSSD Noob Pearl

    It happens. And it doesn't look that bad, actually. It's slightly misaligned but the shadow makes it look a lot worse.
  13. the ip of the guy points to spain. Country: Spain State/Region: Andalucia City: Sevilla Latitude: 37.3824 Longitude: -5.9761 so he is contemplating buying this from you sneed, and puts it up on a gen forum first to check if it could be passed as gen maybe in a resale? http://badbuyerlist....0f10ec0f37fa241 here's his twitter http://twitter.com/ looks like there's one EFL teacher who has some explaining to do.
  14. If you have any of these left for the 2824, I am looking for two. Thanks!
  15. that should work fine..email me at mlehman@comcast.net I do have an older rep rolex TT sub case, case back, bezel, serti dial that this eta came in if you are interested
  16. Sneed, there's an ebay seller in Switzerland with nos Swiss eta 2846 for 99$ delivered. I bought one and had it in five days. Look forward to seeing what you do with this one
  17. TTsteel

    Tc case

    Yeah I love this kind of direct talk. Time efficient.
  18. I'd be interested in that link too!
  19. I've had both and a gen. I could not live with the BK crown position and unloaded it for a TC. I emailed TC on a Wednesday and had my watch on Friday, that was 2 months ago and it's been on my wrist since. TC for me is almost perfect with no noticeable tells. It's a keeper of heirloom quality I plan to pass down to my son proudly!
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